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This week… well, what can I say; it was what it was… judge for yourselves.

But before I get on with the highlights, let me introduce you guys to this season’s housemates lingo; each season big brother housemates always have informal vocabularies, why? Because they can! So you don’t get lost in their world, familiarize yourselves with them.

Big up yourself used as an honor to someone or to credit someone, just as big up is used.

Abeg abeg abeg of course you don’t need any explanation and obviously you know who brought it into the house, we own this word, it emphasizes objection or disapproval.

Shut up yourself or shut up your face this simply is same as shut up.

Fogu or fugu usually used by Flirtiana; might be Portuguese, used as a form of objection.

Hey my size this is mostly used by the guys to refer to the girls as “my size, my size”, mostly Sammi to Paloma, to mean, my equal or my partner

Why you wanna kill the youth in me? This is self-explanatory, it’s just to ask slash beg for protection.

P.U.N.A.N.I Cody and K1 are often heard singing, “ I want Unani, I want Unani”. This refers to a woman’s private parts. What!!!!

Visitors don’t take this literally; it’s mostly associated with the girls, when they talk about expecting visitors. They mean that time of the month, their menstrual period; guess who wants the visitors cancelled forever, Yacob of course!

By the way, my views about few of the housemates have changed so did their nicknames, so I can now take a break on that.

It’s on:
Stop bitching Lerato, it’s just a game. Hannington brought out his claws, after pretending he was cool with Tatiana after his eviction, when he finally got a partner to confide in and bitch about Tatiana. All they could talk about all day and night was Flirtiana and how she is going to pay for sending them to the barn.

Watch this… later in the week, Lerato warned her barn mates that they should not loose focus on their plan, and should not get hypnotized by Flirtiana’s flirty charms if she happens to come to the barn. Hannington responded by saying “if she slips and falls into my bed one night, I am a man” and therefore might not help so what happens?, typical Hannington!

Lerato has carried her gossiping skills to the barn, already gossiping about Sammi B asking Hannington how he has been coping with him.

Later that night (eviction night) Tatiana flashed the housemates. Sorry, no pic, just let your imaginations run wild.

MONDAY 9th August 2010

Happy women’s day
Today was women’s day and the guys were given a task to treat the ladies to dinner, massage (foot massage), clean up the house and sing to them as well. The ladies were so excited about that. Yacob offered some extra happy ending… lmao. Tatiana asked to sleep with 2 guys in her bed to feel warm. This ended with the guys singing, “loving you” in unison to the ladies and handed the gals flowers, bringing them to tears.

Hannington confessed to the Bromance between him and Uti, let’s hope Uti doesn’t betray him with the way he is getting close with Sheila.

The Bad News:
The last time we heard Uti’s dad was sick and being treated in India and this morning, we got the news that he is dead? And he felt so bad he wasn’t there, really sad and cried the whole morning.

Sheila was there to cry and comfort him, so was Meryl; Jen came to his rescue, sharing her similar experience and pain as well, Munya prayed for Uti’s family during his diary session and the rest of the housemates sympathized with him.

The barn mates were not left out, Lerato and Sammi cried as well, Hannington had to ask She-ggy if he could go for the funeral and if he could come back afterwards; but unfortunately the request was rejected instantly.

Uti strongly emphasized that he didn’t want anyone thinking he was looking for sympathy and that maybe he should just leave as he feels bad being in the house instead of with his family.

Let’s take a moment and pray that his father’s soul rests in peace!!!

Later during the week She-ggy gave Uti options in which he chose to go for just the funeral for 3-4 days fully accompanied by 2 chaperones and will return back to the house if he adheres to the rules strictly.

He is back ☺:
Finally Munya started talking sense, apologized for being arrogant about wanting out, and self-confident.

He confessed to Meryl that he is avoiding her because she is one of his weaknesses as he has weakness for women and a player, and he didn’t want it to go far.

Did I tell you guys that Hannington is into girlfriends’ mothers? Sugar mummy thingy! Beware y’all!

Game plan screwed:
Sheila and her crew planned to nominate her, being the HOH, so she can be able to replace herself with Tatiana, but it happened that Tatiana was also up for eviction, this open-mouth shocked Meryl especially, Uti and the crew. She got no choice than to replace herself with Munya. Therefore, Mutiana are up for eviction.

TUESDAY 10th August 2010

Enough bitching about Tatiana Lerato, we now get it, you hate her and it’s on and all that, just stop beefing.

Max came visitng, he said he is mixed Nigerian-Zambian. But later in the week, Lerato exposed him or actually accused him of lying about the 9ja part.

Quick recap on Max:
Did I hear Lerato say they were together at some point, nice move She-ggy, the only gal Hannington has to manage, now he is gonna share, not nice! After Lerato getting her heart hurt from Tatiana’s victory, now you brought in someone that broke her heart.

Ok, it all started in season 2, they were housemates at that time and they got together and continued outside the house, then Max had to stay with Lerato and family when he had a problem in Zambia. Well, they shared a house, they continued dating and it didn’t work out.

Sheet, he is married with a daughter! Sorry Lera.

Back in the house, the guys were really bonding, coooool! No more gossiping like ladies; they talk about Mwisho’s wet dreams… yuck!

WEDNESDAY 11th August 2010

Uti said he felt relieved speaking to his siblings and mum, where the hell was I when that happened? But thanks She-ggy, that was thoughtful, Big up yourself!

