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The following conversation did not take place at exactly 6.55pm Wednesday April 6 between Ebube and Kunle…..

Kunle:Hip Hop World Awards office, Kunle Speaking how may I help you?

Ebube: “My name is Ebube, Please can I speak with AeY?”

Kunle: He’s in a meeting,  sir but you can leave a message with me”

Ebube: “Okay,  good but before I start talking, you may need to sit down as this will be a long conversation”

Kunle: “ Sir, we’re very busy here oooooo. We are planning the most credible and biggest awards event in Nigeria

Ebube: “Erm, that’s the reason I called”

Kunle: “Okay sir, I’m now seated”

Ebube: “Young Man,  Do you know that in most cases, the headline of a newspaper or magazine determines if it’s ever going to be read or not?”

Kunle: “Absolutely, sir”

Ebube: “Good.  So you must agree with me that nominees for categories such as “Album of the Year” and “Artiste of the Year” may also determine the if the awards event should/would be taken seriously or not?”.

Kunle: “Yes sir”

Ebube: “Now,  tell me,  do you think there’s anything wrong with your “Album of the Year” and “Artiste of the Year” categories?

Kunle: “Ah no sir, at all oooo

Ebube: “So you seriously think that Darey’s ‘The Un-Darey -Ted” should be up for “Album of the Year?”

Kunle: “Yes sir, the album pack design is fine, sir”

Ebube: “The album pack design is fine?  Is this the Hip Hop World Awards or Silifabird Man of the Year competition?.   You said the category is for an album (solo or group) in year under review,  that meets judges’ requirements of excellence (in every realms: song writing, production, rendition and promotion) and acceptability (sales, popularity) abi?

Kunle: “Yes sir”

Ebube: So,  it was nominated solely on  “judges’ requirements of excellence” as it surely did not meet acceptability (sales, popularity) and maybe the beauty of the pack, abi?

Kunle: “Sir, would that be all?’

Ebube: “No, Young man.  Ask Peter and Paul, they will personally tell you that “Danger” is their most unsuccessful album so far.  I’m so worried that it made your “Album of the Year” too.

Kunle: “Sir, but erm we had a panel of judges that came up with the list”.

Ebube: “Okay, let’s move over to “Artiste of the Year” category.

Kunle: “Ok”

Ebube: “You said ‘this is most critically and commercially adjudged artiste in the year under review overall most successful artiste for the year under review’.  Now pick the odd one out from these names WANDE COAL, TERRY G, DAREY, BRACKET & DAGRIN?

Kunle: “Sir, can I get back to you on that?”

Ebube: “Sure. Let’s move over to “Song of the Year“, “Alanta” the dance step was/is popular NOT the song but I still can’t believe that Banky W’s “Strong thing” did not make the list.  Oooooh okay, it was produced by a South African, No?  Secondly, why did the panelists choose Terry G’s “Free madness part 2” over of part 1?”

Kunle: “Oga me I like the part 1 more sef, gan ni”

Ebube: “You see what I mean?  Also, can you tell the judges to decide on “Best R n B” or “Best Pop” album of the year?  I don’t understand “Best R n B/Pop Album” category or was it intentionally done that way so that certain people could win the award?”.  How come Jesse Jags did not get a nomination for “Producer of the Year” for Djinee’s “Overkillin it” but the same song was then nominated for “Best R n B Single”? Overkillin it? R n B shaaaa? Lawd, have mercy.

Kunle: “Sir, you are taking our entire list apart oooooo. We had a panel”

Ebube: “APART, did you say apart, I never even finish to scatter the so-called list. Me whey still get some more categories to yakata. Abeg my friend, now take a look at your “Next Rated” category,  what happened to the likes of Wizkid, Vector, Ice Prince, Eva to mention a few.  At least the fact that Ice Prince won the Hennessey Artistry should have been a pointer but NO, the judges/panelists (selectors) ignored that and selected Mo Cheddah instead”

Kunle: “Ewwwwwoooooo! Ice Prince abi? I’ll tell our judges”

Ebube: “Erm while you are at that, will you also ask them “How come “Lami Phillips” never got a nomination for “Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year?”. Sorry I forgot none of the judges know her”.

Kunle: “But sir, I know her na. Ok, I’ll tell the judges too”

Ebube: “Young man, some of us had hope in Hip Hop World Awards and the things they told us that they stand/stood for but looking at that list, it’s a little difficult to understand what they really stand/stood for.
I also think they may need to step out of Lagos for a bit. We have musicians residing outside Lagos, No?

Kunle: Sir, we had judges. That’s our story and we are sticking to it. (Drops phone)

Ebube: Hello(pause)…Kunle,  KUNLE, hello..…….are you there?  See this stupid boy ooooo………..(Ebube, then takes a seat and decides to go back to his blackberry bolding with his Sugar mummy).

