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This week went pretty slow, from She-ggy turning the housemates into chickens, housemates singing lullaby to their eggs, Sammington (barnmates) holding hands and bored stiff, Hannington’s (Cutie/Smellington) mum and Sammi’s (Sammie B) ex-girlfriend’s visits, the kiss, fight between Uti (Proudly/Comedian) and Kaone (K1), Housemates dividing into groups, and so on, slow but not that boring.

After the “eviction”, Aish (My BBA Partner) and I started by thinking that the barn house is pretty messed up, How the hell are we going to watch just Sammington? They are so not compatible! **eyes rolling**

Maybe we should turn this into lovers’ barn house, maybe evict Paloma (Ass) and Sheila (Hottest), so they got no choice than to mingle with their lovers.

Lovers’ (Mutiana) fight:
Tatiana (Flirtiana) and Munya (The Rapper) after few bottles faced their differences. Tatiana (Flirtiana) came on so strong on Munya (The Rapper) with all the accusations and judgments; he had enough and cut loose, needed fresh air and room … Munya (The Rapper/ Cry-baby) wept; Like a baby!

MONDAY 2nd August 2010

Love in the air:
After the kiss, Meryl (Boobs) later confessed to She-ggy that she and Mwisho (Topless) were getting close and that they share beds and nothing spicy has happened yet… so watch out!

They held hands all night, shared cigarette, teased each other. How the hell are they communicating? He doesn’t even talk and when he does it doesn’t sound like English!

“The bushman (Mwisho (Topless)) is a good toucher and sucker” confessed Meryl (Boobs), to Sheila (Hottest)…  Nothing is hidden under the duvet, interesting!

Munya (The Rapper) is confused, he said f*** all the fans and later in the diary room said that he live in the house like the fans are paying him. What the hell! I thought he previously said he didn’t give a shit about the producers? But when asked if he was still interested in the show and $$$, he said yes he was. Do people get that confused and yarn rubbish when they are drunk???

When Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) left the house, Uti (Proudly/Comedian) felt that he could replace him with Mwisho (Topless) as his next best friend, but funny enough Mwisho (Topless) has been nominating him from day 1.

Munya (The Rapper) must be silly, revealing his secret (Kissing a guy) to Tatiana (Flirtiana), thereby losing his $1000, and everyone was pissed about that! That explained why he got, was that 8 nominations?

Again can you imagine the reason Munya (The Rapper) nominated Uti (Proudly/Comedian) and Yacob (Nerd)? Because they are from countries furthest from his homeland. Seriously?

Munya (The Rapper) and Tatiana (Flirtiana) are up for eviction, she being the HOH, replaced herself with Lerato (Bad ass).

Ok, I officially hate Tatiana (Flirtiana)! To be truthful, I still like her; she is the life of the party. But Aish said we should hate her together… and I can’t avoid loosing my BB partner, so to hell with Tatiana! ☹

I bought this with my money, was that peanut butter, Uti (Proudly/Comedian) …haba! Mwisho (Topless) was so right, then put it in your box!

Everyone in the house complained about sleepless night, all because Mwisho (Topless) and Meryl (Boobs) loud kissing, heavy breathing and movements. That’s very mean, when others are roasting in the house, you guys should at least allow them to sleep!

TUESDAY 3rd August 2010

Happy Birthday Uti
Today was Uti’s (Proudly/Comedian) birthday and he asked all the housemates to ask She-ggy to get him cake, drinks and his music available as a surprise for him; so obviously that would not be a surprise, as he asked already… only we hope She-ggy comes through.

I heard:
According to Sheila (Hottest), Paloma is jealous of she and Uti (Proudly/Comedian). she said Paloma (Ass) is in love with Uti (Proudly/Comedian) and that Sheila and Uti (Proudly/Comedian) are in love and deceiving themselves pretending to be just friends. Sheila (Hottest) told She-ggy that isn’t true. Well, I think Uti (Proudly/Comedian) is falling in love with her sha, maybe not!

