360 Trailers: View Trailer of Storm’s Woza 2010 Documentary

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Storm Nigeria Press Release:

In the Summer of 2010 The largest sporting event in the world came to Africa, Woza 2010, this event was broadcast to the entire globe and had billions of viewers, the Ceo of Storm 360 had spent years engaged with Sony Music the holders of the music rights (amongst others to FiFA) to get top level Nigeria talent onto the Official World Cup Album and to insure that Nigerian and African talents got an opportunity to hit the world Stage. We worked with MTN Group on their World Cup Anthem but unfortunately after introducing 2face to their project, Naeto C who was geared to be on the track was not available to record the final versions and was left off the record that emanated because he was writing his final exams at Dundee in Dec 2009.

Fast Forward to June 2010 and having decided that the Nigerian authorities had no real plan to engage the world at the World Cup and also that if we were not pro-active Nigeria would remain a bit player we activated two of our premium talents, both continental award winners, Naeto C and Sasha along with Tola Odunsi, Director of Music, Talents and Events for Storm 360 to the World Cup for the entire month. Over that period they performed on several stages and appeared on numerous media platforms, from Mtv, Channel O, SuperSport, SABC, Fifa Fan Parks, and many more, they performed at something like 18 events over the 31 days period and left a serious impression on the South African marketplace.

What your about to see is the trailer for the documentary which covers this journey down south and a uniquely Naija perspective on this month, we had no support from Nigerian corporates, but we had flight support from Waka Now, a young Nigerian company which has the vision to see the future and we must shout out all our friends and associates at Mtv, Channel O, SABC, pr, everyone who hosted us, worked with us, who showed us and Nigeria love, we are giving that love right back and in the coming weeks the full documentary which is directed by Bobby Boulders will be making its full debut on a tv station somewhere near you.

Until then keep supporting quality nigerian music, keep supporting Storm and keep dreaming the dream because we are world class and whenever they let us in the door we let them know all day everyday we represent Naija and to quote Naeto C on that note Yes Boss and we are out!

Can’t wait for the full documentary, the concerts in the trailer looked hot! View and leave comments afterwards




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