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STYLEMANIA CONSULTING presents SEXY et FABULEUX an Exclusive Lingerie Sale Event. Here is why you should attend this event or tell someone about it if you can’t attend.

…Bra straps in a myriad of colors slip down bare shoulders and tantalize us with their playful appearance.  Bright colors and bold patterns, barely visible and yet clearly visible, make a statement as they shine through the thin fabric of blouses, cotton shirts, and lightweight sweaters.

Selecting and wearing lingerie has become an understandable passion. A woman can truly express herself through her intimate apparel. Depending upon her selection, a woman may allow her feminine side to glow, her sexy and seductive side to romp, or her innocent and gentle side to shine. A woman should select her lingerie for the day based upon the inner self she wants to portray. (To express these sides you’ll be able to choose from top brands including Victoria’s Secret, Ann Summers, Lasenza, and many more).

Lingerie is a gift of romance. It is a gift given with a gesture of desire, a hint of appreciation, and a meaning of love. (Men reading this take note, the ladies in your life would be glad you did and you’ll get help on the day from the Sexy et Fabuleux team) 😉

Whether a woman is trying to maximize what she has or minimize what she has but doesn’t want, lingerie has been designed to do the trick. (There is going to be the introduction of BODY MAGIC a unique underwear system that shapes you instantly.  No Diet involved, No Gimmicks. So witness the magic).

Simply discover what styles fit you best – physically and sensually. Combine this with the colors and patterns that you enjoy. (Be at GET Arena, Lekki, Sunday, 20.06.2010 from 12noon to be the first to make sale on your chosen sexy INTERNATIONALLY outsourced lingerie). 

Words in italics have been taken out of  The Art of Wearing Lingerie By Susan M. Keenan (2006)

Here is the invite to the event and you can register with your details @

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