Munya (The rapper) is jealous of Mwisho (Topless) and Meryl (Boobs), as he was flirting with Meryl the first week of the show. Let’s hope she is right about all the info, and not misleading us.

I really think Jen (Youngest) is always scared of saying her mind in her diary sessions; scared of talking about people, or saying anything negative about her fellow housemates. Is that good or bad? Well she is still missing her boyfriend; guess the guys in the house are too dry, psst!

Sheila (Hottest) was crying last week that Yacob (Nerd) kept making fun of her being tomboyish and that she should try to be girly a bit, calling her names and all that. And here during Yacob’s (Nerd) diary session when asked about falling in love, all he could talk about was Sheila (Hottest), not in details though, but finally advertised himself to the viewers that maybe his true love is out there and listening and he can’t wait to fall in love, that, falling in love, he hasn’t been before (his Secret)! Of course that was before Lerato (Bad Ass), which brings me to my next question, are they in love?

Meryl (Boobs) told She-ggy  “we have whatever we have when we go to bed and the game continues after we wake up, I don’t know how he takes it, but for me, that’s how I take it”. Taking about Mwisho (Topless)! Short of saying they are just “Friends with benefits” (Mershoo).

Visit to Barnville:
15:11pm: Meet Juliet (Fafa)… the new barn mate, wow… finally there was smile on Hannington’s (Cutie/Smellington) face, but he was jealous, because fafa was acting like she and Sammi got history and Hannington (Cutie/Smellington) felt maltreated, like She-ggy hooking Sammi up and nothing for him. Well that was Sammi’s ex!

Why was Munya (The Rapper) punished? He was begging for “the f***ing door be opened please…” using f***ing and please 2geda? Confused as usual, I really used to like him, what went wrong? Oh… he broke the storeroom door, must be very depressed, he needs to go to rehab and I don’t mean the club! if u don’t leave this Sunday, can u pls bring your swagger back?

Meanwhile, the housemates were turned into chickens for 3 days. See picture below:

WEDNESDAY 4th August 2010

Uti’s 3 hrs Secret task…
Yesterday, Uti (Proudly/Comedian) was in a messy mood and was all over Kaone  (K1), and I took it as a joke, telling him how he didn’t sing 9j songs well, and being wrong about every bit of the song; but then this morning, he took it to a different level. I am not a big fan of Kaone  (K1), in fact I am neutral about each of them, maybe like Tatiana more. But then, it is so wrong to undermine someone, Uti should learn when to shut the f*** up…. Hmmmm, that’s a relief!

During the chicken fight, he took the hen by the head, why was he that violent? Why was he paired with Kaone (K1) in the first place, he sha beat the sheet out of K1…. That’s some f***ed up sheet. But sorry to say, he was given a secret task to mimic Kaone  (K1), so it was just a game all the way… almost all the way, but he overdid it!

Hannnington’s (Cutie/Smellington) mother Ruth came visiting. Ok, now I respect Hannington, he saw his mum approaching and had to trash his cigarette…. impressive and so real. She was later warned by She-ggy, “English please”. I think Hannington felt a lil bit awkward, being in the house with momsie, had to be a good boy and all that; he was on his best behavior.

THURSDAY 5th August 2010

3 teams, war against Tatiana & Uti:
Team K1 was made up of Kaone, Munya and Code; they were against Uti on how he treated Kaone. I thought they gave Uti 3hours secret task, why is he still fighting K1?

Team Sheila, Lerato, Uti, Meryl, Mwisho and Yacob, the guys and their girlfriends ganged up against Tatiana.  Sheila is such a gossip, she has gossiped about Meryl, Lerato, Tatiana and many others.

Team friendship are Tatiana’s loyal friends and don’t talk slash gossip much about people

Tatiana likes Meryl, like normal, nothing suspicious, but hasn’t been given the chance as Meryl keeps hanging out with Lerato and co; and they take Tatiana as an enemy; so she said!

This is turning into a battlefield!

Sammi’s ex got drunk and he took advantage slash showed love by kissing her, you have been very bad bad boy Sammi… lol!

