Enormoss Emerges with an Enormous Track …Get the 360Fresh on this Next to Blow MC

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Enormoss ft Oyinkansola - Viva Las Gidi

May 3, 2010: So there I was in the office, workin my a$$ off 2 get my Report ready for the Group Weekly meeting when my Chairman in the Office – Wale IMs me and says he need me to critic this un-mastered track dat  he just mailed over. I grab my earphones and put the track on repeat for about 30mins. Track got me fired up & finished my report on time; I couldn’t really fault the track. I gave feedback and my Chairman said he wud hook me wit the Mastered Version once done.

Mastered Version’s here …Hiphop Ladies & Gentlemen, I present 2 U Eniola Olatunji aka ENORMOSS, a final year student of Biology in the University of Agriculture Abeokuta (UNAAB).

Enormoss has always loved good music and could be spotted as a kid performing his Michael Jackson impersonation at every birthday party he went to. He grew up listening to a diverse mix of music from pop to the indigenous sounds of high life. His entry into entertainment was as a break-dancer in Secondary School competing in inter-school dancing competitions. He however experienced an epiphany the day he heard Nas’s Stillmatic and became an incurable hip-hop head ever since then. Enormoss started listening to all the hip-hop albums he could lay his hands on, from the old school greats like Rakim, KRS One, Run-DMC to the New School giants like Talib Kweli, Nas, JayZ, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco.

Enormoss is signed to the label – Black Label & is sure to cause a buzz in the Hip-Hop scene pretty soon. Peep his Debut Single below on which he gets fellow newcomer Label mate – Oyinkansola to belt the hook and is entitled Viva Las Gidi. Joint shows a lot of potential. Give feedback after listening

Enormoss ft Oyinkansola – Viva Las Gidi



Slick with his tongue but even slicker with his mind, Oye AKD's huge MP3 library spans over Terabytes. One of the last of his kind, he collects everything from Comics to Stamps to Gadgets to DVDs. Follow him on Twitter @oyeakd as he takes you on a 360 Degrees Journey into Music and everything else related to HipHop


  1. Wow…this is like naija’s response to Alisha Keys/ Jay Z’s Empire State of Mind…its a fly track…definately a club banger

  2. yeah this guy is good,cant wait for his album to come out.To my boy enormoss “keep pushing and never back down”

  3. Wow….Wow…..love the chorus…..love the lyrics as Enormoss drops them….nuff respect…this song needs a mad video showing LAS GIDI in its full glory

  4. Please how can i download this song? i need it as my ringtone. Have the radio stations started playing it? They must….this is the jam for 2010

  5. Oga Enormoss this is just too much, where do you think you are? you think say na yankee you dey, wey you dey drop this kind weapon of mass destruction?

    Nice one bro, more grease to your lips.

  6. I refuse to get excited until i hear another track from this guy. I need to be sure that the guy is not a flash in the pan rapper who mistakenly dropped a great track. I need to hear another track of the same quality before i agree that Enormoss is indeed LARGE AND IN CHARGE

  7. Wow….this is lovely… this is what Rap music is all about..lyrically on point and the hook is pretty tight..am so loving this.good job bruv

  8. Lovely track,this guy is sure the new great thing to happen to Nija’s rap industry…track on point,keep it up Enormoss and to Oyinkansola,lovely vocal on the chorus..Award winning track,Lagos anthem like never before…..

  9. yo enormoss! lovely track… please please where can i get dis stuff downloaded? i need dis dope joint on my ipod and phone

  10. wooooooow brov, this is hot, this is banging, enormous keep the fire burning brov……its just the beginning…..its too good…good work.

  11. track aint no where near JayZ/Alicia Keys but is definitely as gud as Banky W’s Lagos Party or even beta…

    Enormoss …which other tracks u got? Dnt want 2 judge u on d strength of one track …pls post em up

  12. this is hot one, this guys raise the peak higher on this one. @ wale im sure u wouldnt hv used “aint no where” if u know dat jay z/ alicia didnt write the empire state of mind themselves. these guys work hard on this one. im not comparin, and i dont bide such denigration… Enormoss, ya ish is holdin it down in place rite now, staight outta yankeee!!

  13. this is hot one, these guys raise the peak higher on this one. @ wale im sure u wouldnt hv used “aint no where” if u know dat jay z/ alicia didnt write the empire state of mind themselves. these guys work hard on this one. im not comparin, and i dont bide such denigration… Enormoss, ya ish is holdin it down in ma place rite now, staight outta yankeee!!

  14. I had the opportunity of listening to this song even before it hit the airwaves and from the first time i heard it i knew it was a hot track cos i kept on playing it all day…..

    And as i predicted, its been a hit, people love the song, all i gotta say is there’s noone in the industry like Oyinkan and as for Enormoss, dude u are definetely going to see ur name on the bright lights stay focused, cant wait for your next track, oh n i’ve heard a few….they are hot!!!

  15. i love Oyinkan’s voice….so powerful, reminds me of Kefe in kokoroko,i like her costume 2. as for Enormoss, keep the good job up…bravo

  16. Hmmm… what can i say brova? wen u said music was ur hustle.. i tot u were just messing ’round, now i believe u ma mayne. U’ve got da best partner for yaself.. it compliments the verses just too well. Kudos to you guys!

  17. i love this song… am not rilly that hip hop kinda gurl buh i heard dis nd all i can say is… i love this song. thumbs up enormoss

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