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. There’s no way we would all agree with the nominees list. I think they tried and as for lami philips, if she’s so great, why did she use auto tune on all her songs on the album?

    1. Dear Kemi: I was actually shocked that Lami didn’t get nominated for “collabo of the year” – Know, or for “revelation of the year.” Her ALBUM was SOLID… and there are only about 2 songs (out of 13) that have any auto-tune. Perhaps you’ll like to take another listen to it. BUT that still does not take away from her raw talent!

      Well written Noble! They really slept on a lot of nominations this year. I barely agree with any of their choices for album of the year. Undareyted? Danger? Puuhleeease! Or not nominating Banky’s Strong tin video? Or leaving Jagz out of the best producer category? *Sigh*… what’s done is done anyway!

  2. hahahahaha!!! the nominations are freaking ridiculous!!! BANKY’S STRONG THING ISNT ON THE BEST VIDEOS LIST?! EPIC FAIL!!!

    AND WHY THE FireUncleCatKing is Darey even anywhere near the list?! He sounds like a bootleg Lionel Richie….talented…yes, but he’s doing too much!

    THESE HIP HOP WORLD PEOPLE OUGHT TO GET THEIR HEADS EXAMINED, theres a hospital for that in LAGOS, yes?!!!

  3. Okkaaaayy! … While i agree with d fact that this might be P-square’s most unsucessful album, its pertinent to know that it actualy won them a freaking Kora! ..and $1m!!! It deserves be in that list. As for the ‘undareyted’, i wonder what they were thinking; heck! that album no ‘gel’ at all!! …’alanta’?! From where???? Smh. Now, dats whack.. ‘Overkilling’ is Not RnB. Gbam! …Mo’chedda is good tho. Who are the other nominees?? …Darey, 4 artist of d year again??! Haba!..oh, and TerryG?? Hillarious mehn… Jesse Jaggs was left out?? Hmmm #EpicFail… As for Lami, she really ddnt break into the Nigerian market, so am not surprised… Hmmm ‘undareyted’ ke??! Hahahahahaha… Oh, Puleeease!!

  4. Haha…Nice one. This Ebube dude entered ’em real bad, I’ve not taken a look at the list but this write-up suggests some obvious phukery in their nominations! I’ma go check it out now!

  5. Chai! Alanta made best song category & songs “strong thing” and “know” didn’t?! Hahahaha! Just scoped nominations list. RIDICULOUS!!! While they got a few right they seriously missed road on others! Where’s Iceprince, Nneka, Lami, whizkid?…so many name listed above! Did they compile this list by looking at the random compilation CDs in traffic? Actually, maybe it’s just purely based on connex or reflection of judges bad taste. Chai!

  6. What we have here is another case of confusing your opinion with fact.
    The fact you disagree with these nominations doesn’t put into question the credibility of the awards.

    I mean, you talk bout p square themselves saying this was their most unsuccessful album. Well that’s why its not a category for artistes most successful albums of their careers but album of the year.

    You mention wizkid not being nominated for next rated. So? Its this simple. What exactly has he done? I mean I get that you’re probably one of those people who’ve bought into the whole probably do overdrive pr for the guy in fact..but consider that not everyone might be a fan of his…I personally don’t care too much for anyone OD-ing on autotune
    is this an entertainment site or a personal blog?

  7. my major issue is; what is the year in view? 2009? some of this nominees are from 2008. the list is funny, almost like they really needed to compensate some people this year.

  8. I’m a huge Banky W fan and the fact that his video for Strong Thing didn’t make it completely discredits this list in my humble opinion!as for Lami,its depressing to see naija blessed with such unique talent and toss it aside.when I heard her album I was sure she wasn’t nigerian and we now take that for granted.if anything her song “know” should be on that list as best confuses me that Iceprince didn’t make the list either…while darey is splattered all over and none of us can sing 3 songs from his album. Where is Nneka on this list?Musically are they saying Lami and Nnekka are less talented than Dprince. I guess everyone should have DonJazzy produce so all our music can sound the same and while they are at it form a dance so u can will an award cos Alanta is the funniest joke on this conclusion is that this list has nothing to do with music and everything to do with politics.

  9. @lex the writer was only reporting a conversation between a certain ‘Ebube’ and ‘Kunle’… He wasnt imposing his opinions on you as fact… I agree that Wizkid is probably overhyped but that does not mean that he is not talented.. Ever heard of Justin Bierber???

