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Hello people, like I promised, here is your weekly update on the daily happenings in Big Brother Africa All Stars house. Although I haven’t been glued to the Tele every hour of this show, but I am bringing you what went down, gossips, actions, facts and my general thoughts while watching the show as a BB fanatic. So here you go…!

Not in a haste tho’, just to avoid being stuck trying to identify the housemates, you can catch up with all the stars here for their secrets and profiles and the NICKNAMES i have bestowed them with. Although for easy identification in this week’s highlight i have put their nicknames in brackets and for those that don’t have nicknames yet, the Tba*s(To be announced)….well….by the end of this read you should find their names at the very bottom.

Week 1

SUNDAY 18th July 2010
I forgot today was the premiere, so I didn’t check to make sure everything was set and that my channel 198 was working properly. Finally after several hours, it came on and here comes the stars. Some I can remember, others, I am still trying to catch up. But one thing I noticed, they have all aged slash grown. After the intro, then the show was on.

Flirtiana stole the day:
For the record, I hereby nickname Tatiana, Flirtiana.

Tatiana(Flirtiana) was so all over Sean Paul, their first guest and Uti(Proudly/Comedian) speaking, was that pidgin to Sean Paul? 9ja sha!

Afterwards, they had the booze flowing, a box full of cigarette and all sorts; everyone was getting high and everyone was flirting, and hooking up with potentials. Tatiana(Flirtiana) obviously didn’t need a drink to put her in the mood. First was Code (Cody), even after he just told her how happy he is to be a father and all that, well, let’s blame it on catching up as former housemates.

Next she was onto Hannington(Cutie), I must say I find him attractive as well (so don’t blame her). She dared him to take off his short and wear hers as she took hers off; it ended up on those braids.

Flirtiana is such a catch, she can lead you to the top, and might as well help you win the $$$, Richard can testify to that, so you guys should hook up with her already so she can bring life into the show.

Anyways…enough of Flirtiana!

MONDAY 19th July 2010
Sheeeeeetttt!!!! I can’t believe I missed shower hour!!! ☹ lol!

Makeup came off, at least a bit; we can see the natural beauties, well…not really.

Nomination Session:
After all the housemates finished voting, with the high votes and against public votes being: Lerato(Tba*), Mwisho(Topless) and Sammi(Sammie B); Big Brother puts everyone up for eviction, let’s see how this works out.

Hannington(Cutie) and Munya(Tba*) were all over Flirtiana like 2 horny bees; but of course Hannington won her over, like minds. They danced with the sticks in a sweeping motion and plenty sexy dancing. The others were so gloomy with jealousy and irritation.

Meryl(Boobs), that was a seductive move, putting that cigar in between your boobs; was that for Mwisho(Topless)? Girl, u r huge now, how time flies.

Sheila(Hottest) is hot I must say, tomboyish but still hot; was she drunk or was she consciously talking dirty to Munya(Tba*)? She kept whispering the F-word like she was on heat. But I really think she and Hannington(Cutie) will make a great couple. Later on, she kissed/licked Mwisho(Topless)’s bald head, which kept me wondering why everyone is so all over everyone.

Meryl(Boobs) did an extraordinary seductive boob dance, but why did it have to be for Sammi(Sammie B)? Munya(Tba*) and Hannington(Cutie) were salivating, wishing they were in his shoes.

Then Meryl(Boobs) entertained the housemates by smooching and dancing on Jen(Youngest), we are so in for a ride; the girls might end up doing one each other. This must be Big Brother Africa Mad house…. interesting!

TUESDAY 20th July 2010
It just happened that there was no light all day(lightupnigeria)….  And I really didn’t think I deserve to put on the gen, just for BBA… Aaaarrrrrghhhhhh! I guess that’s welcome back to 9j for me; but well, I had to get busy.

Hannington(Cutie) and Sheila(Hottest), are they now a couple or what? Had a meal together, showed her some acrobatic moves, well, games on guys!!!

It’s like they asked everyone to bring a t-shirt with their flags on.

Uti(Proudly/Comedian) got the jokes coming; seriously, you guys need to catch up on sleep, cus mehn, I am out!