Poor Munya, he kept mourning over Tatiana’s punishment, the dagger to remain speechless and not touchy with any of the guys and the effect it had on him and that it will suck if she leaves on Sunday, not knowing that he is also up for eviction. It’s going to happen either ways, they have succeeded in breaking them up, and to make it worse, they wouldn’t communicate normally till they are gone.

Lmao…. Can u imagine Flirtiana asked She-ggy if she, flirtiana can turn one of the guys to a girl for one day so she can talk freely and touch of course; let’s see if She-ggy will grant her request. Obviously her target is her size (Munya). BTW, her cowboy slash cowgirl dressing was hot and sassy … Aish, I am not liking her don’t worry, just saying.

K1 enough of the begging, you said it’s important for Africa sake you remain in the house, how is that? Just chillax ok, it’s just a game, your life doesn’t depend on it.

Max changed Sammi to a more fun and jovial person, so they said, I am yet to see myself.

THURSDAY 12th August 2010

Surprisingly, Sheila looked good today, heard Flirtiana borrowed her the dress she wore today, very possible but how true is that?

Sheila won the Bonus task by confirming that Men are from mars and Ladies from Venus, as all species are different, Big up yourself! Also the housemates won their 100% wager.

FRIDAY 13th August 2010

1.25am Sheeeeeeeeeet!!!

Flirtiana finally turned Munya to a girl, like, dressed him up so she can talk and touch him. Meaning that She-ggy finally granted her request after she had broken the rules of the dagger more than 3 times. See for yourself

C’mmon She-ggy you didn’t have to use the exact words for the barn mates, to tell them they have won their tasks, be creative a bit!

14:16 UTI!!!!! Stop picking ur nose on international television!

20.32 Mutiana had their bath together and Flirtiana was just giggling all the way. Well she cant talk to him so that’s all she had to do, do u blame her?

Hanny Passed out on the couch outside the barn, hands crossed, well seated but snoring and dozing off.

SATURDAY 14th August 2010
Every Saturday is Big brother All Star club night, to get in the mind in preparation of the night, the girls took extra special care of themselves, they sure weren’t smiling.

They were hot… summer time.

Who said Jen is not the hot? See for yourself below….

Dress-less Sheila:
I think I waited a little too long to diss about Sheila’s dress sense or should I call it lack of clothes. She really tried to impress a little since Thursday. But she wasn’t able to hide being a tomboy with her flat shoes, but looked much better.

Come to think of it, she has been in this thing before, so she should have known better than not carry enough or none at all. When others wear dresses like a lady, she wears jeans and tees. I think she’s kinda dirty, and does not take care of herself.

Ok, Jen is the hottest… Sheila sorry, you are just pretty… take a second look at the picture above and you can also visit the website or watch the show, Jen isn’t bad at all.

It’s party time but only the girls are dancing, the guys can’t take their eyes off the strippers, are they actually hotter than the female housemates? Finally Yacob brought his American gangster moves, cool! Code was so carried away, just wanted to break the “glass house” and reach out to the strippers… remain celibate dude (his secret)!

That’s the hardest punishment and you really chose the wrong person Lerato, Flirtiana so broke the rule hundred times, drunk or not… if she doesn’t leave, She-ggy has to do something about that. Tatiana broke the rules, talked and touched the guys against her dagger.

Paloma cried all night, what the hell went on there? She was on about wanting a man like her dad and how her family has been so wonderful to her and how they haven’t moved on as she has been so financially dependent on them and dropped out of school, Munya trying to advice was misunderstood and she took it to another level. They sha got it sorted, I guess!

Uti is insane, just cus Yacob poured cold water on him, he wanted to go at him with hot iron, knife and what not… someone needs to grow up jor, play or not. Saying it’s on it’s not over. Drama!

SUNDAY 15th August 2010

Eviction Show:
As you already know, Mutiana (Munya and Tatiana) were up for eviction, therefore Sheila, the then Head of House (HOH) had to tell the housemates she replaced herself with Munya. No long speech, Sheila just broke the news, but I could see right through her, she was horrified.

Finally K1’s village peeps came to show us how it’s done, with of course his skimpy attire the one he wears around the house.

TATIANA is out; she was the fourth housemate to leave. Damn, I am gonna have to stop watching the big brother house and shift to the barn.


One housemate must pack all their belongings and leave them in the storeroom for one week commencing today and Flirtiana chose Uti. Good it wasn’t Meryl; that would have been a good excuse to go naked.

Welcome to Barnville:

She cried… she didn’t take it well at all, so uncomfortable, I don’t know if it’s cuz of the people she sent to the barn or just the environment, but she didn’t find it funny, she held Munya’s picture and cried herself to sleep.

Well don’t blame me; the eviction was so boring… yawn!

Hint for next week, Sammi B is tryna take advantage of vulnerable-sad Flirtiana, he is cozying up in and out of duvet. She should hurry and make the barn a bit more fun, because I am bored shitless.

PS: Happy Ramadan Kareem Aish … I am still counting down.

And shout out to my faithful BBA readers especially Decimal and Miss Bonnie… Bigup urselves!



I am just not something you are used to. In few words, you really need to get into my world to know me, but well…what a small world! Just a hint… don’t be so quick to judge ☺. You can email me at


  1. Uti u ar smply the best:Wish u well and God bless u.
    Hannington ,dont look down upon urself ,u ar a star,we love u.
    Munya pls learn to appreciate other people.
    Code ,my m , man of intergrity bigupurself.
    Meryl,lerato and Sheila love u my girls.
    Paloma u ar good.
    Tatiana u ar the best entertainer.
    Jen my best dancer.
    K1 -u ar good my man.Mwisho ,bushman much luv,cute guy.

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