THE INFAMOUS Ruggedman/9ice leaked phone conversation

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so a friend of mine sent me a message asking what I thought about the Ruggedman/9ice leaked phone conversation.  I hadn’t heard about it or listened to the message, so I headed over to check it out

Let me preface this by saying I never heard about Ruggedman until  a few weeks ago and to date I have never listened to his music.  All I know about him is that on his twitter page, he refers to himself as a “Revolutionary” who is “down to earth”…Irony toh bad o … He may be a great artist, but based on the phone conversation, I can see he is one shitty human being.  He such a waste of skin and bones!!!!  Dude has way too much time on his hands (I suggest he spends some of that time working on his spelling)

Anyway, apparently the talented artist, 9ice, released a song titled “Once Bitten Twice Shy” and supposedly there were rumors that Ruggedman and Toni Payne (9ice’s Ex-Wife) were the intended subjects of the song which addressed infidelity.  So at some point, for some bizarre reason, Ruggedman called up 9ice to discuss the controversy-(while he secretly recorded the conversation).

First of all, the conversation was NOT leaked. The word “leaked” makes it sound like the websites/blogs received the phone recording from some anonymous source. Ruggedman sent that recording directly to websites/blogs and asked them to publish it. Proof??? Two hours before the website published the message, He was all over twitter asking for entertainment email address.

Anyway, back to the phone conversation. Regardless of the subject matter of the conversation, which kind of grown man who has obviously passed the age of puberty records a private phone conversation with another grown man and then decides to publish it.  Quite honestly, until he opened his piehole, I had never heard about this alleged controversy.  In his grammatically incorrect “note” he actually refers to 9ice as a friend.  Wooww, with friends like these who needs enemies! Ruggedman is such a waste of skin…..he’s acting like a junior secondary school girl who heard that someone somewhere was gossiping about her, and without confirmation, she assumed it was true, because of her fragile little ego.  In his “quest” to clear his name he dragged Toni Payne’s name in the mud.  I don’t even understand Ruggedman’s logic in asking 9ice whether he was talking about Toni Payne in his song?  Why is he drinking Panadol for another man’s headache?

It’s obvious Ruggedman is begging for attention and is probably in a studio somewhere about to release a little diss track and needed some sort of publicity to precede what is probably gonna be a crappy song!

In the age of publicity whores, Ruggedman is equivalent to all of these spoiled bratty Hollywood celebutantes, the name Spencer Pratt comes to mind.  I hope he raps better than he speaks sha!!  Coz dude has way too much time on his hands!!

If you want to listen to the actual conversation, click link 9ice & Ruggedman Private Phone Conversation

Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode is born of an Igbo dad and Yoruba mum in Jos, Northern Nigeria. An avid lover of Nigerian music and PS games. Deputy manager in an IT firm during the day and Vodka lover at night. Follow me on 360nobs for THE PILL on my precise thoughts on all sorts of Nationwide or Worldwide silliness.


  1. Ouch!!!!!!!!! I agree that he should not have published the contents of that conversation. Why? Because it seems to me like he was scared of losing what little fan base he's gathered over the years, which is weird because he became popular through diss tracks. I don't think Nice would be stupid enough to sing about Toni because amidst their differences they seemed like they had mutual respect for each other.

    Rugged man, it was silly of you to do this and you do know that Nice would sue you for that three million Naira life savings you have to your name. You should have been a bigger man and walked away or issued a press conference to clear your name.

  2. Ok, up till now, I have refrained from giving my opinion about this issue but this writeup is so one-sided that I find it rather annoying.

    Before I go ahead: who wrote this? Who is 360ADMIN? You got personal beefs with Rugged? Why such strong language towards the dude? (shitty, waste of skins and bones, JSS skul girl)

    Let me clear this first, I am not a fan of Ruggedman's character, I unfollowed him on twitter some weeks back because I got tired of following what I called BS tweets then. I just love some of his records and that's where it ends. As per 9ice, I'm a number one fan, dude could (almost) never go wrong in my book. I've always been and will always be an ADIGUN fan.

