Phone-tapped: Rugged Man & 9ice’s private discussion on Toni Payne Revealed

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In recent weeks, there have been rumours that the track “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” off 9ice’s Tradition album gave an idea why 9ice & Toni’s marriage hit the rocks after a year and a half. Lines like ‘my girl, with a tattoo, giving my friend ‘nodding’… You are good looking but your ways are so wicked. You keep pushing me to the wall’ were thought to actually be referring to Toni Payne giving 9ice’s homie Rugged Man ‘head’

Peep the track below to listen:

9ice – Once Bitten Twice Shy

Read the release from Mr Ruggedy Baba on the Phone Conversation:

It started as a rumour that 9ice caught his wife Toni Payne giving Ruggedman a blow job. I wondered where such a terrible rumour emanated from only to find out it was from 9ices song titled ”once bitten twice shy”. In the song done by my own friend, he sang that he saw his ”girl” (Not his wife Toni Payne) giving his ”friend” (Not Ruggedman) a blow job. Since 9ice himself did not mention anybody’s name in the said song I thought nothing of the evil, wicked rumour, but it spread wider and i heard a lot of people started assuming a lot and I have been called so many things by people over something i did not do.

Even some shameless soft sells unprofessionally published the rumour based on hearsay, without talking to the parties involved, but i don’t blame them. Some will publish anything just to sell.

I expected 9ice as a friend to come out and clear it up by announcing to people that it was not me he sang about in his song but till date he has not done so to reasons best known to him i guess. I called 9ice to talk about it and clear it up and he said so many things including that he will not come out and clear my name that has been dragged into a malicious rumour.

I did not want to believe that 9ice has refused to clear it up because it is helping his album sales like some people have said. I did not want to believe it but I am happy i recorded the conversation and I want you all to hear for urselves what he said to me so that this rumour can stop once and for all.


Pls after this, if anybody dares to mention my name in such a thing again it’s only God that will deal with such a person. –Ruggedman

The Private Telephone Conversation you are about to listen to seems to clear up the rumours! Special thanks to the man with the goodies bag for bringing this thru

9ice & Ruggedman Private Phone Conversation



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  1. hmmmm…nice one rugged for recording the conversation, 9ice is enjoying this,using it for record sales…….he couldnt even bother to try clear the girls name.

    makes u wonder wat kinda of a man he is. Toni payne I hope God sees you thru with all your endeavours and give you a man that really deserves you.

  2. “…this your song Once bitten twice shy was it really about Tony Payne?…” that spells guilt already… “was it really about me?” would have sounded better. ..oh well…

  3. Is it just or is Rugged acting like a wimping spoil white girl? The girl said repeatedly that this song has nothing to do with you, but you went ahead an release the recording, what do you home to achieve? From the convo, 9ice is your guy, figure a way out to capitalize on the publicity, and move on. People will always talk shit, true or not, but you heard it from the horses mouth and you still sobbing for public apology or something. Do you think this will help or hurt your relationship with 9ice? Think before you do things next time bro.

  4. its just bs, 9ice is a proud person that knows the album he brought out was terrible and he doesnt want to clear toni and rugged's name. clearly the guy doesnt care about toni or his child, bc if he did he would clear her name. rugged and toni should just fashi him and leave everything to God.

  5. 9ice, you actually speak well, coz your so called friend actually trying to clear himself, I heard this conversation today…firstly, he MUST be the one who recorded this and put it on here, he purposely asked you all those questions so that he can convince the public. All what he's saying and the misleading people around him… my own conclusion based on this conversation, he did it, coz for crying out loud, why will someone be asking you to waste money to convince the public in respect of his own good. My advice will be for you to be very very careful around him (The enemy within knows your remote control and understands your buttons). And the girl must be a Dog who have been doing it behind you….what a nonsense….psheeew!!!!

  6. Temi you are a big fool….I know you are the other side's friend…..9ice, abeg count your loses and move on….

  7. Stephnie!!! i wish I can find you and kiss you for real!!!!! Not all this senseless people that have internet to type nonsense…

  8. Victoria, u said well and end it like Temi abi wetin em call em name sef….but make I no call you fool. Meanwhile if you wan marry wetin unna call am sef, Tandi pant abi na Toni payne….Phseeew!

  9. you know say Nigerians, bribe no hard for them to collect…..corruption na their breakfast,lunch and dinner…..:D

  10. Some people are stupid,9ice did not mention this guys name,the truth is that ,rugged man is going out with tony payne,,,,,u called urself ruggedman,y do u have to panic…u better change that name mak u knw go die like fool…u don fuck up….i pity ur career,for tony payne,dat 1 career don over,she go end up as a big class prostitute..

  11. I personally think its low of the both of em to really be looking for the limelight in this issue. 9ice..because he was stupid enough to jeopardize his marriage with this ish.. For Ruggedman..I guess we now know who the guilty party is in the Mode 9 beef. Its not as if you can even rap tight…quit hating on the dude..he’s way aheada ya. The only respect you get from me is cos you were a pioneer..period. Right now..ya irrelevant!!

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