  10. @KEMI, surely u jest!!!! Lami uses auto-tune??? U need auto-tune for your ears so u can hear properly. kmt.

    i really wish lami got at least a nomination in the ‘best vocal performance (female) category or even ‘next rated’.

    iceprince wasn’t nominated for ‘next rated’, which i find disappointing.

    and then banky w’s strong ting video didnt make the ‘best video’ category, it is so obvious that the video beats all the Nigerian videos we’ve seen on TV hands down.

    it’s a shame but it is not my awards so all the best to the organizers, hope they become more objective one day.

  11. Ha! I forgot to say I am not very happy Wizkid didn’t get a nomination for ‘Next Rated’…whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt????!!!!!!!!

    For this reason alone, this awards no go too make sense this year. I am almost sure they will give the ‘next rated’ award to Skuki….KMT….

    I wish all the people who were ignored by the HHWA, forever blossoming careers…

    Like Kel said last year, ‘….i’m at the #1 spot, i aint no next rated…’

  12. How is “The Investment” anywhere near best rap album???

    And please Lami’s “know” is all her album has to offer.

    @Nena: Are u sure that this is not your personal blog, im sure everyone understands the writer’s concept, thank you.

  13. Why make such a big deal out of this though?
    If all these people we’re saying are better suited to these categories were nominated, a host of other people would be complaining.
    Award shows are always this way. Hardly earthshaking.

    Btw..I haven’t heard this lami’s voice everyone is talking about. Even the “know”, i’m too sure the one I’ve heard is different from the one everyone else has. Is it the same one with MI? Cos I heard it and thot it was, pardon me, trash.
    So did everyone around me at the time.
    Now I’m not saying she should retire or anything…though it would spare me some horrible music, I’m just saying, we’ve all got different tastes. ^_^

  14. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again Darey Art Alade is OVER RATED, camman, gimme a break theres nothing so special about his voice,yes he has nice videos and all but thats not the point.

    I thought every single thing Don Jazzy laid his hands on was fire but Darey changed that thought with that hiddeous STROKE ME SONG.

    For best vocalist I think that Never Felt A Love-Femi guy should be at the top of the list him and Banky W have the best male vocals in naija and we cant even argue about that.

    Hip hop awards need to change their judges or whatever cus clearly their Judges do not know full well what they are doing.

  15. One more thing why is LYNX not on this list?????
    With wiz kid, yes his good but I feel his good in his collabos and needs to concentrate more on his solo career.

    With Lami abegg make we hear word the woman isnt all that, yes Know is a nice song but how many people actually KNOW it????

    Kas’s Fi Mi Le should also be on this list, thats an anthem in all clubs in England……I think Ive said enough but sha the people me I am fighting for are FEMI(BEST MALE VOCALIST) LYNX(THE NEW PEOPLE CATEGORY) AND KAS’S FI MI LE…I dnt even knw what award but it should sha be on the list.

  16. noble, i actually think un darey ted was a fantastic album. and u r pretty biased with the whole eme squad. when dare wins, u can go do a kanye. but as for me……undareyted was a fab album and dare is a fab artist. he doesnt have to go all rosE popping and partying or shoot epic movies as videos(strong thing).
    i personally think ‘not the girl’ is one of the best videos ever by a 9ja artist.

  17. I heard about this site some minutes ago and this article is interesting. I believe this new artiste Lami got overlooked because we are’nt open minded enough to give ppl a fair chance. I actually underestimated her until a friend here in Englamd gave me her CD.whoever said she used autotune is in need of a music lesson. She used it for bits of her track with eldee and my guess is cos its a pop song.everything else on thay album was raw talent and I wish I could see her to tell her to ignore these nominations. This is the reason we have artists of unique genres leaving naija.They are not encouraged beasue they don’t follow the norn.As for BankyW’s strong thing video….I suggest the award panel pretends it was a typo because its simply WRONG.iceprince is the next rated whether they like it or not. Dprince can’t rap to save his life..he just has a good team.Nigerians should for once show intergrity in what they do. Its not an issue of popularity but of talent,music, qualit

  18. Noble, your article is creative but that’s just about the best part of this ShipHopeInToronto….you aired your criticism but you did not proffer suggestions, an act that is synonymous to noise makers. I believe the organizers of hiphop world awards are doing a good job and that is why everybody is dieing to be nominated or to win. Who says Dare’s album is not a fantastic album? More, Not the girl, Style na style, No stars, Carry dey go..who dare say Dare’s album does not deserve the nomination?

    P-square’s album was also a beautiful album. Abeg, how many songs from Lami’s album do we know? “Know” ko, No ni…auto-tune

    It’s obvious that this Noble guy does not know what the criteria for nomination for the awards, cos I had to go read it first before coming back to respond to this article or whatever it is….Wizkid for where? What did he sing? I have heard his song – holler at your boy and it was probably released in January or December but then again, what really makes his your next rated? Ice Prince has been featured here and there but please which single does he have?

    @Hakeem, maybe you need glasses to see that Banky was nominated but his video was not directed by a Nigerian director.