Was actually going to sleep, but was attacked by the virus again, and Meryl(Boobs), in Pant and Bra all for our 9JAman Uti(Proudly/Comedian), mmmmm, don’t be surprised.  Paloma(Ass) just keep walking, go make your self some food, she knows what she is doing, if those boobs couldn’t get her a fish, she might as well just take the clothes off.  And am thinking to Uti(Proudly/Comedian), ‘please get the hint and don’t fly solo, besides, her bed is right next to yours’. ’nuff said!!!

WEDNESDAY 21st July 2010
It’s 2.02am, and I am thinking it’s still Tuesday. For real it’s confirmed, Meryl(Boobs) likes Uti(Proudly/Comedian), maybe for tonight slash morning; especially for the fact that he made her laugh her ass off and she had to tap him every time he tickled her with his jokes that some consider dry…… hmmmn interesting!

14 minutes later, 2.17am, they all got tired and slept off, I guess I can call it a day now, in time for my first shower hour, I really have to catch up on that ☹.

I woke up early enough, shower hour still everyone was in bed, I just wanted to see how fat and comfortable they are with each in their natural state…. maybe not just that, lol. 9.55am now I am bored watching Munya(Tba*) wash up ☹. The camera moved away from him to Jen asking for shaving stick, then Lerato(Tba*) taking her clothes off in preparation to shower…Yay! Then no action, the camera moved away. Mwisho(Topless) and the guys were busy struggling with the coffee maker…. Yawnnnnn!!!

“I will catch up later abeg… bored already!”

They were given a task, which they wagered 100%, hmmmmm…. Choreographic basketball… Matrix style???? Whatever, they sha did a task, which has to be funny to win the wager. So they were going to present it the next day.

Diary Session:
BB has an accent… is that South African accent or African accent?

Mwisho(Topless) had nothing to say during his diary session.

Uti(Proudly/Comedian) spoke Pidgin again. But he is still a bit fun I agree, pardon me I used to take him as a very proud person, imagine him flaunting the Gucci bag and H&M nylon bag on Sunday. And previous season, but I like him, as he is very funny; and there was a shout out to his peeps, he misses you all.

Sheila(Hottest)had much to say as usual, but was cool; at least she was sincere about the apology to Jen(Youngest).

Jen(Youngest) admitted that she was tired of Sheila(Hottest)’s loudness at first, but got used to it. And there was a shout out to her boyfriend; we will see how that works out, if she will keep doing that.

Paloma(Ass) complained about having Sammi(Sammie B) on her neck, making moves towards her, and she is so not interested and hoping to be interested in someone soon; and not willing to share her secret crush with Biggy until she is out of the house…. hmmmmm!

Meryl(Boobs) concerned about people’s attitude toward the task, getting thing done and that she would act accordingly if persistent.

Tatiana(Flirtiana) was a bit tired; well it was obvious because she was a bit quiet today and she prayed it doesn’t continue like that, as she might not have the strength to work and have fun, which we all can’t imagine BBA without her…. Nah!

Hannington(Cutie) confirmed my suspicion; he’s got soft spot for Sheila(Hottest). And I think he wants to be close friends with Uti(Proudly/Comedian), he actually made a request on his behalf.

Lerato(Tba*) thought the alcohol made them more relaxed yesterday and people got closer. And that Code(Cody) is close to Sammi(Sammie B), She and Meryl(Boobs), Uti(Proudly/Comedian) and Hannington(Cutie) and so on. She said Sammi(Sammie B) should stop taking things seriously.

Code(Cody), everyone was talking about Sammi(Sammie B) feeling attacked last night.

Yacob(Tba*) talked well to biggy more than his housemates, very articulate.

Kaone(K1) said he was keeping his emotions and interactions, strictly business.

Munya(Tba*) was flirty, but said it was boring in the house and the task was boring as well. And that he had gotten close to Paloma(Ass). Asked if he can bring his smoking device into the house.

Sammi(Sammie B) didn’t really have much to say, but not angry anymore about yesterday. After being mocked about his music and stuff.

THURSDAY 22nd July 2010
The matrix wasn’t so good and the celebrity talk show as well; so they lost their 100% wager and everyone was fighting for leftovers on hearing there would be no food supply.

Meanwhile, most of the housemates like Meryl(Boobs) during their diary sessions said there was enough food to last them, that it’s just knowing how to use the resources they had, others said the housemates were wasteful with food.

