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I had had a few drinks the previous night to celebrate the successful completion of my training program. After four weeks of lectures, tests, drills and more tests, I was now a cabin crew.

It had all started like a joke three months before when my recently-made-friend called me. The words he said were: “I hear there is an airline recruiting are you interested?” I could have said No. I would have said no, but like I said, he was a recently made friend. So I went. I digress…

My day started crazy. I woke up late – did not hear my alarm go off.  Mercifully, I have never been hung over, so all I had to do was shower, pack my bag and be out of the hotel in five minutes.  I somehow managed that, only to arrive at the airport and discover I forgot my wallet in the hotel.  I scraped together some loose change and paid off the cabbie.  Three frantic phone calls and a lot of explanations later, the wallet was located by the housekeeper.  Problem was I could not get the wallet back until my next trip over which will not be for a month, maybe two.

I cleared security and Immigration; make it through to the departures lounge and was about to rest my doggies when my flight was announced. I turned my head the other way (what other way) as I hurried past the Duty free shops in search of my gate. On board, I discover I had been assigned a middle seat of three, so I was going to spend the next six plus hours seated between two total strangers. What if they were both ‘generously’ built? Talk about squashed to death! I located my seat, and the world receded.

“Are you going to take your seat and clear the aisle? Or are you going to just stand there and stare?” Only then did I realise I had been gawking – and shamelessly too, occupying the window seat, my preferred seat, was the most breathtaking vision I had ever seen.  It was her voice, smooth and velvety with a hint of mischief, asking that question, which brought me back to earth. I mumbled my apologies to the passengers I was holding up, put my bag in the overhead bin and sat down.

I spent the most memorable trip of my life talking with her. We talked about anything and everything, laughed at the same things, giggled like fourteen-year olds, and generally pissed off the Ma’am occupying the seat next to me.

That was five years ago.

In the course of my job I have met charming and beautiful people; ignorant and overbearing people; first time travellers most of who are too timid to even ask for the bathroom. I am gone for days at a time; I return home tired, sweaty, irritable, and sometimes I even have a really good day.  But all of these pale in comparison to moments like this, when I am lying in bed watching her sleep. Her tiny purring snore, the way she tries to burrow into me when I kiss her skin, this wife of mine. And I think myself really lucky.

All this happened because my day started crazy.



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  1. LOL I didnt want to be cliche but I awwed when I finished reading this, and it was a well deserved aww cos this was so beautiful and sweet. Very well written too.

  2. Wow! The more comments I read, the more humbled I am. Check out the next AIRtiquette post on friday. I hope it doesn't disappoint..

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