    Terry G deserves his nomination…na who go say he no know Terry G as one of the biggest artist in nigeria? and the criteria say songs with curse words and alcohol glorification do not qualify – Free madness 1 is a no-no

    Abeg, which song does Ice Prince have…remind me please.

    people should get their facts right before talking abeg…Noble and Nobs360 should SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  19. What is this Noble guy about? Strong thing? song of the year? u want to know how big Yori Yori is, then please visit African countries like Gabon and Kenya, Alanta and free madness – go to the streets, Kokoroko- South east, You Bad- Outside the country. My cousin that lives in Kenya does not even know strong thing

    I guess the original free madness was not nominated because it glorified poli, marijuana and the rest.

    Wiz kid and Ice Prince? No one knows them aside what Noble and the rest of you do for them on your twitter and faceboook pages.

    Undareyted is a beautiful album… Forget all the rubbish this guy wrote here. How can you call Lami amongst the collabo of the year, no one KNOWs that song outside the industry, her management team has a long way to go!

    i first noticed this attention seeking Noble on Facebook last year attacking HHWA, and trying to sell Banky W to the organisers. Na by force? Please let this people be, they know what they are doing. im sure you fought tooth and nail when MI was nominated in 2008, now you are one of his follow follow.

    Please get a life, all these things you do on the internet is pure Hate, the industry is mainstream, away from the internet.. you have a problem with HHWA, then go and settle it. i rest my case

  20. Oga u av spoken well,this guy is an attention seeking idiot.always talking crap.Wizkid ko,Lami ni.Lami shud betr stay at home and manage her marriage.u jst talk too much,my problem with u.Dry joke

  21. Infact Hiphopworld shouldn’t give u an invite to the do people run their mouth like this.this is def a personal blog,more like EME,CHOC city and Trybe blog.that’s y u come to FB daily blocking our ears.Controversy does not pay.

  22. LOL……. I’m going to be as painfully honest as i can be. We need to realise that this was a conversation between two people and hence Mr Igwe could not proffer any suggestions.

    Having said that, lets put things into perceptive. How do you judge the success of an album or an artiste?

    1)Did Dare make up to Ten Million Naira from album sales? How many people do we know that would go out and buy a dare record?

    2)In an album,do you like 10 out of 13 songs, 3 out of 10 songs, etc? That determines its success.

    3)Why put psquare as nominees for album of the year? do you know what it takes to be album of the year? Not last year but this year.

    4)Alanta is a step not a song of the year.

    5)I have never heard of Lami phillips so i can’t comment on that. But even stars in Yankee use auto tune na.

    6)Brackett cannot be artiste of the year just because they freaking sang yori yori. If there was a Brackett concert, how many of us would actually go for it? Not me.

    7)Remind me again who Mo cheese is?

  23. @ Bitch alert…..go fuck yourself cos you’re apparently another ignorant fool like Noble….cos you don’t even know the criteria for nomination and you don’t know jack about music, that’s why your ignorance can be forgiven.

    How many artistes sell up to 10 million units in Nigeria and tell me how many artistes in America sell that much? You are very blind, no doubt.

    Maybe you should go and read the criteria for nomination b4, commenting cos I can see you want to award Lami for female vocals with her auto tune….Abeg, let me not waste my time replying you…I blame the attention seeking Noble who’s probably very happy that people like you are supporting his ignorance.


  24. Omo, dey go finish person career for here o!

    Anyway, award nominations are always going to cause disagreements.

    I’d just say that all of these artists are talented in their own right…..(wait o, some no get talent sef!).

  25. lol… Michael you are obviously one of those stupid ass wankers that don’t know when to shut the fucking hell up. Of course i know nothing about music you arrogant piece of shit. I’m stating my opinions. Stupid ass cunts like you talking shit and taking stuff personal like your father owns hip hop awards.

    You are the ignorant one if you don’t know for a fact that artistes like Dbanj actually made over ten million naira from record sales. Even Wande Coals album sold ten million. Don’t think you’re the only one who can come up in here and shout their mouth off. Lami my butt.

    Go look for pussy to suck.

  26. See fool Bitch Alert that does not know the difference between making N10 million and selling 10 million copies….SMH for your stupidity….I blame Noble not u LOL.

  27. Award Nominations will always be controversial. Some more blatant than the others. People will always be snubbed and sometimes the most deserving artists’ never make the list. Its always like this, everywhere in the world.
    We can all come here and rant all we want but given the circumstances that we run the HHWA how many of us will pull up the nomination list without being partial to our own peeps?
    My advice to HHWA, be fair not outrightly partial. We all know some were intentionally snubbed and others got there cos……. I guess they know peeps……………
    …..and language guys. No need to go vulgar on each other. We cant all like the same thing. Just respect other peoples opinion and state yours without being insultive.

