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With the first eviction being a tease and everyone still edgy, those that were supposedly evicted still wondering who nominated them and why, the air in the house was awkward all through the week.  Things got complicated, the game was over played, and I seriously wished they were fresh people, because they all know how it is played, people are scared, scared of who to trust and all that. Well, let’s see how it all worked out…!

MONDAY 26th July 2010
Late at night, Hannington (Cutie) and Tatiana (Flirtiana) had their sexy chat with Hannington (Cutie) saying “you are beautiful” and Tatiana (Flirtiana) saying, “why don’t you come and keep me company, because I’m bored… come closer”. Hannington (Cutie) says “what is that you are wearing inside, under your nighty?”

Meanwhile Yacob (Nerd) was busy spanking Lerato (Bad Ass) continuously.

Monday was so boring, nothing much happened, the girls were having conversations about how they want their weddings to be, their rings, how Paloma (Ass) wants her name or the guy’s name engraved on her ring, and Jen (Youngest) actually talking a lot unlike her, she must really want to get married, hmmn, any takers???

TUESDAY 27th July 2010
With Mwisho (Topless) winning the bonus task, the house was busy.

Nomination Day
Uti(Proudly/Comedian), Sammy(Sammie B), and Hannington(Cutie) are up for eviction, basically what happened was that, Tatiana was meant to be up for eviction but as the head of the house, she replaced herself with Hannington… thought they had something going!

The fight
Uti (Proudly/Comedian) and Yacob (Nerd) had a fight!

Not literally though, but they had a huge fight that the housemates talked about all night.  It started with Uti (Proudly/Comedian) teasing every housemate’s countries, but he was unfortunate that Yacob (Nerd) took his personal and they exchanged words…drastic! Yacob (Nerd) told him he was acting up because he was nominated and that he doesn’t have a career, Uti (Proudly/Comedian) called him a little girl, and it went on and on as naija no dey carry last.

Paloma (Ass) after pretending to be on Uti’s (Proudly/Comedian) side said he passed the limit and that if someone says anything derogatory about her country, family and her she will beat the shit out of the person, Tyson’s in da house. How double faced! But yeah, Uti’s (Proudly/Comedian) was wrong on all grounds, Big Brother (She-ggy) even warned him later and he kept apologising to Africa during each diary session, let’s hope that saves him this week.

Yacob (Nerd) said he is a fighter and that he fought 5 guys back in America, because they kept insulting him and making fun of his beloved country. He also said “when Ethiopians fight, it’s crazy, they grab stuff, and they can fight to their deaths”, so beware people!!! He said fighting gets him his respect, how is that?

So did Meryl (Boobs) and Kaone (K1),
Meryl was mad at Kaone for always addressing her using “Yo”, she said he didn’t know how to say “Please” “Thank you”, and that she is not his F***ing “ Yo yo”.

BTW, I think Lerato (Bad Ass) is into Yacob (Nerd). Why was Kaone (K1) walking about in his pants, and that sheet on his head?

Why is Uti (Proudly/Comedian) always giving shout outs, mehn, u don’t have to make it obvious you know you are being watched, that left me wondering, how real is he?

Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) gave Sheila (Hottest) a “promise ring” slash “I dig you ring”… he sha gave her a ring, and she said she couldn’t accept because she “has a Nigga outside”… but he said she should keep it all the same… no giving up!

Ok, it was time for Uti (Proudly/Comedian) to do his chores (Dagger chores from last week), wearing his costume, Meryl (Boobs) supported him in her lingerie, such love!

Why was Sheila (Hottest) laying on all the bed sheets with her shoes on? Drunk!

23.47pm: Munya (The Rapper) was massaging Meryl (Boobs) and Mwisho (Topless) was massaging Sheila (Hottest), and he (Mwisho) later laid in bed with her… can’t tell what went on in there… nothing serious I hope. He has been so quiet that no one can tell whom he liked; I just got one word for you… DULLING!

WEDNESDAY 28th July 2010

There must be something going on underneath that duvet, between Meryl (Boobs) and Sheila (Hottest), my lips are sealed though.

It’s 00.42am and Uti (Proudly/Comedian) was still cleaning up, not fair, when will this end?

The Secret Mission:
Biggy gave Sammi (Sammie B) a secret task, to get someone come to his side and comfort him while he pretends to be having nightmare, and be rewarded with 3 packs of cigarette and chilli.

Sammi (Sammie B) couldn’t get his story right (the fake nightmare), he kept biting his lips, but he sha got Paloma (Ass) on his side. Then Uti (Proudly/Comedian) put him on a long thing, “Witch is pressing you, it’s either your body or your mind is asleep and one is awake, did you eat? Did u drink?” Uti (Proudly/Comedian) which one is it abeg, “in 9ja, we will say it’s witches slash Ogbaje dey worry you.”

