360Fresh out of the oven – Cyclone jumps on ‘Empire State Of Mind’ to deliver a Las Gidi blast

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Back again, still on the “Fresh out from the oven” matter. YUP! Discovering more talents coming straight from my motherlan’ is quite enjoyable …trust me.

So, Ladies and Gents, i proudly present Cynthia Atagbuzia aka Cyclone a supa dupa, sexy and sassy young FemCee …yeah u read quite alrite a FemCee, who would ever think such a cute looking face could spit fire with the help of just an M.I.C and make wack MCees run for their *cough cough* career (?).

Cyclone hails from Delta State but grew up in Lagos, she attended Hefshiba Home School(Primary School) and Methodist Girls High School(Secondary School), now a 21 year old 400L student, she’s studying theatre arts in Uniben.

She started her rap journey just last year and has been influenced by talented artists such as Mode9, Terry Tha RapMan, Nas, Jay Z and M.I. She made different collabos with Freestyle, Cyrus Da Virus etc., and she baked out a freestyle on the “Empire State of Mind” tune titled “Lagos”.

She’s signed to no record label at the moment but there’s a mixtape and hopefully an album in her nearest future.

Eko o ni baje o..who knows if this song will be used as Lagos’s theme song … (Just saying)

Cyclone – Lagos

  Cyclone - Lagos (3.9 MiB, 1,383 hits)



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  1. Psycho sorry cyclone, good 2 see u here gurl, told ya ur d best out here, wasnt kidding, she made me rite my verse in the ‘Naija Spirit’ song wif serious concentration cos i knew i was up wif her on the joint…like play, like play we rocking gurl…dats aw it is

  2. Cool gurl d song is d bomb u r really doing it gurl lovely dose ur fb busting finally paid off I like it am on ur side kip d work going benin lasgidi dey feel u. Peace trinity

  3. em….can someone tell me wat mad touch’s tryna say hr? wat do u got to offer anyway? are u an artist or just some hater nxt door? u want ur name mentioned too? fb wanna be rappers…igi l’enu e!

  4. U’re blazing d trail girl… Really dn’t cos my 7feet tall collection of dictionaries just got burnt so i’m short of words…Take it 4rm me, sincere this is just so hot that it could burn down d sun… U’re tha definition of a true CYCLONE cos u’ll make waves… Peace!!!

  5. Great Job.. Cynth!
    said it before.. im saying again..
    that joint is very tight.. make it happen all round 9ja and the world at large..!
    love ya.. big!

  6. whoeva u are!! aint tryna get ma name spoken where it aint gon count n if u think otherwise…u sed mines n i urs!!!just really sick of wanna be rappers dats all, if ur friend (obviously iz) hopping on d movement wat i sed aint shit..u dig

  7. …yeah…that’s ma DOS…she’s rockin’em airwave…this is the genesis sis…we heading straight for da top…!
    Mad touch…quit beeffing…aiight…?

  8. em…lil mad touch if im bout to understand u well, its a must u tell me hw many of dis haters comment u drop on diff write up in a wk o! cos im sure as hell at least a new artist drop frm somewhr called 9ja everywk either dey in 9ja or outside n yea dey always on fb(fb wanna be rappers! dats wat u call dem? mehn i no blame u sha, cos dats whr u sit ur ass at every sec of each day). be xposed dawg, look around u! u sick of fb wanna be rappers, ok nw shw wat u got? i askd wat u got to offer u cldnt ansa cos all u do is hate around. n mind u cylone aint even ma frnd i only passed by n ur haterslight drew ma attention…

  9. whoeva i am says, i dnt rap, dnt do nuttin but breathe hip hop. u sayn u passed by?? u just passed by like its a bus stop.. u probably enjoyn ur minutes of fame too or should i say lil’ audience. y u getting mad tho,aint like i was talking to u in d first place, i asked “ur no. 1 emcee a ? n put a weak ass rhyme to it dats all…phewww…

  10. Pycholone abi cynthia..Shey i told u dat beni was pulling ya legz when he told u dat dis track wasnt good when u playd it 4 us unedited..U got madskillz,my best femcee..Lol..Nice track boo.Waiting 4 my collabo with u and nofame..
    ehen Cynthia Atagbuzia dikwa ill on d mic

  11. lmao mad touch i ain’t mad at nuffin only if u wld stop runnin ur ass on writeups sayin u hate fb wannabe rappers…and if its nt a bus stop do u just stay hr n hate all day? mind u fb’s doin more than u think 4 artists arnd d world n nt just new artists…got most singles frm last yr till date thru fb, wale’s mixtape just 2days ago got 100k plus downloads in 3hrs of release all cos is ass was on fb every sec of dat day…u dnt gotta hate on wat u cnt do…i knw wat ur thinkin nw, so yea go ahead na do u ur own thing get it on http://www.worldstarhiphop.com im gonna be ur no1 fan thr
    if she’s weak on it hw bout a piece of advice instead of hate? plus f it i dnt even care if anyone else reads all of dis i’m only writin 2 u! and dats y u ve ur name mentioned in em…jobs.com says haters r liable to joblessness, get a life!

  12. Mad touch,i wonder why i will help exchange unpleasantries on my own hype page…”whoever i am”,thanks for having my back. To err one who has left their comments,thanks a billion and i promise not to let y’all down.

  13. madtouch ur undiluted stupidity is hilarious…..
    fucking retarded MOFO..wu asked u to comment if u r against her go sit on a naked wire
    dis isnt ur page pple like her song u dnt so fuck wt she rocks n dt wt it is u suck and dts y u stink… empty brained cock sucker ur kind of pple neva progress cz dey dnt like odas progressin..i wish u cn die rite now..may trailer jam ur ballz idiotic fool
    n may ur generation die too cz dey r haterz

  14. Wen I did my freestyle battle on facebook,you smoked almst everybody..it was jst u and yvonne that was left standing…now everybdy is now clapping. Break grounds girlfriend.

  15. Cyclone abi na Thunder abi na Tornado…inshort all o’ them put together made you up…jux keep reppin..we’s gon meet you @ d top…cos i know you won’t like being there alone..

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