Barn visitors were gone after 2days.

FRIDAY 6th August 2010

Tatiana got Lerato’s Secret right; she called the piercing “private puncture”, she is the first housemate to get a secret right and is now $1000 richer.

Can someone tell me why the hell Sammi cried last night? Maybe missing his ex or regretting the kiss or need sympathy as per his secret? I am totally lost here… HELP ANYONE! Ok I think I’ll just go with missing his ex!

Barnville got boring after the visitors left, Sammington were all to themselves, lost in deep thoughts.

SATURDAY 7th August 2010

The housemates were given a task in order to decide on the new HOH, Munya, Sheila and Mwisho came tops with 3 way ties in the HOH task and they had to do another task, Sheila won and is now the new Sherriff (Head of House),

Mwisho and Uti @each other:
Uti (Proudly/Comedian) called Mwisho (Topless) “a Bush kind of guy” and himself “a city guy”, in an argument on who knows more about the world we live in. Mwisho (Topless) defended himself by saying “I explore”.

After the new head of house has been announced, Tatiana decided to change her look by wearing a dark wig and changed her name to “Gypsy”. Sassy!

Yacob (Nerd) and Lerato (Badass) are becoming a couple, so has he finally fallen in love? Enough of this friendship camouflage, Uti (Proudly/Comedian) and Sheila (Hottest/Gossip) are into each other.

Mwisho (Topless) is a drunk; he is always out of this world once intoxicated. His second name is disaster! Did he actually ask his housemates each to donate R100 so he could buy a laptop? Word!!!

In the barn house, Hannington was drinking, singing and drumming all by himself, help; someone is going gaga out of boredom!

SUNDAY 8th August 2010

Eviction Show:
This eviction was pretty hot; don’t know if it was the African Child Hip Hop Crew that made it hotter, IK’s (Host) dance, or my joy of the Sheileratomeryluti crew falling apart by evicting….

Tatiana and Munya were nominated for eviction, as the HOH, Tatiana replaced herself with Lerato. Therefore she had to tell the housemates whom she replaced herself with, and she gave some boring speech about how she loves and respects Lerato, that’s some bull crap!!!

The 3rd housemate to be evicted was… LERATO! Wow I am so happy unfortunately. People like must really like Tatiana, following by her rules, whoever she puts up for eviction, goes home.

African Child Hip Hop Crew… they performed really well… biggupss!

Lerato’s dagger was that one housemate will not talk to or chat with any housemates of the opposite sex starting from tomorrow and she threw that at Tatiana of course! Sorry Munya!

Ok, seriously this African Child Hip Hop Crew are damn good, that Malawian Young Kay had to borrow them as back up dancers when he performed his introduction. Impressive!

Lerato joined the Barnville:
And she was freaked out seeing the barn…lol, Lerato(BadAss) is really a diva, you can tell from when she saw the chickens, lol; then she saw the barn mates, and was genuinely happy and jumped on Hannington(Cutie/Smellington). Well she has to cope, because she got no choice, she has been sent on exile.

So here it is folks, this house should better be on fire this week, because the game is on… l8rs, wink!



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  1. I am very impressed at the improvement of Hannington’s behaviour compared to first big brother participation. It’s true Big brother is a teaching process. Hannington deserves the dollaars

  2. Mary Kaddu of Uganda comments: There are lots of issues to learn from Big Brother, Patience, tolerance of each other, how and why people become jelousy, hipocracy, how to start, develope and maintain friendships ect. Recommends Hannington for the money and Mary Kaddu for the $1,000

  3. Big brother House should be looked at from a positive point of view because: (1) connects African sons and daughters,(2) African Viewers can communicate with each other through internet on DSTV,(3)(4) Brings African cultures together, (5) Brings African Countries together, Many of Africans now know Capital cities of each Country,

  4. Big brother, bring more African Countries on Board e.g Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and others. I also suggest that instead of giving all the $400,000 to one person, you could give $200,000 to the winner, $120,000 to the second runup and $80,000 to the third runup. This will be more meaningful. Thank you.

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