Video Premiere: Soyinka’s Afro – Ko Easy

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The long awaited video of Soyinka’s Afro (ShoFro)’s Ko Easy has finally dropped ( like it was Hot).


Ko Easy is the first single off  the upcomin ShoFro mixtape, “Death of the Skip Button” and has been in heavy rotation among many Hip-Hop Blogs & Forums. The track is like a fusion of  ‘Jerk‘, Hip-Hop, Electro Funk & Soul.

I’m so in luv with the Group’s Name …very original & symbolic (Wole Soyinka is a legend FULL STOP). The Group Members are Ajebutter 22 (Akitoye Balogun) & Taymi B aka Social AjeButterfly (Temilola Balogun).

Video was directed by James MäVrik.

Nice effort …leave comments after watchin



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  1. this is pure trash….am soo mad at myself for even listening to this, I amall for the development of naija music both home and worldwide but am sooooo sick of some artist that go abroad and wanna come back to naija and put out crap they know wouldn’t even get played any where else. The girl needs to go sit somehwere and that boy needs to go back to sleep, they are both swaggerles, untalented and crusty!!!

  2. Cmon Onyi’s not dat bad and its way beta than anythin by Terry G …rhymes r very elementary ..but we need 2 encourage them

    ShoFro …keep d flag flyin

  3. I just don’t understand the first 45 secs of the video..weird. Then again I don’t understand the entire video.

    IMO it ruined the song.

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