No BS: When is the right time to consider Suicide?

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I need help …
need to understand
need an explanation
seriously do not understand the process people go through before they decide to take their own life.

I’ve been through a lot, but what’s the real definition of “ bad’?

Life has not been all rosy for me. If you put together the number of girls that have turned me down, they would make up a Local Government Area.

I’ve written and failed enough aptitude tests that my answer scripts all put together could be developed into a text book titled “How not to answer test questions for dummies”. At different points I’ve been so broke that I thought that MTN was the best thing after sliced bread for introducing the service that allows subscribers with no units to text people saying “Call me, I love you” but that was until one driver sent it to his female boss. (Yes, it was his last day)

You’ll agree with me that I’ve been through a lot but I’ve never once considered suicide. How? Maka why? God forbid. So after my suicide, my brothers will be rocking my Rock & Republic jeans anyhow and the people owing me money will never come out to pay my family? People who never really knew you will go to town with different versions of the story. “His girlfriend was sleeping with his best friend and killed himself after finding out” while some will say, “ They denied him Visa to the US because of his beard and he killed himself” Whatever the case, I, Oluwanoble Igwe, will never contemplate suicide.

As Nigerians, we always thought none of us would ever consider suicide bombing. That was until the morning of December 25th, 2009. Everything we thought we knew about Nigerians changed. Farouk Abdulmultallab, with a promise of 72 (or what’s the right figure?) virgins decided to plant a bomb in his pants to make heaven without thinking that he would require his penis manhood for his Virgins. What’s the use of 72 virgins without your penis manhood? Will he use the virgins as decorations or was he also promised brand new virgin penis manhood in heaven? I still think that if you must commit suicide, kill yourself and leave innocent people. But then again, do you really have the right to take your life?

We all agree that life isn’t easy but nobody said it was going to be! Neither did anyone ever say taking ones life would make life easier for the living. If there’s nothing new under the sun then somebody must have passed through the same thing you may be going through at the moment.

Marriages will always break up; people will always lose their jobs on daily basis and loved ones will always disappoint us. But only the weak will allow such temporary situations weigh them down. Yes, we cannot shape the past but we have the power to change what’s left of our future. Troubles will always come but it’s left for you to push for air or drown. Pulling the trigger on oneself has not been known to have solved any problem.

On Easter Sunday 2004, a certain young man committed suicide because he was deported to Nigeria from overseas. This late young man was sent overseas with money contributed by family and friends. He got there, married a white lady in order to get a green card. But he was cheating on her. When she found out she reported him to law enforcement authorities and because of incomplete documentation he was deported.

On getting back to his motherland- Nigeria, he concluded that he couldn’t cope and took his own life leaving his family and loved ones behind. His death inspired his friend Sound Sultan to write one of his best songs “Motherland”

His death may have inspired a song but hey, that did not stop deportation.

The choice is entirely yours but remember SUICIDE solves nothing.

“Do not be a fool–why die before your time?” says the Good Book.

I’ve attached the lyrics and the song…Please feel free to download.

Thanks to Sound Sultan for the inspiration (MOTHERLAND)

Ajo o dabile e no matter where you go make you no forget area o.
Area o naija a ti o de batile pada wa le o wa le oo.
How I wish say, I fit reach you anywhere you dey you dey ….
So far away, that one no say make you dey bone area o, motherland o
na your area o .

Verse 1:
Chinedu somebody borrow you ego make you take travel go Chicago
Remember nnamdi sell him car make so you go go America,
All these people wey been dey raise you still dey stay for face me I face you promise say you no go fashi them, every other month you must to tashi them
Hillary wey you been promise to marry still dey wait ol boy she don tarry
When she go see you na inside ovation, you marry oyimbo from another nation
You use mago mago get doe o,now your oyimbo wife don know
Next thing you know she don go report you, wetin you know dem don deport you.

[media id=’3′]

How I wish say, I fit reach you anywhere you dey,
So far away, that one no say make you dey bone Area o
Motherland o Na your Area o

Verse 2:
You been say na 1 year e come turn to 2 years
You don go for 7 years but you dey serve 11 years
Even when your papa kpai, plus the tears your mama cry
Bayo for Chicago, dem dey miss you for okoko o.
Biodun for Canada, your mama still dey wonder,
Igba wo loto ma kpada o, remember for Naija you get Iyawo.
Kodabile, Kodabile .2tms
Kodabile Ajoma dabile.


You say you go call, everybody wait tire for your call
Rote o why you go like so o
From Germany, carry coco enter but then
Coco burst for your belle, Rest in Peace o
You fly away; I come wonder if 1 day you fit come back
Your papa land o, I understand say you dey so far away
Long Long way, from home >2tms
Your way your way long o >2tms
From your papa land oooo.

