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Hi reader, emphasis on reader because that’s the role you are playing at this particular moment and I am the one in the not so enviable shoes gloves mind of the writer; but that is about to change soon.  What I mean, you ask. Well, how about we switch roles in this experiment of mine, or better still; what if we both partake in the telling of the story that is about to unfold.  Hmmm, ok, you are a bit interested but you still have no frigging idea of what I am going on about.  Indulge me with some few minutes of your not so precious time, I can make myself clearer.
This is how it will work: I am going to start telling a story about a certain dude named Bolade (who, obviously would be the protagonist of our tale), an episode would be released biweekly and at the end of each episode the main character, Bolade will be faced with three choices to make a decision from and you (the reader) will have to make the call for him, the story will then continue with the choice that gets the highest number of votes from the readers. Easy does it, right?

A wise man once said that ‘we are the result of the choices we make in life’ and I agree with him, the little decisions we make every day all sum up to the future that lies ahead of us. This is what I intend to show as the story unfolds, all the choices made by Bolade would directly determine what happens in his nearest future in the story and you, the reader, will be a key player in the decision making process. You will also have the advantage of hindsight to take a step back in the story to see what might have happened had another choice has been made.

The tale will be a fascinating one, trust me, but it will be instructive as well. 


I look forward to your comments and contributions as you make the choices on behalf of Bolade and as we (indirectly) write the story together.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride read.



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