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We’ve all at one time or the other heard these labels used to refer to women: ‘Scrobo’, ‘Booty Call’, ‘Kele’, ‘Side chick’, ‘Main Squeeze’– in fact, at one time or the other you might have even been in a situation where you wore one or more of these labels; maybe even proudly.

I know I have.

For the next couple of articles, I’m going to be taking each of these labels and shedding light on them to give us all an understanding of what each means, how you (or me) can identify if we are wearing a particular label right now, and also to go into the minds of the label-wearers.

At the lowest point of the Food Chain is the ‘Scrobo’.

Now at the mention of the term ‘Scrobo’, your mind may immediately project an image of a dirty, razz girl with no sense of decency or class. You might immediately think of the girls you’d see in YNot, Monalido, Sandra’s Bar or some other Solicitation Hotspot.

Your mind hasn’t gone WAY too far off with this projection; however, what your mind has done is give you the Stereotype Scrobo. With this limited perspective of the identity of a ‘Scrob’, you would be missing out on the wider picture of true Scobolocity.

A ‘Scrobo’ can be that mad-ass chick you see in the Gucci outfit complete with the LV bag and Jimmy Choos. She can be the fly chic you see in the Mercedes, blasting Garage music from her stereo with her huge Jackie O sunglasses firmly in place.

The ‘Scrobo’ can be the chick with the high-powered job, who earns a bizarre amount of money and is GREAT at what she does.

Bottom line, the ‘Scrob’ can have ALL the right credentials, a far cry from the Stereotype Scrobo your mind showed you just a few minutes ago.

The reason this is possible, is that Scrobolocity has nothing to do with the outward person. Yes, it might reflect itself in the mode of dressing or manner of speaking of the Scrob, but true Scrobolocity is not something you can grasp – it is Intangible.

It is a way of thinking, a mindset, in which the person (male or female I might add) sees themselves as nothing more than a sexual being, with Sex being their prime means of self-Validation.

The sense of worthiness of the Scrob is drawn out of ‘how many people ‘Want’ me’. So the Scrob only feels desirable or wanted, when He or She can go to bed with anyone they choose, or who chooses them.

The Scrob has a very poor Self-image, and overtime, has embraced Sex as the means of affirming their worth and desirability.

For the Male Scrob, it might be rooted in a sense of never measuring up. It often has its roots in their childhood, possibly an event or series of events which made them believe that they have to always prove their prowess either sexually or in any other endeavor.

The female Scrob mostly has a low self esteem, either based in her physical appearance, past experiences or emotional make-up. She wants to be loved, she wants to feel desired; she has attached her experience of feeling loved and desired with Sex, and as a result, can’t get enough.

Her heart is like a bottomless pit that can never be satisfied, no matter how much ‘love’ she gets through her sexcapades.

She has suffered a lot of disappointments and heartbreak, because once the men who she expects would ‘love’ her are done ravaging her body, they can’t wait to bolt from her side until the next time they get a stir in her direction.

Most of the guys she has been with or is even still seeing, would not even acknowledge her in public as they don’t want to be seen or associated with her. They are drawn to the sexual energy she carries, but would only go to her the way they would approach something they are ashamed of, yet addicted to; in secret.

On the flip side, the Male Scrob may be regarded by majority of people as a ‘Bad Guy’, but for those of us who know better, he is merely a weak-willed little boy (age regardless), who is ruled by his ‘Manhood’.

The most dominant trait of a Scrob is as that person that ANYONE can have if they want. The Scrob is easy meat and spares whoever wants him/her the inconvenience of a Chase.

Scrobs come a dime a dozen and anyone who is skilled in the art of Scrob Solicitation, knows that any difficulty in getting a Scrob to dance to your tune is only ‘Initial Gra-gra’.

The Scrob will always play ball as long as the Solicitor is speaking his/her language – Validation via Sex.

So tell me Guys and Girls, what says your Scrobometer?!

P.S. – We’ll be talking about the ‘Booty Call’ and ‘Kele’ next Thursday…

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Tari Ekiyor

Tari Ekiyor

The quirky and humorous musings of a young writer who is determined to have nothing short of the best of everything in spite of the fact that everything seems to be trying to have the best of her. Welcome to S-I-R (STRONG INDEPENDENT & RELEVANT). You can also catch Tari on her blog www.tariere.blogspot.com.


  1. lol.. noble o!
    r u falling under “scrob”?

    ok, biola maybe on her way to “scrob”
    sorry to air my memoirs here! lol

  2. Just got really interested in 360nobs.com
    Been following the memoirs of a slu..ssshhhkid for a while, but I decided to see the other articles on the webbie…..
    Gr8 to know the brains of a Snobo.
    Lolz…..gr8 work tari…..keep this up….

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