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Meet the dynamic duo – Chiddy Bang made up of an MC- Proto (Chidera ‘Chiddy’ Anamege) and the DJ/Producer-  Xaphoon Jones (Noah Beresin). Usually referred to as Philly’s own “Kings of the Basement Party Jam”, they fuse together elements of slick Hip-hop bars, Indie, and electronic to produce their own unique fresh style. The 2 met in Drexel University, Philly.

Proto was raised by parents who left Nigeria to live the American dream. Growing up in the streets of in the dangerous streets of Newark, New Jersey, he witnessed first-hand, the value of hard work & staying out of crime  – using his slick wordplay to create opportunities for himself & excelling in school to also earn a scholarship to the prestigious Northfield Mt Herman High School whose alumni include the likes of the founder of Burger King & the CEO of Citibank. After high school his family relocated to Philadelphia where he got enrolled in Drexel University. He is gifted with the art of story-telling

Xaphoon grew up on music – from spending time with Philly’s local Jazz legends to watching & participating in Studio sessions. His broad taste in music has helped to diversify his production skills. His ability & gift to give new meaning into any track  has made me compare him to the best samplers in the industry (Kanye West, P Diddy?)

If you don’t know Chiddy Bang yet, I’m sure you’ll be a hardcore fan after listening to all the goodies below. Their songs range from the politically correct – ‘Sooner or Later‘ to the standout Screwed up Sufjan Stevens sampled ‘All Things Go‘ to the house party jam ‘Fresh Like Us‘; this definitely makes them a group to watch out for in 2010 as Chiddy Bang tries to prove that Hip Hop isn’t dead but like energy has only changed its form.

Yup, get familiar!

Download The Air Swell Mixtape (2010): Air Swell is a seven song “mini-mixtape” that is follow-up to their widely appreciated Swelly Express mixtape released last year. This mini-mixtape is an appetizer for their eminent debut LP that is scheduled to drop in August, 2010.

Downlink 1 ; Downlink 2


  1. Air Swell Intro
  2. Breakfast
  3. Hey London
  4. Pass Out (Chiddy Bang Freestyle)
  5. Shooter
  6. Stylo (Chiddy Bang Remix)
  7. Under The Sheets

Download The Swelly Express Mixtape: Their 1st mixtape as these Drexel cats take you on a journey of trying to make it in New York by gaining some mainstream attention & tales from Philly

Download Link 1 ;  Download Link 2


  1. Get Up In The Morning
  2. Never
  3. Danger Zone
  4. Fresh Like Us
  5. Now U Know (feat. Jordan Brown)
  6. Welcome To Major Label Inc skit
  7. Truth (feat. Passion Pit)
  8. Meet Mike Hoffman skit
  9. Pro’s Freestyle 1.0
  10. Awesome skit
  11. Dream Chasin’
  12. Silver Screen
  13. Slow Down (feat. The Root’s Black Thought & elDee The Don)
  14. Decline
  15. Call Skit
  16. The Opposite of Adults (KIDS)
  17. Voicemail skit
  18. All Things Go

Listen to: Chiddy Bang – Sooner Or Later

The video was shot in Proto’s village in Nigeria.



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  1. you have to give eldee props for discovering such amazing talent. the boy is undoubtedly the best nigerian rapper out right now

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