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With “Holla At Your Boi” still blasting from our speakers…

Ladies getting weak at their knees, Boys having new chat-up lines…

Wizkid, the cute 19years old young man with a stage attitude for 3 people was in the studio on Wednesday, 31st March 2010 and here is latest offering to us.

Wizkid who is signed to Empire Mates Entertainment is someone to watch out for in ‘2010’ as this young man ain’t smiling.

The complete song would be on his yet to be titled album.  Here’s “TEASE ME/BAD GUYS FREESTYLE” for your listening pleasure. We say he is 360Rated!

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  1. Banky W saw good talent in him and picked him up,since then he has not looked back,alwaz delievering from M.I “Fast Money,Fast Cars” to DJ Jimmy Jatt’s “Jump Off” to Banky W “Tanker” to Kel “Turn By Turn” to DIL “I don Land” to Banky “Omoge u 2 much” to Banky “Lagos Party Rmx” to IcePrince “Talking the hardest” to “Holla at your Boy” and now to “Tease Me/Bad Guys Freestyle” just to mention a few of his works…Wizkid u’re a Talented Kid & i know u would be around 4 a long time!

  2. i heard he just finished a song wiv lynxxx (mr change ur parade), thats something to look 4ward too! wizkid is a performer b4 anyother thing! hes a crowd pleaser!!

  3. He’s super talented and has a long way 2 go! we’ve barely seen the best of him yet!! We r excited 2 see wot is cmn!! I’ve been saying it watch out 4 wizkid the dudes gona be a problem

  4. @Yur listen closely to all the song’s he’s done and try and decipher the songs with auto tune…if ya dunno, auto tune is an effect that is used to correct certain keys..

    Wizkid sounds the same to me when he’s on stage as he does on his songs and obviously the producers, not wizkid know when it’s best to apply the auto tune effect.

    i beg to differ when u say “i want to hear his voice without this auto-tune thing….”

  5. first day i heard tease me/bad boy,the sound was coming from huge speakers,i almost ehmmmmm…….never mind wat i almost did. Wiz you rock

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