Sex Position Of The Week (POTW): SHOULDER HOLDER

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Bath time doesn’t always have to be a drag and the bedroom isn’t the only place to get your freak on.

Why don’t you drag your partner to the bathroom for a sexy shower time.  Turn the lights off, light up some scented candles, fill the bath with a few inches of water and add a few droplets of your favourite bath oil (if you have a standalone shower, turn it on too). Lie on your back, lift a leg up and place on it his shoulder as he enters you.

shoulder holder

You two can thrust side to side, up and down; or wiggle around in circular motions. This position aids clitoral stimulation which is particularly good for women who find it hard to orgasm during penetrative sex alone. While your clit gets massaged, stroke your man’s balls, and watch him go over the edge.

You have great view of your bodies and u can still kiss and nibble on each other while getting massaged by cascading beads of warm water.

Switch up this position by doing it on the bed or any hard surface and try placing both legs on his shoulders (or on one shoulder if your legs are strong enough).

Difficulty factor

Erotic factor

Ever had sex in the bath? Go on and share your views.
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  1. This position will pleasure any guy with longer hmmmmm. For women any position is suitable as long as the guy knows what to do and the rigth places to fiddle with.

  2. that’s good jayla. u took my advice from ur first post. i agree with this position. just going to have some “quality” time now.

  3. I am sure even if it is a bucket of water we have, we can still manage a variant of this position, she raises her legs on my shoulder in a standing position, why i use the packer to pour water on both of us….she must have done some yoga sha…:D

  4. d picture shows us another thing while u talk abt another thing!! try d trapeze >>> better dan ur boring freaking shoulder blah!

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