  28. Don’t have too much to add as its all been said on here already. i think the name of this award show should be changed from “Hip hop world awards” to ” Hip hop world employees’ friends collecting plaques awards”. I’m not even going to run down the nominee list again but the fact that Darey was nominated 3x clearly proves my point. Biko, wot spectacular music did he release during the stated period? Na wa!!! and then “Danger”, “Alanta”? LOL, was that list released on April 1st?

  29. lol.. Michael you’re the idiot who obviously needs glasses. For the sake of your retarded mind let me quote and unquote what i said- ‘artistes like Dbanj actually made over ten million naira from record sales. Even Wande Coals album sold ten million’.. Abeg tell me where u saw ten million copies? I said Ten Million Naira. Jobless cow. lol.

  30. No fighting people, the organisers no even see una!!! be there complaining. panadol for anada person’s headache

  31. First I think the organisers seem to be have a deal with Darey or something. Yes he’s very talented, and has good videos but he’s not popular. Being nominated 3 times is just plain unrealistic.
    People, get off the comfort of your exclusive circles, and go to the streets – where Terry G is king. As much as he may talk a lot of rubbish in his songs, he is one of the most popular artists in this country.
    I also think that this Wizkid fella is overhyped. I first heard him on Banky’s album, and he sounded great, but I’ve not heard him anywhere else.
    As for Lami, she’s a great artist, but just like Darey how many people know her songs?
    PSquare’s Danger album wasn’t their best, but it was still good. Possibility, E No Easy, I Love You, Danger – at least you’ve heard & liked these four songs, ok maybe not the last one.

  32. The people leaving angry and rude comments here should remember the artists are somewhere resting,working n living while. Ppls hate her. The people are entitiled to nominate who they want,there’s no need to tk it too far.this guy made his thoughts known on his own page.if you don’t like it tough..but you leaving angry comments gives him the response he is seeking.I personally think the list could have been fairer,but I applaud all the nominees. As for those who got overlooked such as spoken her, I’ve heard their work and its solid enough for them not to care about not being nominated. They are cutting their cheques regardless!

  33. Dear All,
    I find it funny that a supposed conversation between two people has turned a lot of commentators here into popinjays. Section 33 of the 1999 constitution grants unto everybody the right to have an opinion on any subject so let us pretend to be decent and have a civilised commentary without descending to the gutters.
    On HipHop Awards, i comment my reserve.
    See you at the MAMAS!

  34. What does this article have to do with the author of the blog o? If you have personal issues with him, kindly go and address them to his face and stop being internet gangsters, making noise and insulting him on here. Its an awards show and not your source of livelihood. If you don’t like his opinions, go and start your own blog. Nobody glued your eyes to this article.

  35. What did Nobs ever do to you? Why the personal attacks? Go to church and wash the hate outta your hearts, its unhealthy. You can diss his article and opinion but don’t hate on the person. Did he force you to read it? NOBS360 IS NOT YOUR BIBLE OR QURAN OH! ITS NOT BY FORCE TO READ!!! P.S. Cut down on the cuss words please, it only makes you sound dimwitted.

  36. u bloody idiots abusing lami…what do u knw about good music…lami is a class act…u just sitting behind ur pc or blackberry and typing shit..i am so angry cos i got d cd and it is spectacular one of d best solo acts coming out of naija..i knw u will probably like ppl lyk ksb or ashionye…u tasteless cont….d HHWA ppl obviously dint do a good job and noble igwe is just to biased…fuck wizkid i tink he is cute but he is nt all dat…i was rooting to see lami name on d list but it dint happen..i am behind her 100percent…see naija talking about autotune evrybody uses it so free d bad..try seeing her live…and i challenge LEX AND BITCH ALERT to get d lami album nd if after their 1st listen dey dont like half of d album i will refund der money..naija ppl shld support good music please…… i dont know lami am just a huge fan…

  37. I like Banky W and all but maybe the video was not considered as it was not shot in Nigeria. Also with Wizkid, he doesn’t have much of a solo career so I don’t think he deserves a nomination. He’s either doing a collabo or just releasing random songs. Ps that new “Tease me” song is terrible to say the least(my opinion). I do actually like Wizkid as an artist and can’t wait for his album 🙂

  38. I just found out from the panel that one or two of the ppl ur arguing about here released their stuff outside of the year in view. Guys..go n rest..360nobs get ur facts right..HHWA if u want to..take note..if not its ur show!was fun reading these comments…lol..especially those who took to cuss words.

  39. Micheal thk u.Bitch alert pls if u show me evidence of those records i will be glad….. Some pple on that list were not suppose to smell that list. Danger??? Alanta???For what? Dare i dont even know were to place him….Will leave with this ASS KISSING IN NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT WORLD IS UNBEARABLE!!!!

