Two-Year Old Nigerian Boy Left For Dead On The Streets After Being Labelled A Witch

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Hope is a two-year old boy who was discarded from his community after being labelled a witch.

For the past eight months, he has been living on the streets, fending for himself, and surviving on whatever leftovers passer-bys and strangers throw at him.

On January 30, a Danish woman, Anja Ringgren Loven found Hope wandering the streets looking extremely emaciated and his body riddled with worms while he was going about his day scavenging for food, as usual. She took him under her care. 

Loven was so horrified at the young boy’s story she bent down and began feeding little Hope, giving him water from her water bottle.


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Ms Loven is the founder of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation, which she created three years ago to help children that have been labelled as witches and therefore neglected and even killed by the members of their community.

Loven posted the photos on her Facebook, with the quote,

‘Thousands of children are being accused of being witches and we’ve both seen torture of children, dead children and frightened children,’. Loven also appealed for donations to help pay little Hope’s medical bills.


Ms Loven said Hope was given drugs that helped expel the worms from his stomach as well as daily blood transfusions to increase his red blood cells.

She wrote, ‘Hope’s condition is stable now. He’s taking food for himself, and he responds to the medicine he gets. Today, he has had powers to sit up and smiling at us. He’s a strong little boy,’.

Hope even plays with her own son David Jr.

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He’s a strong child. He has a strong story. ‘Hope’fully, we’ll hear great things about him.


Photo Credit, dailymail

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