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Besides PHCN messing the week up, and big brother revolution stars taking it to another level, Sheila and Meryl getting it on, Yacob turned the only thing we had going, the Barnville into a depressed boring villa; even Juliette the cow felt it… poor barnmates!

Hannington was evicted after he won the Head of House (HOH), so was Tatiana after winning HOH for the third time, therefore the barnmates termed it, the HOH curse, which finally caught up with Yacob.

He was really hurt; and his self-confidence dashed. Well, Tatiana welcomed him with a strip show…. Mmmm, let’s op that relaxes him!

Did Yacob actually beg the barnmates to be the HOH slash Head of barn? Word!

MONDAY 23rd August 2010

Sammi went home after being diagnosed with elevated hypertension, I miss him funny enough, just his presence, though boring, was always noticed.

Gossip: Hannington said when things are always sexual, he gets tired easily, and Lerato was to ask her (Tatiana) if she actually has a boyfriend outside the house, as the family and friends of the guy should be watching as well. Yacob said he is not sure her boyfriend is real. Why is Hannington complaining? Like he doesn’t make the first move sometimes?

Facts: Code and Munya were nominated for eviction!

Poor Sheila, after crying for God knows what to Jen, Jen replaced Cody with Sheila. I really didn’t know that the HOH must switch persons, even if they weren’t nominated… not cool!

TUESDAY 24th August 2010

Paranoid Yacob:
It started with testing Africa; then when he got evicted during his first diary session, he asked Biggy (She-ggy), if it was real or if someone else was evicted slash got the least vote and they just tricked and evicted him, Biggy confirmed it wasn’t the case.

After the barnmates told him and like repeatedly tried to convince him Sammi was ill and therefore had to go home. He refused to believe them saying She-ggy has something up her sleeves, that either Sammi was back in the main house or has been sent somewhere else…. Hmmmmm, Yacob are u on weed or living in denial?

Hannington is beginning to complain too much about Flirtiana, he finds her a little too much… all you can do is say NO, that’s if you can of course!

Meryl giving Munya back rub slash moisturizing.

WEDNESDAY 25th August 2010

lightupNigeria! NEPA slash PHCN I have had enough of you guys!

Was it me or was Big brother main house and barn very boring today? Hey, here is a little something to keep you busy, last Saturday big brother revolution winner, Kevin Chuwang Pam and Tanzania Elizabeth Gupta after performing on stage in Port Harcourt, Kevin went down on his knees and asked Lisa to marry him… Awwww, how sweet!

THURSDAY 26th August 2010

Well, the strike was still on, because we still don’t have light… are PHCN taking a piss? Like really!

Sheila is so into Meryl, she wanna like… go all the way with her, so bi-!

FRIDAY 27th August 2010

The housemates were treated to a very lavish dinner and loads to drink and taken on a ride up in the sky while at it; wow that reminded me of Alton Towers!

Is Yacob going crazy?
Yacob, enough already, can you stop complaining? Whether you enjoy the show or not, we so don’t care! You chose to be there in the first place after losing out last time, so it’s obvious Africa doesn’t like you, if that’s what you are on about; just stop depressing the rest of the barnmates! He called it dealing with rejection; didn’t he know it’s only one person that will win?

Were they drunk or in love?
Mwisho and Paloma playing in the Jacuzzi, like Mwisho lapping Paloma and Paloma calling him her size… where is Meryl when you need her…pssst! Uti was just watching in disbelief. Maybe she was trying to seduce Uti or she just wont mind Mwisho. Ok… you all should see for yourselves… Ass (Paloma) was at it again, first Uti, now Mwisho, well, I am yet to figure if it was her or Mwisho that set the pace.


“You admire this big ass, you wanna feel this big ass” said Paloma; Mwisho seized the opportunity to steal a quick kiss.

What the hell was Munya’s biz, he had to stop the show… well good he told her her flesh is weak, she shouldn’t blame it totally on Mwisho.