  40. I think this nobs guy is just an ass licking, celebrity-houseboy, uneducated media whore. I mean why would he think is an industry critic/expert just by following celebrities around. Gosh get a life.

  41. noble is writing this shit cuz banky and his boy wizkid are not nominted enough,am sure if they were nominted,mr noble mr attention seeker will close his mouth,but hey banky is involved so he is taking,why didnt you complain when bnky did maa no need pay when the youths of nigeria are suffering,when he should be singing songs like no more strikes in our school, or songs like biko biko give us light but after collecting money he was singing maga no need pay,did anybody force maga to pay,

    i agree that hiphop awards is faulty even from the name but people like noble dosnt have to open their mouth atall.noble do u still remember ur days in youth service,u need to calm down bro

  42. Lol, @the last person that commented under the moniker “Noble Listen”,even ur grammar nullifies that post. U did youth service? Meaning u went to school, abi? Kai! whoever sponsored you better ask for a refund. LOL. I was gon put up a more detailed comment on this post but, nah, too many jokes on here. Banky shouldn’t have sang “Maga no need pay”? Really? Because “the youths of Nigeria are suffering”? You are obviously very ignorant. No words!
    @Mr Noble Igwe… nice website and nice article too. This country needs more of your kind, people that say what everyone’s thinking but scared to articulate. Nice 1.

  43. Dammie abeg park urself one side! That “thing” called intuition by lami is not even close to a class act. Her voice sounds more like she’s just breathing into the microphone. Now no disrespect to her, I mean, how many people can actually sing these days? But don’t make it out to be what it isn’t. She herself wouldn’t hype it this much.
    And yeah, this oga noble doesn’t see beyond his “friends”.

  44. Oh yeah, Dare’s nominations prove one thing. It’s not all about record sales. I mean, look back at the grammy’s the year Norah Jones won 9 awards. Had anyone heard of her before then? No. Talent plays a huge part. Dare’s always gna have critical success. Commercial on the other hand, not so much. Cos he’s “stubborn”. He refuses to lower himself to the “Nigeria standard”. Which is not such a bad thing…

  45. Can’t knock anybody’s hustle! The comments are just rather hilarious. Dare’s album’s pretty decent but I don’t know about 3-nominations decent – but that’s just my opinion. Lami does sound “breathy” on know and one or 2 other tracks of hers but guys – if you haven’t listened to the album, don’t knock her hustle either. She’s got a pretty amazing voice! I just can’t understand why she chose some songs as her singles cause they don’t even come Close to showcasing the talent on her album. @ Lex, don’t know if you’ve had a chance to listen to it, but Intuition is more than a “thing” and I LOVE it! Wizkid is pretty decent But i’ll say he still needs to show a little more for me to be wowed. Iceprince – even though he’s only really featured on other songs, there’s no denying that he’s probably the next big rapper. I haven’t gone through the criteria for nominations so I can’t really say I understand why some songs aren’t on the list. However, I don’t feel bad in saying that I really don’t understand what “Alanta” is doing on that list. At all. Not even a little bit. And why isn’t Omawumi on the best female vocal performance list? Riddle me that!

  46. Can u imagine? Am sure if this was smva this article won’t have come up cos noble has friends in soundcity. It’s not about friendship young man. Who the hell is lami? The know ppl are shouting abt is damn nonsense. And to all other ass kissers (boogie, lalah, & co)wake up smell the coffee and I hope noble doesn’t delay in paying ur salaries……..

    1. “And to all other ass kissers (boogie, lalah, & co)wake up smell the coffee and I hope noble doesn’t delay in paying ur salaries……..”











  47. LMAO at the comments and reactions to the comments. Like seriously people need to take a well needed vacation. The writer has expressed his opinion in an allbeit funny way. If you disagree surely you can state ur opinion in a non combative way?

  48. Dude…u just seeking attention!!! This is whole thing is bigger than friendship and artiste you fucking work for – SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP!!!

    Worst Regards!

  49. @ Topsy… Why so angry? Surely u are related to Darey, P Square or Artquake. Be sure to tell them how much more work they have to put in. I’m also sure you’ll know when Noble pays my salary seeing as you have nothing better to do than hang on this page.

