New Video: Jesse Jagz ft MI & Ice Prince – Nobody Test Me

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Surely no one can test the Choc Boiz right now, Jesse Jagz gets Clarence Peters to direct the brand new video for “Nobody Test Me” – the latest single off his album Jagz of All Trades.

Video is dope! MI takes a swipe @ Hansome …Only one Kelly that I know…. Kelly Rowland!

“Choc BOIz is not about iceprince ,jesse Jagz and M.I alone..the Choc brand celebrates chocolate- the essence and colour of Africa-, boldness- the daring spirit to explore and break new grounds, Originality- being yourself,being creatively real with what you say,do or stand for and Innovativeness…the need to improve on what has been achieved…this video is the official ChoC BOI anthem………” – Choc Boiz

Get Familiar!




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  1. Great stuff @ Demmy or whateva, you should be asking yourself dat question? D video was 9ice and M.i’s verse is for you. WEML.

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