Sex and the Cell Phone

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On the BlackBerrry & iPhone, there is an application for just about everything; facebook, twitter, shopping, news, GPS, virtual office manager, kama sutra, cocktail & cooking recipes etc2 months ago while searching for new applications for my BB, as we ‘CrackBerry’ addicts call our devices, I discovered an app that vibrates.  While not designed to rival the real thing, the ‘Toy With Me’ vibe is a portable and compact way to add a little spice to your day, embrace spontaneity, and turn a few otherwise ordinary moments into time extremely well spent.  The app has 3 modes; constant, wave, tickle, and 3 speed settings.

The vibrating power is not strong enough to give an orgasm but, if you enjoy infinite tease then you will like this. Hygiene aside, there just seems to be something erroneous about pleasuring yourself with your phone. Imagine a call from your father or pastor coming through while it is stuck in the nether regions? Oh the guilt and red face.
Since my discovery, I don’t touch people’s phones anymore. I am quite irked by the thought of where the berry had been nested and who it’s made merry.  This definitely gives the term ‘BlackBerry juice’ a whole new meaning.

iPhone users are not left out of the fun. 20 years old Chris Alvares a college sophomore, designed ‘Passion’, an application that measures how well you perform during sex, and gives you a rating from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest. “All you have to do is start the application, put your iPhone on the bed, in an arm band, or even in your pocket and have intercourse,” according to a blog post on Alvares’ Web site announcing the application. “It is as easy as that.”


When you are done making the bed rock, it then gives a rating from ‘bad’ to ‘perfect’ on three criteria – duration, activity, and orgasm.  Duration is monitored by the phone’s timer, activity through the ‘accelerometer’ motion sensor, and orgasm via the microphone.

Who wears an arm band or a shirt while having sex?  A 20 year old college kid, that’s who! I mean, why would u need an app to tell you how good you are in bed?  If you are seasoned enough, you will know when you’ve laid it on your partner big time.  To make it more fun (or take the piss), you can even go online and see how well you performed against the rest of the world.

The only good thing about this app is that it will bring out your competitive streak and have you on a sex marathon just to get a high score.  I won’t spoil the fun for you but just so you know, you are more likely to have a perfect score while having a road rage during rush hour on 3rd mainland bride than during sex.

Have you used any sex app on your phone?  Do you think these apps have gone too far?  Share your views.



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  1. I’m all for the whole phone vibrating thing, it’s not for everyone if u think u’ll be needing it someday then download it, but seriously I ain’t touchin nobodys phone again.. Lol…

  2. its funny ow evry little tingy in dis sinful world hs nw bin designed to av affiliation wt SEX…dis is jst crap and nuffin else………

  3. its funny ow evry little tingy in dis sinful world hs nw bin designed to av affiliation wt SEX…dis is jst crap and nuffin else………

  4. LOL! I saw the Passions one when I was searching for apps last week! I was so tempted! but errm I

    #Notetoself-Dont touch peoples phones!

  5. hmmmm ok i think its wot a try then u dnt try u’d never knw…..downloadin one for my fone now lol
    oh but i fink e iphone app abt the scores is just silly

  6. Oh my fucking god!trey songz should see this(passion app)right now…lol.
    While i’d like to download the passion app to satisfy my curiousity,i am SERIOUSLY staying off people’s phones for life!#OKBYE

  7. one word.HI-LA-RIOUS…But I can tell you there are people who will get the arm band to feed their egotistical, narcissistic, insecure nature. ha ha!

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