Nigerian Entertainment We Hail Thee!!!

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These are pictures from the backstage of some event we attended a while back.  There were so many funnies but we were only allowed to bring these to You.

First picture of the Naval Officer and his Artiste (since she is wearing pass with the title).  With this picture clearly the Naval officer is thinking why are you taking our picture a case of “Are you talking to me?” (Italian accent of course – if you have seen of those mob movies you’ll know what we are talking about).  Not going to say very much about the Artiste’s erm, outfit or hair or make up or anything, would have to leave you the reader/looker to pass your judgment and comment.

From this 2nd picture they are more prepared and you can tell the photographer has said something to them maybe along the lines of “I really love what you’re both wearing”.

Mr HeepHop.  Not sure if he performed but with this stance he was very happy to have his fashion hair faux pas taken.  I mean white powdered hair is meant to be cool and he isnt playing village headmaster **rolling eyes**.

Aaaaah, Lasgidi’s very own Lil Kim’s lookalike. Don’t think she should have bothered with her boobs covered.  If you look very closely you’ll see her nipple is barely covered as you can see the ‘black’ bit.  And by the way this lady is so skinny her boobs is what keeps her afloat.  She walked around like a wound up doll.

Clearly, a very tired dancer.  Nothing with this picture just felt like adding it to the bunch of pics.



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  1. Hey,
    Noble, was just going thru the site again and this is an old post but the lil kim look alike looks like Karen in Big Brother Africa at the moment.

    Talk about your site been able to home in up peeps coming up.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. That girl doesnt look like Karen, she IS karen!!! OMG!! and this isn’t the first boob – revealing pic of her on the net…
    Of all the Nigerians that could have represented us on BBA, they chose KAREN! God why!!?
    Anyhoo, really funny pics. The guy with the powdered hair probably thought he looked gangster.LMAO!! NOT!!!

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