All my brothers in the west all my brothers in the east north south you know how we doing it.
And all these people wey dey rule us make una try make naija sweet so people go wan dey come back home (abi we no dey get water light…)

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. Very intriguing piece…

    The other day a man committed suicide by jumping off the Empire State Building. Not only is that sad, but the man probably didn’t know that if he held on a little longer his situation will get better.

    Sometimes life has it’s way of testing the resilience of humans, some more so than others. How you handle your situation when you hit absolute rock bottom will determine how you’ll handle the positive changes that comes your way.

  2. Nice one, truely no point to take ur life. the only condition this is allowed is if you are very rich with mansions in malibu, banana Island and you are ready to “will” it to me. Chikenna!!!

  3. Apart from the fact that my religion is against it, personally i think suicide is selfish. It leaves your loved ones to pick up the pieces n the pain the person is feeling is now been transfered to a whole lot of people.
    There is always a way, When there is life there is hope. we all go through trails n some are tougher than others but we just have to hang on. It will pass.

    But to a person about to commit suicide, they see it as the only solution left and feel like the world will be a better place without them in it or that no one loves them because they have failed to see the love all around them.

    It’s so important to be nice/kind to everyone and show them love because you don’t know what they are going through. A smile really does go a long way.

  4. As bad as things are for me at the moment, i’ve never ever considered suicide. I sometimes think of how my poor mother would cope, if i die in that selfish way. The thought of my mother alone encourages me to keep working harder on reaching that finishing line. Suicide would only make matters worse in most cases.

    Nice site by the way, nna.

  5. IMO suicide is never acceptable! life never gets that hard that you should have the audacity to play God and take your life. it is a selfish act and a cowards way out! its never acceptable and is quite rightly a taboo!

  6. Noble,

    Congrats on your new site. Saw it on one of my favorite Nigerian bloggers site- Linda Ikeji.

    On your topic, you make it sound so simple. Indeed that was how I viewed mental health issues until I got to the States. There is a lot more than meets the eye. The primary one being brain chemistry deficieny/disorders and a subset of that a prolonged state of poverty, depression, abuse, neglect and the list goes on. Worse are situations where substance abuse (drugs) are involved.

    As a community and country we need to start speaking more openly about mental health issues and getting educated on it to help spot the symptoms and help those experiencing depression and/or other mental health issues that might make suicide th best choice.

    Thanks for your piece.


  7. @Uduak,
    Thanks you for stopping by.
    we need to speak out on these issues as a country and then do something about them.

  8. U know, it’s really easy to judge people that commit suicide without stopping to think about it carefully. Would someone “just decide” to take their own life? Its not like killing urself is fun.
    Yes, life is hard, but its harder for some. It’s about pulling through and all but sometimes it can get really bad. I’ve had suicidal friends so I know.
    Selfish as it is, consider the fact that most people don’t do it immediately they think of it. They try to “hold on” for the people around them. What happens when these people become part of the problem? Who’s left to care bout ur own needs?
    It sounds ridiculous, i know. I’m just saying, don’t judge.

  9. Firstly ask your self if U created yourself or have ever created a human being?If U truthfully answer that then U can in your own words answer the question above.Bottomline is there’s not a slight reason why the thought should cross anyone’s mind cos that would just be a waste.In conclusion,the intentional killing of oneself which is SUICIDE,is a result of our thought processes of reason which is the MIND.This should be the basis of our discussion as regards enlightening the populace and helping mind altered individuals.

    Noble,nice one bro……I got your back on his one.

  10. Ah “Vhiktor”, it was very easy to type that wasn’t it?
    How bout you think deeply first. Ask yourself if YOU have created anyone afford. If your answer is yes, then judge that person you’ve created and that person alone.

  11. @ LEX-Does it all end when u die? Have u forgotten that u will meet ur Maker? Then what wud u tell Him? U cudnt handle it? He made a mistake creating u in the first place? NOTHING is worth suicide! Kmt

  12. Only igmoramus and cowards take their own life tinking its all over wen they are no more.i got the strenght to face a new day/challenge.why cause your loved ones pain when you can start it all over and win afterall.quitters commit suicide.thanks nobs,you’re on point.

  13. I respect that this writing contains the authors own opinion and that is exactly what this is an opinion. Suicide is strongly linked with mental health and psychological disorders, something that was not even mentioned in the article. It is hard for the general population to understand a lot of the things that people who have attempted suicide have been through. Many of them have a history of sexual abuse, usually by their fathers or someone close to them. Many suffer from depression, schizophrenia, personality disorder and other psychiatric illnesses. Suicide is not a cowardly act, it is is actually a very violent act. It goes against human nature of self preservations.

    Articles like this are the reason why many Nigerians are suffering form mental health issues and are committing suicide. Why should suicide be a taboo? Like it or not it is going on in the Nigerian society and until attitude changes, many will continue to die needlessly.

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