Lesbos, It went down… for real!
20.01 The lesbians were at it again, this time with full force and She-ggy made sure the barnmates didn’t miss out on the show. Meryl and Sheila hands off! Even the barnmates were entertained, shocked and watched in disbelief … OMG, this is getting out of hand, was Mwisho not good enough? BTW, did I hear Sheila asked to do Meryl this afternoon and she refused? Maybe she felt it was too direct and in front of cameras!

Here is one of the too many scenes:

20.32 Mwisho stripped in front of Meryl, well, why was she surprised and telling him 2 put some clothes on? Yet, Sheila couldn’t take her hands off Meryl, even while Mwisho was seating on same bed.

After effect… drunks!
Sheila and K1…. C’mon Sheila u really didn’t have to make your point in such an extreme manner; calling him cricket, cockroach and stuff. Mehn…what alcohol can do, let’s blame it on alcohol then!

Sheila has really turned Uti into a gossip; he had to narrate Mwisho and Paloma drama to Meryl. Funny enough Mwisho didn’t care if he was being set up or not, he knew the feeling was mutual and they (Mwisho and Paloma) were both at fault, he said they should allow him make his mistakes… well, how can you communicate with a drunk in that state…maybe you guys should just chill and tell him whatever the next day!

SATURDAY 28th August 2010

Well, most of them claimed they couldn’t remember what happened last night… maybe it’s better that way.

21.10 getting ready to go out and I’m here dancing like I’m out already, Mehn DJ Steve B a.k.a Dj Skil’z was really hot, Damn I’m sweating already! And Tatiana and Hannington were feeling it from the barn as well. Jen must really like white, every Saturday is a white night for her, and that’s when she brings out her other side.

The barn is becoming some kind of retreat … Lerato and Tatiana seem to be kicking it, now best of friends, having fun together without getting on each others nerves, this is really good, housemates don’t have to carry their grudges home… nice move Biggy(She-eggy)!

SUNDAY 29th August 2010

Eviction Show:
Jen as the HOH had to tell the housemates that she replaced Code with Sheila; therefore Sheila and Munya were the housemates Africa has been voting for all week, let’s see whose time is up.

Uti couldn’t take it as IK announced SHEILA as the 6th housemate to leave the big brother house… Well, what can I say! You had you chance Uti and u blew it, emotionally challenged my ***!

One housemate must wear a pair of boxing gloves and shorts throughout the day for a week; and she threw the dagger at Paloma… I ‘op they have her size! lol ☺

What a secret, Phobia for short people! That was Sheila’s secret as she revealed it to the housemates, meaning she didn’t lose her $1000 as no one guessed her secret right.

Welcome to Barnville:
Cow cow cow…. That was all Sheila could mutter.

Ok, was it only Lerato she saw, stop hugging her and hug other barnmates; that was a cold one for Tatiana tho… ☹ poor thing!

Sorry Tati, Sheila has come to take hers back… BTW, I like Hannington’s new look, but why was he staring so hard at Sheila, in disbelief or disapproval?

Africa is really putting Munya on a long cruise, making him feel special and turning him into a cocky person, this isn’t about Africa’s favorites, this is about who we want to be in the barn, who will bring the best action to the barn, so Munya enough of saluting and thanking Africa already, just do your thing and watch out… not saying you are not good though!

Is Sheila going to break Tatiana and Hannington up, and is she going to make Lerato and Tatiana go back to their feuds; this was what was running through my mind after the eviction. Well I guess we should just wait and see!

So y’all know what time it is… ttyl ☺



I am just not something you are used to. In few words, you really need to get into my world to know me, but well…what a small world! Just a hint… don’t be so quick to judge ☺. You can email me at


  1. Is she wearing a bikini on that ass. Wow!!
    Its a shame sammi has gone home.
    I think sheila might make moves on lerato in the barn and what would then become of hannignton or she might give him the sex he has been hoping to have.

    It would be fun if she made moves on tatiana tho…that would be interesting TV definitely.

    Thank you Lyn. Keep it coming.

  2. Nice work Lyn.keep it coming.its a shame sammie left the show but i do ope he comes for the final show.munya may take the grand prize home

  3. Nice work Lyn.keep it coming.its a shame sammie left the show i do ope he comes for the final show.munya may take the grand prize home

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