  50. i wouldnt nominate lami or wizkid either…. justsaying..

    darey had 3 or 4 pretty amazing songs on his album…IF youre into that sort of music… but the rest were appalling and i dont think he should have been nominated..dudes problem is he doesnt know his genre, so he’ll keep causing confusion…

    come now children, let us stop biting each other okay? oya come and take milk…

  51. It saddens me reading all these comments bcos it just shows how much we nigerians can be very narrow and shallow minded! Award shows are supposed to be about quality not popularity. I believe that the hhwa were close to good last year for the fact that excetera won for michelle even though it wasn’t popular. But this year psquare had no biz being on this list becos that album sucked! And I am saying this as a fan bcos their last album was really good!now with noble talking about lami, I suggest you go get the album and then you would possibly understand what a breath of fresh air she is to our music industry so its funny how they put terry g up that gives us the same beat, the same auto tune every single track. As for the strong ting video if yall read the rules it was not up bcos it was not made in nigeria by a nigerian which I aint made at gettin tired of the yankee and sa videos. Now another issue omawumi not being nominated is a slap in the face can I just say. Now to kel being up for the best rap album is just bare jokes bcos out of the whole album only 2 tracks are bearable and just goes to show how lazy artists can get now adays by piling every artist in the industry on 1 album. Finally this just shows that as much as the industry is moving forward we still need dnt have good ears for music. Ps wizkid should have been nominated for next rated for what he contributed to the w experience.

  52. i agree with TTYL on a lot of things aside Lami and wiz kid.

    If she was disqualified as a FEMALE VOCALIST for using autotune, then they are not wrong. Terry G is an artiste not a singer. Lami is supposed to be a singer. And we all know that KNOW is not popular, so it cant be in collaboration category

    wizkid didnt release his first single until December abi na January, so he should wait till next year except HHWA has a category for best supporting artiste, then he will be there.. hahaha

    1. yeah…. sorry was meant to write that omawumi wasnt nominated for female vocalist! the nominees are waje,ibiyemi,kefee and lara george!! they could do without ibiyemi she aint accomplished jack compared to omawumi!!

  53. Do you remember the when Norah Jones won the grammy? She was not as famous then. And I don’t know what it is with Nigerians, Once an artiste wins a category several times, they tag the award show with the name of the artiste, Beyonce won a record-breaking 6 grammys at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

    Song of the Year ,Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ,Best Female R&B Vocal Performance ,Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance ,Best R&B Song , Best Contemporary R&B Album
    It was not tagged ” Beyonce Grammy Awards” If it was in Nigeria, we would nickname the awards ceremony after the artiste that wins most.
    Let’s give these guys a little credit, we are so fast to criticize and pull down, most are not seeing the cup as half full.

  54. @ TTYL, you have started contradicting yourself, I thought you said Award shows are supposed to be about quality not popularity, so the fact that Ibiyemi hasn’t accomplished “Jack” yet does not mean that she is not worthy of being in the category in which she was nominated.

  55. all u dudes who know nothing about music, shouting dare shouldn’t be having those nominations just amaze me. I think the guy is just too advanced for you all. how many artists today actually know music, can play an instrument and can compose lyrics that are not just a repitition of every other line.
    We live in a country where we don’t appreciate our own geniuses. I mean how can an awards programme bear the name hip hop world. How does that apply to the Nigerian context. People like femi, lagbaja etc. who have formed an identity for Nigerian music, hardly ever get any awards in their own country and yet we are quick to christen as ‘hits’ the closest immitation to rap, dancehall, etc..
    And can we please get someone that really knows about music to review the awards as opposed to someone who’s just doing PR for friends and employers!

  56. Nevertheless I believe BankyW’s W experience is a great contribution to urban music and deserves the proper acknowledgement

  57. I think Noble is really hating on HHWA. One of the comments on his facebook page last year says he wanted to be part of the judges, but hhwa did not agree.that is beginning to sound true to me

    On ibiyemi’s part, she used her real voice which makes her a vocal talent. The song where omawumi should have been nominated “today na today” or Lami “know” was filled with auto tune, so I’m with the organisers on that.

    Please, who is wiz kid or Ice Prince again? Remind me because I don’t know them, or just tell me the title of any of their song because I remember that last year, I knew kel, omawumi, yq, Mp and djinee. Same with this year. Jo o!

    HHWA aint stupid wait 4 Smva, they will nominate the gbogbo ero

  58. I love you gee. Just the right word for Noble on Dare. But about w experience. It didn’t fall under the year they are giving nominations to. He should wait till next year or maybe SMVA

  59. to all of u shouting lami,can u just shut d f**k up? wetin?who is she? is it by force???i bet most of u buying and listening to her songs are related to her one way or the other.(husband(s) sisters,friends,cousins worever) ‘KNOW’ my arse.she’s a complete many of u will buy her ticket if there was a LAMI show somewhere except those pple i mentioned above.maybe soundcity will recognise her when its their award.she’s their friend anyways.she had better stick to playing for students,palour parties or poolside parties or just remain @ home and make babies.she’s old anyway.i’m not hating.just saying

    as for whiz kid……he is cute!!! cute!!! and cute!!!as for his music?errrm,let me give him some time to plant his feet well in d industry,then i can comment.

    for Dare’s music,he does good videos and all but Dare does not connect with his own pple.i gave up on him long time ago.

    u pple shld not mention my psquare o.even if danger was their worst album so far,they still made money from it and d song is still very popular.

