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This week wasn’t that easy, I had to force myself off the bed every single day till like Thursday Friday ish; because I finally got  my “Welcome Home stamp” from the ever faithful house occupants, MOSQUITOES!!!!.

However, I couldn’t stop yawning, especially while watching the main house…. b-o-r-i-n-g!

About the eviction, I believe Africa evicted Tatiana because they were looking forward to what Lerato had planned for her. And she agreed with Hannington that they were going to show her for throwing them to Barnville. But what did she do afterwards? … NOTHING! It’s gonna be boring both ways… so I thought!

MONDAY 16th August 2010
The barn is where it’s happening guys:
Hannington and Flirtiana indulged in a game, they called it Touch, kiss and lick? What a game! The rules of the game was, they were to close their eyes and the player was to try to find the other person’s nose, if one misses the nose, s/he would have to kiss any part of the other’s body.

Tatiana and Hannington, what the hell do you guys expect? They kissed almost all the kissable part of the body, lips, nipples, and so on.

I guess Lerato must be really disappointed in Hannington; too bad, He couldn’t resist. Hahahhahahaha!!!!

TUESDAY 17th August 2010
Flirtiana got a Visitor:
Ofuneka visited Flirtiana, she gave her a voodoo doll and named it Lerato as she said Lerato suspected her as someone that practices voodoo.

Uti and Mwisho were punished for playing rough around the house, so they were tied up like too Siamese twin dressed as clowns; Munya was also punished for saying nasty things to She-ggy after Tatiana left.

Did Ofuneka say she was gonna pay She-ggy for breaking the glasses?

Why has Sammi been sucking up to every single female that comes into the house?

WEDNESDAY 18th August 2010
Yacob had a fight with almost everyone:
First Sheila fumed when Yacob got angry that the housemantes took him seriously slash literally when he said he wanted to test Africa and nominated him for eviction.

Meryl over heard Yacob talking to the guys (Uti and K1) how Mwisho was Meryl’s second option after Munya left her for Tatiana. And she jumped on Yacob, well, not literally.

Yacob told Uti that he is taking his loss (his dad) out on everyone, and that got Uti angry as well, resulting in exchange of words.

Yacob really didn’t know what he signed up for when he said he wanted to test Africa.

Flirtiana complained to Biggy about having to share Ofuneka, and….does she call her Foxy? She said she was her guest and should be allowed to share alone times with her, with the other barnmates not interrupting their conversations.

Did I mention that Yacob has a crush on Jen?

THURSDAY 19th August 2010
Today was better, at least I could at least write a bit; in addition, the Big Brother house wasn’t that boring.

What’s the fuss?
She-ggy gave the housemates a very challenging task (building their ideal big brother house) that got their blood pressure running. As a result, everyone was unleashing his or her claws. Jen on Sheila, Meryl not talking to Yacob, the bromance between Uti and Mwisho, wasn’t that strong afterwards, Meryl and Munya just there, Paloma not in love with Sheila, everyone felt K1 was showing too much Sherriff (HOH) power, and Sheila being so bossy (so they said), Meryl and Sheila weren’t feeling each other today either. Yet, they all got their mind set on the task, aiming to win the wager. The main house was beginning to look like a place filled with strangers.

After all the hustle, they lost their 100% wager, why wouldn’t they, they need to learn more about teamwork.

Thursday 15:27 it was game over for Ofuneka, what love, Flirtiana couldn’t stop shedding tears as she walked out of the barn. At least Hannington is happy to have her all to himself without sharing with Ofuneka.

Sammi left:
Sammi was ill! And as a result, couldn’t stay, he had to leave the barn for good.

Well, I have a feeling that Sammi was kinda heart broken after comforting Tatiana on her first day in the barn and when she got up on her feet she had to go couple up with Hannington instead, poor guy!

FRIDAY 20th August 2010
Barn, barn and barn won their task, I must I admit, they did a great job and big brother promised to take their ideas into consideration while decorating the next big brother house.

SATURDAY 21st August 2010
What’s up with Uti and Sheila? Enough of this friendship b***shit, they have something going… they should just come out in the open early enough before they get evicted.

What the hell happened wif Mwisho? Did he shove Meryl? After fuming, she couldn’t imagine herself sleeping alone that night; so she went back to her bedmate.

“I like him, I like him, I really really like him… Yawnnnnn!” Lerato, we have heard enough… you like Jabay…. and has had a very hot crush on him, for 7years now.

Did I hear Sheila kissed Meryl? Sheeeet!!! I missed!

SUNDAY 22nd August 2010
A quick one, Kaone, Munya and Yacob were the top nominated housemates, but Kaone being the Head of House (HOH), replaced himself with Meryl.

Therefore Meryl, Munya and Yacob were up for eviction this week, let’s see how that played out.

Eviction Show:
As usual, Kaone had to tell the other housemates he replaced himself with Meryl.

Finally, the result … YACOB was evicted. Guess he saw how sweet Africa was after all, “I want to test Africa my ***”! Well he had a point about not spending the whole 91days and still not winning and would rather go home early than lose out on everything. In the end, you got what you wanted but unfortunately you aren’t going home yet, you need to go make up wif Lerato, and maybe rekindle your love in the barn.

He was disappointed with Code for nominating him with reason being he didn’t trust him, but well, let’s see if he throws the dagger at him.

One housemate must make all the beds every morning and must keep the room tidy at all time; and threw that to Lazy (well that’s what he called her) Sheila.

Secret: Yacob had to share his secret as, and it was that he had never been in love; he called it loveless.

Welcome to Barnville:
Let me talk a little more about the barn, I think it’s a good therapeutic centre. After the whole eviction, tantrum, backstabbing and ganging, you get to chillax in the barn, it’s calm, no hustle, no nomination and so peaceful.

And it comprises of the coolest slash most watchable people in the house, in my opinion though, ok, let’s leave Munya and Uti out of it, who are kinda the only watchable people in the main house.

“You gotta be shitting me, Jesus Christ, this is some bullshit, OMG… what the hell, arrrrgggghhhh…” He really took it hard and sounded pissed… that was all Yacob could come up with on first sight at Barnville, before being welcomed by his barnmates.

I really didn’t plan on writing much this week, if you are new on the highlights, you can catch up via the links below.

Or maybe I need some catching up myself, so wouldn’t mind being filled in…  but well, what can I say, enjoy the rest of the week and big up yourselves!



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