Suzie nearly bares it all in her ‘My Body’ Video

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Clarence Peters shoots an artful video direction for Suzie’s sensual ‘My Body’ track reminiscent to D Angelo’s ‘Untitled’ Video. Suzie is also covered with tatoos.

She bares it all and only her hair and those blurred out parts cover the precious gems …shame 😉

What are your thoughts on her video?

Watch it here because I doubt if you will be seeing it on TV anytime soon



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  1. It's 2010, conservative Africa is slowly adopting the sexually charged way's of the western world… The question is will this fly?

  2. Clearence Peters(ide), vry nice video. Nice lighting. I feel the last shot shld have landed on her face (frontal) and not faded on d side shot . But hey, u probly were goin for something else.

    Errm, and the song is nice…lol.

    No seriously, the song is really nice. Will people overlook the beauty of this song carried away by the beauty of yur bodi, Suzi? That might be the sacrifice for an artistic video.

  3. Na wa oooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is daring!!!! Will definately not be shown on TV….what with all the prudes at the broadcasting commission…lolllllllllllll

  4. this vid will def not appear soon or in the far future! it looks nice, but she didn't really have to. wonder how she'll feel watching this 10 years down the line…or how her future husband wud feel (cuz this babe def ain't married!)
    the world is truly coming to an end! lol

  5. Well i aint got nothin wit her baring it, someone mentioned that in 10 years she ll look back and wonder why she shot such. What abt in 40 years when all the Boobies are flat like Slippers? This is the video that will give her the good memories of how she drove Men gaga. Nothin lasts forever, so while its still hot, flaunt IT.
    The tattoo no make am at all!!!

  6. Great video…Clarence Peters you have my respect jare. *naija biko take it easy on the tattoo/fake lashes/even faker hair thing sha abeg…*

  7. this is extremely dumb..just one scene ans whats the point of shooting a video u cant be shown on tv…total waste of money!!!!

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