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Kevin Tita

The new artists’ era in Nigeria has begun for sometime now – check any social networking site or youtube, a new artist is born to us avid music addicts. Some days ago, my eardrums luckily hit a jackpot called “Alright“, which i initially mistook as a new single from an American artist …but ALAS! Dude’s nigerian and his name is….
…Philemon Chukwuka Okezie better known as Kevin Tita.

Kevin Tita hails from Abia State, had his Primary Education in Kaduna(Christ Ambassadors College) and his secondary education in Jos(Emmanuel International College). Like a high majority of singers, he started as a singer in the choir (by the way..keep an eye on the choir,that small kid or aunty you listen to in church might just bring us a Grammy), then in the year 2003 he switched to the rap genre,under the influence of Jay Z,The Game,Chamillionaire and MIMS.

Join’d a crew named CRozz Blinkz, then left in December 2009 due to controversies surrounding his artistic differences.While in the crew, they recorded “Halle Berry” a song that topped the KD radio charts for 3 weeks and spent 12 weeks on the Top 10. The song was written and composed by Kevin himself.

After he left the crew he recorded “In Your Arms“, and “SCREAM” a freestyle laced on Micheal Jackson’s “They don’t really care about us” beat. He got discovered by his current manager, Linda Jacks and got signed to BabyLynn Entertainment on May 21, 2010.

Presently he’s working on his 1st album titled “Lookin’ Beyond The Future” which is due for release on Independence Day.

Arise, O’ New Arists, iPod’s call obey.

Kevin Tita ft Slim J – Alright(My Story)

  Kevin Tita ft Slim J - Alright(My Story).mp3 (4.6 MiB, 1,094 hits)

Kevin Tita – Scream

  Kevin Tita - Scream.mp3 (2.2 MiB, 1,263 hits)


CRozz Blinkz (KevinTita) – Halle Berry

  CRozz Blinkz (KevinTita) - Halle Berry.mp3 (3.6 MiB, 675 hits)



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  1. Why is it a good thing that he sounds like an American? Nigerians and their love of everything foreign eh!

    There’s nothing wrong with sounding American but when it’s presented as positive then there is an implication of a corresponding positive- sounding Nigerian.

  2. Wow. i think this guy is gone be the bomb in the next 3 months. It’s even more easy coz he is signed to a major label. I have heard of him on facebook. I’m glad he is now getting recognised. Thanks for writing about him

  3. I am very happy that we discovered this yung talented man [kevin tita].he is making waves rite now in nigeria ,his music is being highly played in united kingdom and america too,sky is the limit for him…and hes going to be one of the best hip hop artist that ever came out of nigeria mark my words……….babylynn…for babylynn entertainment..uk..we are proud of you….

  4. Honestly this guy swept me off ma feet. I think he will blow if his management should do their job well. Kip it up bro.

  5. I love the Halle Berry song. It makes me feel as if I am the one he is singing about. The Scream track is really off the hook and In Your Arms is my current ringtone. BabyLynn shouldn’t play with this guy because he has potentials of makin her some millions. Keep the good music coming.

  6. I hate when people try and sound like something they’re NOT
    try and sound NIGERIAN coz thats what u are and maybe I’ll consider listenin 2 ur songs and supporting you
    You dont hear dbanj or psquare pretending to be America its just not cool
    or are u ashamed of being nigerian? rep ur country man

  7. The person above me is really a big fool. This guy has just dropped some hot songs and all u can say is that he should try and sound Nigeria. Why didn’t u go and tell M.I that one. U are a complete idiot. If u don’t want to listen to his songs, U can as well bounce. This guy has been try’n to get noticed since last yr and God smiled on him this yr and here u are talkin so much Sh!t about his music. If u think say it is easy, sing ur own make we hear. Hater

  8. Hm. i am impressed. It’s gud to know that Northern Nigeria has such talents. His songs are better than average. And all these pple who are telling him to soun Nigerian,Pls get off that. His songs are gud perisod. i remeber hwo he was doing everything on his own last year before he got signed. Keep the good wok going brother, Anticipating Your album

  9. I have been Kevin’s fans since he dropped Halle Berry last year. The guy is gud the haters just gotta admit to that… Waiting on his Video and album

  10. Music is very subjective when it comes to style and i think kevin has chosen what suits him n is doing it well…so haters,suck a lemon.you rock dear!

  11. Wats ul d replyin 2 sum1 else’s comment on d tracks? Sum1 dropped a comment so drop urs n 4k off, dis aint fb or twitter. I dnt rily feel dem anyways n dt doesnt min he’s wack, jst nt a fan 2 erfin i hear. Mayb wen he drops d album, i’l pick ma favourite. Do ur fin Kevin bt u nid more groomin

  12. I dey feel this guy. he can take any song of his choice and turn it into a hit. Hope his label promotes him well… and hope he gets rih too. we dey support u.

  13. Kevin is tight. Buty he needs to switch to something else. all his songs are always revolutionary or inspirational. Bring the fun out in u. U;ll blow up faster trust me. I love ur songs tough. I am a huge fan of ur work. i love Halle Berry

  14. Man, this guy is the bomb. i love his songs so much especially the new one he released this year. JUST SAY (Beautiful Girls). pls do u guys have a link. and those tellin him to sound Nigerian, so u want this young talent to start sounding like Terry G?… una need go see pastor. Mr. Kevin, U too much. from ur No.1 fan

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