The house was generally boring with some of them screaming “boring”!!! at different times.

FRIDAY 23rd July 2010
They ate all their food…WHAT!!!!

And that put them all in a bad mood that explained why they were all still sleeping. So it’s 13.07pm and Hannington(Cutie) just woke up when being called for his diary session.

Ok, Tatiana(Flirtiana) is the head of the house now. So she talked about putting the house back in place and “people not doing whatever they wanted as life isn’t like that”. She made a request for more towels as there isn’t enough for everyone, but Biggy said there was enough for everyone, that leaves the question, where did they all go? And biggy also said he provided enough food for everyone…. Mehn, u guys are on suicide mission…. I so don’t envy you right now. Do people actually hide food when the storeroom opens, really?

Paloma(Ass) calls Sheila(Hottest) lazy; Meryl(Boobs) was actually cooking for all…. Oh, how come I missed that…and now she is vexed and stopped as while she was still doing that, others were still making their own personal special food.

That reminds me, I am thinking of changing Kaone(K1)‘s name to Cleaner, he sooo cleans a lot, which can be good, if not extreme. BTW, is he gay?

19:30pm finally, there was a bit of food to eat; Uti(Proudly/Comedian) entertained the housemates by flaunting his photo collection of his beautiful friends and family, and boosting about his cute friend, the 3rd desirable man in the world, Kennedy? Remind me to google that!

Sheila(Hottest) kinda slept the whole day.

21:46pm Rhyme Time:
Wowwww…. Munya(Tba*) is so good, he can rap like wowwww!!!! Ok…. now here is your nickname…. “The Rapper”. Paloma(Ass) tried, she tried, but not as good. Word!!!…. Sammi(Sammie B) tried, at least better than Paloma(Ass), but a bit old school, and of course he still got his flag on his tee…mmmm! And there he goes spoiling the first site of fun ever in the house.

He later turned to a clown, don’t even imagine it, he so didn’t look good… God! What were they all thinking? I am not trying to beef, but can this BBA get any worse?  Tatiana(Flirtiana) with the sexy dance and transparent top, Jen(Youngest) trying to seduce some with her Tatiana(Flirtiana) wanna be… she is hot tho, nice bod! I think she is a bit more flexible that ‘tiana. Hannington(Cutie) winking and licking his lips, what a perv! IMAGINE,  he showed the girls his stuff, they sha said it was small.

Now they are doing it, Hannington(Cutie) was so doing it on top Tatiana(Flirtiana)… he almost did her for real, just the clothing were the barrier… is that booze or is he tired of being celibate? It’s just some few days now na…. Ok, try and play better so u can get some.

Where the hell was Uti(Proudly/Comedian), it’s Friday man, come and entertain the world and win us some money; most people are chilling after work and probably watching, show us what you have got!

Paloma(Ass) you are sha stiff; that fat…. Very fat ass needs to move girl.

Perv perv perv… Hannington(Cutie)!!!!!

Sammi(Sammi B) must feel fly….

I think I missed out? Did they finally get supplies? Don’t tell me this is alcohol working without food. At least they don’t look as bored. Seriously, what were they on? Drugs or booze?

Gang raping… Uti(Proudly/Comedian) sorry for the embarrassment! Do you and Meryl(Boobs) have something going? But man, why were you acting so holy?

And there I was BBing with Aish and all we could think of was how to heat things up in BBA house, we got as far as pairing them up… Sammi(Sammie B) and Paloma(Ass), Tatiana(Flirtiana) and all the men (trust me, she can handle them), Uti(Proudly/Comedian) and Jen(Youngest) – although am not sure about that Aish, Hannington(Cutie) and Meryl(Boobs) – but I think Hannington(Cutie) has a crush on Sheila(Hottest), but wont mind just about any of the girls that are willing, and the list went on.  Aish also thinks that Sheila(Hottest) might go for Meryl(Ass), she is so tomboyish and maybe Lesbo… who knows… any one?

The girls had to start helping one another, what a dance, Tatiana(Flirtiana), Meryl(Ass) and Jen(Youngest)… I think Hannington(Cutie) wont mind any of you, so you guys should get your drunkard ass off one another and go help out a guy in NEED.

