Marry Me

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People often do not get what they deserve. They just get what they get, and a lot of times, there is not a lot they can do about it.

I have had people, friends and acquaintances, ask me what she saw in me to me to make her say yes. I have never been able to answer this question. So on one of those days together, chilling at home sharing a bottle of wine on what she fondly calls our love seat, and catching a movie I put the same question to her. She did not even look at me, just sat there with a faraway look in her eyes and said: “I see something in you no one sees, a side that you do not show the world.” While that was not the answer I expected, it answered a question I did not even know I was asking: the question why I was still with her.

We had been going out for two years now and while some argue that it is not enough time to know somebody, I think you never fully know anybody. I have always hoped that when I see that someone I will know. There and then I decided to take the leap, hoping she would take my hands and help me fly. The alternative would be plunging headlong to… I don’t know.

I was going to ask her to marry me, and I would do it on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s is an excuse to do crazy romantic things without looking stupid or raising suspicion. I read somewhere that the way a man proposes tells a lot about him. Personally I think that is a load of crap, but I was going to try and make it as special as I could.

I could plan for us to take a trip somewhere exotic. In-flight though, with the complicity of the crew, the Captain would announce my proposal over the P A while a crewmember brings the ring on a tray, which I would then go on one knee and offer her. I hope she says yes because another crew would be standing by with a chilled bottle of Champagne and two glasses. At this point she is free to cry all she wants while I catch as much of it as I can on camera.

Or I could invite her to meet me at a city I know she had always wanted to visit. The thing is I would not be at the city. I would be on the flight with her but sit away from her, ensuring the seat next to her stays vacant. I will get the Captain to announce my proposal over the P A while I walk to her, go on one knee and present the ring. I hope she says yes, because I would then take the seat next to her and have the crew pop and pour the champagne. Crying at this time is allowed, and I will capture as much of the moment as I can on camera.

Or then again, we could stay home and I would make sandwiches. Halfway through the sandwiches I would pull out the ring, go down on one knee and ask her to marry me. This way if she says no, I would not feel as crushed as I would feel if she says no with all those people on the plane.

No surprises; no pressure; best of all, not as much expense and scheming. And I would have still done the really important thing, which is, ask her to marry me.



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  1. its no rock science………it cud be done as simply as d 3rd option or as complicated as d 1st and d 2nd….just do it rite…

  2. haha you are trying to pull a fast one. are you or are you not lol. anyway bcgeorge you are so right, it really isnt rocket science. especially when the end result is still the same if done right. Another aww post, you have a way with words.

  3. Well Miz Natural, since u caught on, I will come clean. I am not. Thing is I am too in love wi myself to wanna share.

  4. awwwwwwww no woman can reject you afta a proposal like dat. i was at silverbird wen a a guy proposed to his fiancee over the screen u culd also copy dat.

  5. I think i prefer the second!It is sooo romantic!!! The sandwich one is too cliche n overrated abeg! I trust you to do the best sha!……….sweetest Frank!

  6. Like you rightly said, there no sure way of proposal. Whether it be at nyt, with her face plastered with a face mask or wen she awakes looking flustered or at the top of the Eiffel tower, the most important ting dat could escape the man’s lips are Be Mine…FOREVER!

  7. love d whole group thing, but a guy has to be sure of himself before he does dt one oh.but dt s sooooooo romantic esp d second one

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