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‘Why’ is one of the most … Unique words in .. Word-dom.
It is so complete, so simple yet so complex
Its intent.. Always to ascertain the purpose, reason, motive behind an action, event, or just simply anything at all.

Why is there dust?
Why do we have to wash clothes?
Why is life so finite?
Why is there pain?

I mean, something happens, and then it is done, and you can explain what happened, go over the details, walk back the cat, explore the different scenarios through which said incident could have occurred.. But the third dimension, the final frontier so to speak is always the realm of the why!

I have come across a couple ‘why’s’ in recent times that have left me completely stumped.

For example: ‘why Jos?’, Which is a different question from ‘Why? Jos’, or even ‘why? Jos?’ Which happens to be the first thing i said when i got a call and was asked ‘is your family still in Jos?’

I think we will never answer the ‘why’ question fully as it pertains to Jos. Do you know what? I shall withdraw that statement. Though we may answer the question ‘why? Jos’ fully, we will never answer it sufficiently. Maybe because the pure motive behind such heinous crimes is so dark and twisted and demented that even the killers themselves may not understand why…

Well thats my two cents.



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  1. awww i love this…my husband is a smart man…lol..
    but the article makes a lotta sense,no1 can ever give us the answers,except God..lets wait..

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