I am just gonna go to bed or chill, leaving Hannington(Cutie) in his moody, slash horny mood, Lerato(Tba*) bored and fake laughing at Yacob(Tba*)’s dry gist. That’s goodnight for now.
SATURDAY 24th July 2010
00.31am Ok, now Uti(Proudly/Comedian)’s jokes and gist got dry… more like a lullaby. Only Meryl(Boobs) was listening, she must really like him! Sheila(Hottest) slept almost cuddling Tatiana(Flirtiana).

Big Brother Africa gone gaga, the hunger strike:
Day 3, still there was no food in the house, the housemates got angry and locked themselves in the diary room, covered up all the cameras so they wouldn’t be seen. Game on Biggy, let’s see who will get tired first, now there is a fight between Big Brother and the 14 housemates.

They should at least be sharp enough to take off their microphones to hit Biggy’s nerve and Biggy should retaliate by turning of the AC. C’mmon biggy 3 days should be enough for them to learn their lessons. Or maybe you don’t respect them anymore because they were jobless enough to come back. Anyways, I am not taking sides, as they would have managed the food better, they were up all evening and night the previous day drinking all sorts.

Can this get any funnier, they barged towards the exit door and did they see Big Brother? They sha saw some officials. And screaming, “WE WANT FOOD, WE WANT FOOD” repeatedly…. Mmmm. This is getting insane. Big Brother had to call this week’s head of the house Tatiana(Flirtiana) into the diary room like severally, she refused going alone unless he was ready to talk to them all; that’s some guts girl!

20.25pm, big brother finally opened the storeroom filled with supply for the upper week.

Sheila(Hottest) was very lazy as usual, not even helping others with packing the food.

There was a toast and an apology to biggy and the viewers after the store was opened, given by Paloma(Ass).

SUNDAY 25th July 2010
No sex for Uti(Proudly/Comedian):
Before the eviction, the housemates were getting ready and the guys were having a guys-only conversation, Uti(Proudly/Comedian), Hannington(Cutie), and Yacob(Tba*) discussing the girls, who do you like? Uti(Proudly/Comedian) was asked when he started liking Meryl(Boobs) he also agreed to like Jen(Youngest) as well, and that her body is like “mwah”! He must be overwhelmed by it! But he doesn’t have plans on having sex in the house. Hannington(Cutie) is still bent on pursuing Sheila(Hottest).

Eviction Show:
Started with the host IK introducing Maye Hunta performing Big Brother (the song). Two (2) housemates with the least vote were to leave today. They started calling plenty names of people that were safe; Uti(Proudly/Comedian) has not been called, how come?  Finally the first housemate to be evicted was Kaone(K1).

Lol…. Kaone(K1) is out… mmmmm…. What a relief, Uti(Proudly/Comedian) is safe? But who is going to clean up the house now that Kaone(K1) is gone?

Ooooh, there was a SECOND person! Uti(Proudly/Comedian) please be safe….. Uti(Proudly/Comedian) was finally safe… wow, Tatiana…. ☹ the second person was F-L-I-R-T-I-A-N-A.

P-A-U-S-E, there’s TWIST???, Biggy sent the evicted housemates(K1 and Flirtiana) back into the house….. This must be a joke, a waste of my day and time. Longasshisssss!!!!  Apparently, the eviction was a JOKE!!! Longerhisssssss!!!!

Well, I guess Flirtiana was up because as the Head of the House, she was disrespectful to Biggy. She was so happy to be back, so let’s watch out how this week turns out with the 14houesemates still intact NO ONE LEFT THE HOUSE.  More fun, more adventure, nowhere to hide, we got our eyes on you all.

I have found the Nicknames for those that had Tba* against their names:
Lerato: Bad Ass
Munya: The Rapper
Yacob: Nerd
Hannington(Cutie) has been nicknamed by the fans as Smellington.

And the BBA virus lives on for the next 12weeks!! 😀



I am just not something you are used to. In few words, you really need to get into my world to know me, but well…what a small world! Just a hint… don’t be so quick to judge ☺. You can email me at


  1. lol….very gd.
    I feel lik am watching it too…Titiana sha sha…Uti(can speak how I feel abt him in public) Nice wrk Lyn

  2. This is good stuff this way I don’t have to watch BBA I just read about it from u… Thanks for saving me the stress. I love this..

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