  60. Oga noble! u really need to stop with the hating and attention seekin. why cant u just go and do ur job like every1 else (e.g the HHWA team). At least they are askin ppl to vote, If u no like their choice go do ya own!!
    Also, because they didnt vote most of ur friends doesnt make the awards less credible. Most of the people u’ve mentioned aside a few, have no biz being nominated for jack… who is wizkid? apart from d features on his big brother’s album? Lami needs to do better if she is to make any impact and because iceprince won the artistry competition and is in MI’s camp doesnt make him a viable candidate for next rated. let him step out of the choc boy shadow and stand on his own. Then really, is this Eva person ur talkin about a Naija artiste?? cos the only Eva i know is a foreign based one and she isn’t mainstream in any way.
    Boss, get serious!…..and all u blind supporters, use ur heads na

  61. I’m not in any way a part of the entertainment industry, I am also not a groupie, but I have followed this industry from afar since 2008

    Boogie says that the awards is for friends of the employees, then I think all these people that were not nominated should go and become friends with the employees, if they think they want to be a part of it instead of licking their wounds here.

    I don’t know what is happenning in the entertainment industry, but from my point of view, the list makes a lot of sense to me as a fan.

    And talking for me and my friends in school who don’t know Ice Prince, Wiz Kid, Lami or think of Strong thing as the song of the year does mean the hip hop awards team mixes commercial success with critical success and always arrives at what the fans want.
    True, the first time I heard of MI was watching hiphop awards on TV some years back

    And are you guys serious about the Author bein the PR person for the listed artistes, if this is so, then this is really bad!

    Thank you guys!

  62. Ebube: “You said ‘this is most critically and commercially adjudged artiste in the year under review overall most successful artiste for the year under review’. Now pick the odd one out from these names WANDE COAL, TERRY G, DAREY, BRACKET & DAGRIN?

    LMAO, over and over again!!!
    please try to enjoy d article like i am, they are all great artists, and just like every other award there are bound to be controversies…

    Alanta; song of d year, undareyted; album of d year….commoooon! still laughing….

  63. Oh wow…..the comments men….bare jokes!!

    Now to Femi who said Lami used autotune on Know…u wuld not know autotune if it slapped u in d face n proceeded to gang rape u in d middle of balogun market on a Saturday afternoon. Please try actually BUYING the album and listenin to it. TPain uses autotune. Lil wayne uses autotune. Spot the difference my friend.
    As for OB i’m sure ur selection for album of the year wuld incl Gingah Ur swagga abi? Neanderthal.

    I agree with Nobs on a lot of points. Alanta song of the year?? HHWA needs to review who they let select these songs abeg. Look at artist of the year. Now while i’m not saying Banky W shuld have been there, Terry G? Bracket? why do we kip decieving ourselves and embracing mediocrity? Even the Lyricist on the Roll category…. why wasn’t Dagrin nominated?

  64. I don’t really understand the fuss behind this article it’s a person’s point of view. if you don’t like it move on to the next website that will solicit for your ass kissing comments. I agree with the fact that half of the nominees should not be nominated at all, L’ami’s album is probably one of the best i have heard in a long time for those hatin on the girl stop your retarded stupidity and listen to her music her lyrics are definitely on point on like the shit i usually hear that makes absolutely no sense at all

  65. U guys are just Taking a Mickey Bliss…

    C’mmon…it’s just an Article… Stop Killing urselves over it…

    Besides 9j is Corrupt & Believe me… the right pple don’t always get the merit they deserve

    so u all shud take a chill pill….

  66. as much as i had problems wit d nominees list, u stil hav 2 cut dem som slack. b4 y’all criticize d awards, y’all shd read d rules n regs 4 d show. banky cudnt hav made d list coz he’s album was released in decemba 2k9, terry gs free madness p’1 was xtremely lude, i (very much honestly) think lami’s nt hot like that (and this is comin from sum1 that bought d intuition album).
    however i frown @ dem 4 giving kel a nod 4 her album (in d rap album category) coz that shit sucked beyond doubt! bouqui even deserved 2 b on d list, even tho her album neva quite got d deserved popularity. i also was shocked @ d overkillin nomination in d rnb single category.

    overall, its nt easy 2 organize an awards ceremony that wud satisfy 150million nigerians. if y’all r so pissed wit HHWA, how’s abt u start ur own and overtake dem as d best naija music award ceremony??? jussayin

  67. was the nominations for most accomplished or best female vocalist?? cause it sounds like you've got your categories mixed up.

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