    First, the phone conversation was leaked which ever way you want to see it, and it was sent to notjustok by Ruggedman (everyone knows that), and it's still a 'leak' because normally its not supposed to be out there. The issue you wrote about is the phone convo, why bring up his spelling/grammatical shortcomings. Do you think 9ice would do better (without an assistant). Just saying. I don't fault anyone for not having enough formal education to type right in English.

    As per the whole leakage brouhaha; yeah, it is not classy at all. But you have to look at it from Ruggedman's perspective: before I unfollowed him on twitter, he was constantly being harassed on a daily basis about sleeping with his friend's wife, I'm pretty sure he gets hassled on the street too – once in a while. He's just human and I don't blame him for wanting 9ice to come through and clear his name once and for all. Only 9ice can say who he did the song for, and it won't cost nada to clear his guy's name from bad publicity. I must confess I actually believed Rugged had something to do with T.Payne and the song was made for them (at a point in time). But the phone convo cleared that (yeah, unbelievably so) and I'm sure it did for many others even if we feel the leakage was in bad taste.

    Again, I don't support the secret recording of a phone convo with a friend (and public leakage), it's a bad move, low blow and downright classless, but I wont be quick to judge another man when I cant feel his pain. I hope there are no legal consequences to this, else I will advise 9ice's management to pursue the issue (might even make good publicity for the “stars”).

    That said, again, I think the author of this article is one-sided and the language is too strong against Rugged. Don't say he's taking panadol for another man's headache, his name is very much involved.

    No hard feelings.


  3. The reason why I ignore, or not take most of the posts seriously on this website is because the *writers* are usually too bigoted, or rather too biased (to use a less harsh word). Hence, this post right here is just a 'character assassination', and not an informative article.

    Just my opinion

  4. Ok. I've been following this story from T.Payne and Ruggedmans facebook page n nonone included rugged in d gist oh. He used his own hands to drag himself in there! It was because of his fussiness and attention to t.paynes page that people started asking him what his business in the matter was and that is where the bruhaha started. He even went ad low as having word fights with commenters on t.paynes status. Obviously, I agree d dude has too much time to actively carry out his busy body role cos if he was busy as 9ce or as mature, he wouldn't even go there-he does have a history of being involved in controversies (remember Eedris?). If I was 9ce, I'll be suing his ass right now!!!!

  5. Who so ever wrote this article must be Retarded, First to say you do not know who Ruggedman is, I am sure you live Iceland or probably something that does not exist and you probably just came into existence.

    Then coming to you writing this dumb shit here, I have just gone through my dictionary to find a word for you but I am so short of words. You say Ruggedman should work on his spelling? How many times did you have to spell check this dumb Article you wrote on here?

    I do not even know what to say, all I can just say is you should really sit back and take a good re-think, Ruggedman is always very busy and does to have lots of time in his hands but when it comes to Character Destruction, Even Bill Gates would make out time for that.

  6. i tink d dude just needed 2 clear dis in order 2 have time 2 concentrate on his works. abviosly the whole tin was distracting him.

  7. i totally agree with u on dis. i was of the impression dat 360nobs had good writers but i gues i was wrong.

  8. It's Clear you have a beef with Rugged……….i'm sorry to say this but this is shitty writing……u should take a class on unbiased writing.

  9. Fendi, may one bad apple not spoil the whole bunch.
    Nobs, u really need to dismiss dis awful writer …couldnt u have gotten Hexydre, D Monk or OYE AKD to write this aticle instead

    this post is a sham and i hope it doesnt drive ur followers away

  10. what i dont understand is when d song came out,ruggedman's name wasn't mentioned.why didnt tuface,wande coal,dbanj or any other artiste come out to say d song was directed @ them?why ruggedman of all d artistes we have in nigeria? i'm begining to think his concience is not clear in dis matter.that's why he's goin abt going on Tpayne's fbk page and writting rubbish.d recorded fone call just showed that he's one classless celebrity.i never liked him anyway.

    and to d writer of this piece,u saying u've never heard of rugged man before now? are u tryn to form or sumthing? or did u just come from space? my 12mths old nephew can't even say he doesnt know him.

