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Wow, say it ain’t so. Naomi Campbell’s ahem, hairline on show.  Chai, wicked paps that took the picture for our viewing pleasure.  Now ladies, this is the effect of too much hairline pulling with the application of weaves and all that glue and sturves.  So please take a chill pill on weaves. Tell the hairdresser to reduce the tension when they are pulling, i know African ladies love the conrows under the weaves to be as tight as possible and some just go for the good old bonding glue.  And for those on the lace front wig application…….nuff said. You know what to do.

Her hairline is pretty bad before the hair stylist comes to the rescue brushing her hair weave into place.

More brushing perfection from the hair stylist and voila Ms Campbell looks too hot. Now when we see this picture in magazines (its an ad campaign by the way  for Dennis Basso), would you know the difference? Its like the hair balding sighting experience never happened.

We love her joor!!!  But please ladies, work on ‘dem hairlines and hair pulling.



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