Drama…Paloma (Ass):
10:20am: Earlier some of the guys said that the smelly cockroaches didn’t scare them that Biggy (She-ggy) should get them snakes for their “horror task”; and he did. But trust Paloma (Ass), she had to cry when it got to her turn to go pick up something from where the snake was.

Now my cousin won’t let me see anyone else apart from Meryl (Boobs), he finds her very attractive, to be precise that’s the reason he watches Big Brother, funny enough he was sick and said watching her made him well…. Seriously? Ok oo!

Diary Session:
Kissing… as Lerato (Bad Ass) called it, said Yacob(Nerd) said he liked her and tried to smooch her and that he later went over to Meryl(Boobs).

Before I continue, the housemates have this task that they have to discover each other’s secret, and if one is able to get a secret right, they will inherit the others $1000. That’s what each housemate were meant to get, whether they win or not, they are entitled to $1000.

Ok, so Lerato (Bad Ass) thinks she knows someone’s secret and booked a session with biggy, let’s hope she gets it right.

Tatiana (Flirtiana) called herself a natural flirt, I said it, but she went on to say she isn’t that bad. I really enjoy Tatiana’s (Flirtiana) diary sessions, I like the way she talks… reminds me of my Angolan friend Vanessa.

THURSDAY 29th July 2010

I woke up…sorry; Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) woke up staring at the ceiling, mehn he must really miss Sheila (Hottest) and disappointed that she said she has a “Nigga”.

“You see how stupid people are”, “when you bring your common sense, you will be cheated”…. Uti (Proudly/Comedian) why do you have to talk like this, ok, the second is excusable, but the first is disrespectful, whatever … I can’t be bothered.

The task:
They were to eat worms, (candy worms amidst flies) around the treasure and then using their teeth, bring out the treasure, yuck!!!!

What’s with Kaone (K1) acting all girly, wearing pants, tying something on his waist to dance like a girl and all that, this started since he came back into the house…mmmmmmm!

The house was very boring… pssst!

They slept so early…. they were so not into each other.

FRIDAY 30th July 2010
One on one:
Uti (Proudly/Comedian) and Sheila (Hottest) were still up, they are good friends by the way, nothing mushy mushy, became friends from season 4, from being evicted on the same day. Anyways, they started their little gossip or talk, as they felt they could trust each other at least. They whispered about others, and whom to talk freely to and whom not to talk to.

Mwisho (Topless) interrupted them; doesn’t he know that 3 is a crowd?

They mentioned people carrying beef from other seasons, and people should have learnt that trust has always been an issue. Does Mwisho (Topless) talk at all??? He really doesn’t talk much, maybe because he can’t speak good English, or because of that tiny hair behind his head.

New head of the house (HOH) is due 2mrw…ok!

Mwisho (Topless) was so relaxed; not minding the flies swarming  all over him… and only dropped one or two words… weird!

The gist was that:

Lerato (Bad Ass) and Tatiana (Flirtiana) have some kind of beef because Lerato (Bad Ass) told Tatiana (Flirtiana) in season 2 that it was wrong dating Richard knowing he was married.

Tatiana (Flirtiana) and Sheila (Hottest) were beefing each other about not spending much time together and about Sheila (Hottest) spending more time with some other group of people, like Lerato (Bad Ass) and Meryl (Boobs), and wondering what they were always talking about. Sheila (Hottest) realised that she made things worse slash started something by leaving Tatiana’s (Flirtiana) bed early even before she was kicked out, and by not going back even after they reconciled (the kiss) and now things had blown out of proportion, she wants to get out of the mess and needed Uti’s (Proudly/Comedian) advice.

She also said that Lerato(Bad Ass) asked Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) to move for Sheila (Hottest), as she wants to be sleeping close to her to avoid private discussion with Tatiana (Flirtiana), as she wants Sheila (Hottest) on her side.

Uti (Proudly/Comedian) was cooking chicken for himself, seriously? Where was he when everyone complained about people cooking for themselves when others are asleep? Even Sheila (Hottest) his besto was surprised herself, though she later got interested.

Seriously Meryl (Boobs) and Lerato (Bad Ass) have beef? Wow… Sheila (Hottest) said she was scared that as close as Meryl (Boobs) and Lerato (Bad Ass) were, that they are beefing each other… I wished she went further to expatiate.

Gossip continued but I was scared of it going on and on and I would still be there till 4am, so I called it a day, will catch up later!

Who is the new Head Of House (HOH)?

I had to give Aish (My BB Partner) updates as she has been busy lately, and there she was calling me a BBA addict ☹. Am I really one? Maybe she is, but me… nah, I am just a fan, addict? yet to figure that though.

Wow… Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) is the new HOH, remind me of the criteria again! Ok, he warned the person that screamed the loudest, easy win!

