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Hello dear reader, welcome to the wonderful world of MoHits.  Guess what, we got access to publish for your very special viewing…….the making of the first video (via pictures) from Ikechukwu (under MoHits) a.k.a International Killz’s  Critical video.

This single has dominated the airwaves since its release and has therefore given new meaning to the words ‘Digital’, ‘Mystical’, ‘Critical’.  The video was directed by  Oluwaseye Olusa recognized for his previous work with Ikechukwu on “Harlem Baby” and “Shoobeedoo”, and was shot in Brooklyn, New York.

With alluring models in tow (Ayisha Diaz being one of them as the main model, CV includes Chris Brown’s “I Can Transform Ya” video – the lady Lil Wayne turns into a Ducati, she also features in Beamer, Benzo, Bentley and a few others) and 2 killer Audi R8s (car lovers would love some of the angular pictures taken of one of the cars and specifically the high-revving V8 ENGINE).

The song is titled ‘Critical’ Ikechukwu featuring D’Banj, produced by IDJA for forthcoming album “THE ALLIANCE”.

These pictures we proudly present were taken by Bankuli. Enjoy viewing, some faces you’d recognize and some faces you’d appreciate.

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Guide for the gallery – SL (Slideshow); FS (Full Screen)



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  1. Nothing new here…unless its got some serious storyline, it'll be just another boring flash of insufficient cash!!! goodluck…

  2. ohhhh wow, what a sweet video…. i like this flashy lifestyle, thats the life on the fast lane i want 🙂 good stuff, keep it up!!!

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