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I can bet loads of cash, that the phrase “geek chic” is not strange to trend copiers this side of the world. The usual pointers to this look as you probably know include the thick framed glasses, suspenders, witty t-shirts, bow ties, cropped pants, cardigans etc.

I will not deny my affinity for this trend, I totally rocked it; frames, suspenders, moonboots, you name it. I think I was already on the bandwagon before it became a big trend in Nigeria.

In the beginning before everyone caught on to the fad, it looked cool on the few who were rocking the look. Ebuka and Lamido Sanusi in their bowties, Dayo Ephraim with his cardigans, M.I had his Raybans and hi-top trainers, Maddy and her sexy bum, (oops that wasn’t part of the list, but you get my drift). I mean, it was nice to be spotting a trend that actually suited your persona; a real geek. People would see these guys pulling off the look and immediately ‘get’ the reason why they were decked in it.

You would go to events where there would only be a handful of people ‘nerding’ it out. They were usually people who could actually pass as geeks, and had an idea of why the trend fit their personalities and style. One would be comfortable knowing that only a few were cool enough to come out dressed in a manner almost akin to Steve Urkel of Family Matters.

Now, almost every TV personality is doing the ‘geek chic’ to lay claim to some coolness. Nothing was spared, even traditional outfits got the geek treatment. It burst unto the red carpet, TV, home movies and clubs. Nigerian fashionistas and stylists had a field day decking themselves or their wards with big spectacles and the like for events and videos. The rules on how to wear them and what to wear the pieces with, got lost in transmission. Like kiaamon!!! Can celebrity stylists stop dressing their wards with crap? Can they actually try and dress them up with other stuff apart from a shirt, loosely knotted ties and yes, you guessed right, huge clear spectacles?

While flipping through the stations on TV the other day, I stumbled upon a programme on Silverbird Television. The presenter had on his wayfarer glasses, suspenders and packed on the bling. He was wearing a big chain across his neck, about 3 rings on his fingers and I’m sat there thinking ‘ang on ‘ang on, is there something I’m missing ‘ere? Was this dude trying to rock the ‘geek chic’ look or  did he intend to invent a new ‘ghetto geek’ look? We’ll probably never know, because in his mind, he probably imagined he was putting a twist to the usual, NOT!

Right now, ‘geek chic’ has filtered down to any and everyone who can get their hands on a pair of glasses, as long as they were big “nerdy” glasses. The look has become watered down as everybody is rocking the fad. It doesn’t mean they actually know what they are doing, they just want to look smart or keep up with the joneses (to clear all doubts, I am using the word ‘rocking’ loosely).

I think I can frigging do a better job at dressing these people up other than dumping the usual shit on them, all you need to do is think outside the box, rather than just copying a trend over and over again until it becomes an irritatory stimuli to discerning eyes, you heard it here first.  And that is what the ‘geek chic’ look has become to me – an irritatory stimuli. Like in the matrix, it is something that constantly sends millions of negative signals to my brain. Annoying you to the point of distraction. The look is now played out please………………..’Death of Geek’……… moment of silence!!!…… nana na, ehh ehh ehh, good byeeeeee!!! (thanks Jigga).

I have now retired most of the paraphernalia I owned, these days I only dress in ‘nerd gear’ if it’s not common. Like hard to find hi-tops, limited edition tee shirts, grey ant eyewear, collector’s edition suspenders and the like. I don’t want to be part of the nerd army, marching about in regulation gear, pretending to be cool and all that. I want my individuality back and if I am precluded from doing that by all the copy cats around then am going to have to find a new trend and hold onto it for as long as I can before the mimics invade.

Mod anyone?

Nnamdi Patrick

Nnamdi Patrick

Nnamdi Patrick is probably zany, but he has got a keen eye for fancy gizmos, photography and sartorial sensibilities. As well as being a lawyer and consultant specialising in natural resources law and policy, he is also a fitness boffin and supports the greatest football team in the world.


  1. an irritatory stimuli to discerning eyes ….. I love it!! and definitely so true!! Like the word swagga! SMH! KMT!

    Love the article!! Witty, so truthful and a very interesting read.

  2. please men need to stop this geek chic nonsense. it just looks gay. dress like a man not kanye west. i am so not attracted to men who have this sense of style.

  3. U av said well…I tink we nigerians always over do tings wen it comes to fashion…and dis look was killed…thank God it is out….

  4. I concur! DEATH OF GEEK!
    i heart geeks but this siht needs to stop!
    my eyes have been assaulted for too long!!!

  5. Brava! Brava! i await your new trend paddy, judging from your usual ensembles, it shall definitely be a trend worth following….that is, till the mimics show up 😉

  6. Its like u read my mind….on my way home yesterday saw an area boy chasing down the bus beside me rockin d geek look….so u def got dat rite ..death O’ d geek!