Now Sheila (Hottest) was so scared, she is still trying to figure out if Tatiana (Flirtiana) swapped herself for her and now that the guy she is forming for is the new HOH. Maybe she going to go soft, love up, so he doesn’t put her up for eviction. What happens when Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) finds out Tatiana (Flirtiana) has replaced herself with him, what if he doesn’t leave on Sunday, Time will tell.

SATURDAY 31st July 2010
Yacob (Nerd) and Uti (Proudly/Comedian) are now good friends; of course they can’t help it, because they always find comfort in each other discussing the ladies and their lusts and affections.

Sheila (Hottest) was loosening Hannington’s (Cutie/Smellington) braids and he was trying so hard to explain to Sheila (Hottest) the kind of person he is and told her, he has always been a shy person.

Sheeet!!! Who the hell is making that loud noise! Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) and Munya (The Rapper) were gossiping about one of the girls that really wants to do it… but they wont let me hear, pssst. The guys are coding, I wish I could decipher them. I really think these guys are starving, Yacob (Nerd) and Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) especially.

There is something about Yacob (Nerd):
Underneath that, quiet, nerdy look, he is dirty, like nasty…. He likes talking about everything dirty, that means the girls got eyes, during there gossip session last week, they all found him “good”… whatever that is, I am out of it.

The booze finally came with a DJ and snacks, the party started…. Jen (Youngest) is hot, maybe not too pretty facially…but hot. I don’t blame Uti (Proudly/Comedian). Flirty Tatiana (Flirtiana) was at it again, Uti (Proudly/Comedian) stop forming what’s up… you “try” but nah…just stop! Kaone (K1) kept forgetting this isn’t his village, enough of those moves already, either you dance normal or not all.

Uti (Proudly/Comedian) is beginning to annoy me, crying and telling long story about his life and how, who? His dad is sick? And praying he gets well and make him proud. That’s a lame trick to use to get votes… I sympathize with you, but don’t be a baby!

Munya (The Rapper) and Tatiana’s (Flirtiana) were having a heart to heart conversation and he was telling Tatiana’s (Flirtiana) that he doesn’t care about his fans and used the f****word on them and he doesn’t care about the producers, is he drunk or what? So why is he there? She told him how she felt about him being funny with everyone.

Meryl (Boobs) kissed Mwisho (Topless), I just hope they remember tomorrow.

SUNDAY 1st August 2010

The day was generally dry; so I won’t bother you with the info, let’s hit the point.

Eviction Show:
The Ghanaian artist “Rough & Smooth” opened the show and I guess they came to take Sammi (Sammie B) home.

Let me remind you again, Sammi (Sammie B), Uti (Proudly/Comedian) and Tatiana (Flirtiana) were up for eviction and as the then HOH, Tatiana (Flirtiana) had to replace herself with Hannington (Cutie/Smellington). The housemates were not aware of this, so she had to inform them whom she replaced herself with. Funny enough, Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) took it well; at least that was the impression.

Ik (The Host) announced that the first person to leave the house was Hannington (Cutie/Smellington). My cutie, at this point I felt like walking away, no pervert in the house, nah… not gud!

Sammi (Sammie B) was called second, we already know that, so no surprises. Surprisingly, Jen (Youngest) wasn’t happy, she actually cried for him… poor thing! Sammi (Sammie B) suggested that maybe the viewers didn’t see the youthfulness they saw last 7years anymore… you are damn right, u need to be with your family or something!

As we have noticed, this season, once a housemate leaves, they must throw a dagger, a form of punishment back to their remaining housemates. So this time, Sammi (Sammie B) and Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) had to throw daggers.

Hannington’s (Cutie/Smellington) was to pick one housemate that will not drink alcohol for a week, starting from tomorrow (Monday), he chose his sweetie, Sheila (Hottest) and promised to tell her why, when she is out of the house.

Sammi’s (Sammie B) Dagger, one housemate is to take 3 loaves of bread every day for one week, he picked Lerato (Bad Ass); u really want her to blow up.

Barn House:
There was yet another TWIST, but this time the evicted housemates didn’t get to go back to the house, there was a special. They were to live in a barn for 9 weeks, with hope on convincing the viewers to choose one them that will be sent back into the big brother house.

From the barn, the barnmates will get to watch other housemates in the big brother house, the barnmates, will live same way as in big brother house except the luxury. They are to milk and feed the cow, chicken, perform task as usual, have diary sessions, they can nominate the real housemates, the housemates will not know about the existence of the barn house.

With the HOH gone, the 2nd person in the screaming task, became the new head of the house (HOH), yet again, Tatiana (Flirtiana) is now the HOH. So haters, bring it on, and she is not going to take any sheet this coming week and she got the power to send anyone home, so watch this space!


PS: I really want to say thank you to Manama, she was really helpful last week, even in my busy cooking hours, she filled me in on what I missed. Love love!!!



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