  11. this writter and some of the people that commented are very stupid. you dont know the type of relationship rugged, 9ice and toni have. if you didnt know, 9ice met toni through rugged. toni and rugged have been friends before 9ice came in the picture. and the issue about rugged's grammer was very stupid. have you heard 9ice speak? you will know that rugged actually sounds more educated than 9ice. ive always been a fan of 9ice but this is absolutely wrong. the only reason he is not clearing there name is bc he is trying to sell the terrible album he brought out. like i commented on the first article, if he really cares or cared about toni and his child he will come out and clear it. all this will follow him and apparently it already has bc we know what his main goal was and u can definitely tell from the phone conversation that rugged and toni didnt do anything. rugged did a good job defending toni. next time before u decide to write another article about people pls do your research to find out what type of relationship they have.

    1. ok guy i have no problem wid u except the fact that u sed sumfin bout 9ice’s spoken english…bruv, get ur facts ryt, 9ice’s english is far better than that of psquare and even dbanj… confirm this, go on youtube nd listen to it….he myt ve loads of typo on twitter but dont say nuffin bout his spoken english
      P.S Ruggedy has a BSC so he shld be fluent so stop comparing shit!

  12. you see from day one i never liked that ruggedman,and i dont think he is talented.if he wants to see an example of talent he should get a que from people like wande cole or p-square.what even makes me mad is how he sings his own praises meanwhile i cant recognize any of his songs.a few years ago he was really into dissing most of his colleagues,saying they couldnt rap / sing,and sad cos comming from someone like him it sure sounds apalling.dude is not even educated or is he??my advive to him is he should go into trading,he may do better……..

  13. Who is the writer of this article?i guess your mama just brought in a Tv or Radio set into your is pretty lame for you to say you don't have an idea of who ruggedman his on the other hand you are not being real with your judgement..Good writer don't make judgement you were suppose to let your opinion rule…Besides who are you to make ppl feel what ruggedman did was wrong,i won't blame the guy because 9ice should have address these issue,i have seen Professional artiste like 50cent,Nas,Jayz e.t.c coming out to address different issue/rumor,i wonder why he can't do such,i guess its pretty hard to detach yourself from your background…Maybe u never oay attention to him calling the media mutherfuckers and we fans names…You need to think before you post a blogg or write an article…

  14. “With friends like this, who needs enemies…”
    That was on point. Great article…Rugged Man is a disgrace to all musicians…When he was busy slandering Kennis, Eedris and co, he was smiling to the banks..
    All I can say is I hope 9ice gets a good lawyer and sues the daylight out of this shitty human being.

  15. Please stop giving this stupid Ruggedman cheap publicity. bad publicity is also publicity in case you dont know. i think its best we all ignore him…

  16. Haha I follow intelligent people on twitter. At Chiolima Halibode (hope I got your name right), in the wise words of a particular somebody “In the age of publicity whores, *insert authors name* is equivalent to all of these spoiled bratty Hollywood celebutantes, the name Spencer Pratt comes to mind.”


  17. Well guys……..9ice is an oportunist,that is while he could nt do anything wen he caught his wife with a friend on bed….who is that friend,secondly,9ice knows that rugged man his going out with T.payne before he met her through rugged man,..anything that happen is an expectation…..let see what happen on ruggedman birthday……..

  18. Fuck d writer of dis article,fuck 9ice for betraying a friend nd 4 calling we d fans motherfuckers,fuck ruggedman’s haters(he has won more awards dan 9ice)….ruggedman was wise to record nd release d phone conversation since 9ice refused to clear his name nd there4 left him with no choice…i used to like 9ice but not anymore!!

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