  7. thank you sir i love this im am right behind you out of the nerd army boot camp… futuristic

    follow me on twitter @iamabara

  8. lmao!! this so true. at the last Future awards, it was like some sort of “geek soiree”. Every Akin, Obi, Aminu rocked it, dudes on native did too. It was very annoying… but finally to each his own.
    Great stuff Nnamdi, I am very impressed.

  9. This is well written.. witty but incisive.
    The death of geek…. last time @ the Future awards…it was like so some sort of “geeky, nerdy soiree” even those on natives and a certain dude that rocked suspenders and a belt….at the same time…really??

    Nigerians know how to wear stuff to death…leggings and tights, skinny jeans, wayfarers skinny ties, pocket squares.

    sigh.. good one Nnamdi!

  10. YAWN!
    Someone writes an article condemning it and we all hate it. If this article extolled the virtues of the look we’d all be claiming to love it.
    Please please lets be real here, the look is not dead. Its not dying anytime soon.
    Some people can pull it off and some people can’t. That’s hardly earthshaking.
    Its the same way some people can’t wear suits, skinny jeans, e.t.c
    Some people in fact look horrible in everything but we don’t decide that we should all stop wearing clothes now do we?
    Btw Kanye West doesn’t even rock the geek look like that, and skinny jeans are not exclusive to the geek look.
    Plus if your eyes are being hurt by what someone else is wearing when the outfit is cool, I suggest you cover them. In fact park one side and gouge your eyes out and stop being fashionably inept.

    Nice article 🙂

  11. Oh yeah, skinny jeans are not gay. Anyone who has this notion is living in the dark ages of fashion. And if you refuse to change ur mind then sorry, its in ur pocket 🙂
    Do your research, skinny jeans were first worn by men…so all the women who are not attracted to men who wear them(i.e women who’ll have poorly dressed men in their lives) and men who think other men wearing them are gay (i.e men who can’t pull em off..its noones fault u got fat bow legs) can like to sit down one side and sip on some tea to calm ur nerves.

  12. Listen to Lex what he said is true…LMAO
    and while this is a true and amazing article, we are all still following the same trend here like lex said. Becuz someone wrote an article against it, everybody os coming out to say something about it, and people are starting to over say it, and like the article said, the mimics have arrived. Lets have our own minds people.

  13. lex u definately have a point, still you need to understand that the writer is trying to express his opinion about an issue, he isnt saying they should stop wearing what they want, he sounds like he is saying please guys do it moderately…when jayz did the death of autotune song, did that kill off auto tune? no it didnt…it just serves as a point in history where somebody voiced his concerns about the overflogging of a trend…

    its a nice article though…and if people feel it mirrors their thoughts then you should let them…..

  14. Oh I’ve got nothing against the article. I think its great. It’s just the comments really. I mean, we’re all entitled to our opinions and all but its unfortunate we take delight in expressing those opinions in a manner that totally attacks other people.

  15. I’m totally against ‘non nerds’ sporting the nerd look. It just makes them look stupid instead of intelligent (which is probably what they aim to look like right?)

  16. Its not that serious o jare. Its not like MI & co were really? Everybody’s style (geek or not) is influenced by somebody/something. Real geeks dont even adorn themselves in the whole get up at once sef.It was/is a trend and like every other trend it will be bastardized till people get tired of it.

    Also, i gbadun this your site o.More grease to your elbow.However, i think the visuals can be improved.It seems like everything is all over the place.

    one more thing i like your picture on Linda’s blog…abeg leave your face clean shaven…its a better look for you..Just my opinion tho

  17. Great one there, bro! We seem to be after coolness in naija…. I can’t really blame people for rocking the geek look… you should not forget that we copy everything that seems cool cos most of us can’t even invent one!…(habits of coolness (effectiveness) can be imitated! It is allowed!
    So if you think u got new cool trends; rock it, get it the people… the geek look must die, itz been over-whipped!

  18. I dont see anything wrong in people rocking whatever look they want to rock, after all its a free world. Abegi even ebuka and others copied it from the likes of Kanye and other US stars so if others want to copy the style let them go on. I know we all want our clthes to be orginal but if you realy want to be original dont go wearing things that are easily accessible to the whole world, wear something classic or vintage which they would find hard to get. In any case anyone is entitled to wear whatever they deem fit. I dont know whats in vogue in Naija now because I’m not there but i really dont care. They are all vain anyway,especially lagosians from the celebrities to the area boys. regular people dont really bother about these things in the US. All we do in Naija is to copy what these hollywood stars wear and assume that is what everyone in the US wears, which is not so. The stars are not even 2% of the US population, so they dont dictate what people wear here, but they certainly do in Nigeria…pchewwwwwwww

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