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KoKo Lounge is a a fun spot for relaxation located on the 3rd Floor of the E-centre (quite well known for its cinema) in (1-11 Commercial Avenue), Yaba.   The Lounge is opened Mondays to Sundays from 12noon to 3am, now thats a long enough day be opened for so that means you can have your fun/relaxation at anytime you choose on anyday.

KoKo Lounge is decked out in opulent Red and Black for drama, leather seats, good lighting, 2 large screen TVs where during this World Cup season you can watch a game (yes our super eagles arent so super anymore but surely football is universal so should the support), for those who like to play games – PLAYSTATION is available (PS3), you can most certainly make the Super Eagles win virutally in this one and a well nourished bar(ask and it shall be given).  Music at KoKo Lounge is always on musical point because the DJs for each day are chosen from the best in Gidi.

Life at KoKo Lounge starts from Monday with Wax Lyrical from 7pm with various new music artists coming through to display their rap-ability.  Then it moves into Wednesday for Comedy Night from 8pm with upcoming comedians from far and wide showcasing their joke-ability and Friday from as early as 8pm it changes into a club scene where all you have to do is dance and listen to the best DJs in town spin the turntables.

At KoKo Lounge, you never know which of your favourite celebrity you might run into seeing as the name ‘KOKO’ is a trademark of a certain high profile celebrity who is part of a certain high profile label or who might be holding the mic on a particular night to give you impromptu entertainment. KoKo Lounge is most certainly filled with surprises.

Koko Lounge is about 20mins from the island (when there is no Lagos traffic of course).  There is a VIP lounge for those who want some privacy.  Who says you can only visit Koko Lounge during the day, you can visit in the day for a meeting if you want a quiet space and good food is sold too, so its not just about the drinks.

If your visiting LAGOS be sure to stop by at KoKo Lounge for some good fun and if u’re a resident in Lagos its most certainly one of the places you want to be at on the Mainland.

Do you need to make special arrangements for something here is a number to call 01 736 4784.

Be there to SAMPLE it, don’t be TOLD about it.



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