#Breaking! #TSquared2016 The Olumofins brothers Asked to Leave #DemurenOniru wedding

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The Olumofins brothers Asked to Leave The Demuren Oniru wedding

Reports reaching us is that the Olumofin Brothers – Adejoro and Dokun, who recently on social media had a go at Beat FM OAP, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi have been asked to leave Tolu “Toolz” Oniru & Tunde Demuren’s wedding #TSquared by the groom and bride’s parents

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It is still unclear the reason they were asked to leave but we believe it’s related to all the shade the brothers threw at Gbemi on Instagram.

More to follow…

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  1. Noble, you are a bloody idiot and also a petty liar! Like the former respondent says,… ACT YOUR AGE BUFOON!!

  2. So putting up posts is childish. I’m a hundred percent sure previous comments are from dokun and joro, disguised. Childish set of boys, you deserved what you got. “I made my first $500,000 at 23” uncle take a seat, I know your story, through out Dokuns 33 years on earth, he hadn’t made $100,000. I don’t even want to get started with you guys. I’m coming for you with all your dirty secrets

  3. Noble you are a disgrace….I just saw your tweet. You should be trying to make peace no stir trouble…….concentrate on living your fake Lagos life ok….#smh

  4. Steph and you must be Noble right????? Please take several seats and spill whatever secret(s) you think you have…..we all would love to hear. It’s childish because Noble is trying to spite the brothers……I never heard of them till this whole drama and I strongly believe Gbemi was out of line. If people crash weddings how does it concern her??????? Did they crash her wedding??? She should direct this energy to getting a husband . The stupid Toolz that started this drama is married she’s busy forming voltron

  5. So what if she’s not married, being married does not validate a woman!!! You’re obviously brain dead. Gbemi told the truth, if you don’t know them please shut it. I know them and they’re irritating and lying ways. Instead of shouting about her getting a husband, tell Dokun to use the money he’s borrowing up and down to marry his baby mama, he’s not married cause he can’t afford it. They’re both trying to build their network using a Instagram, pathetic. And as for joro, go and get a job and stop making stupid videos on Instagram, we all know you’re broke. You aren’t fooling anyone.

  6. Steph you would know a brain dead person being one yourself. Everyone in life has their struggle my dear, whether or not they are broke is none of your business darling. Have they borrowed money from you? Or are you saying you’ve never owed anyone???? Please get off your high horse miss busy body. So what if he hasn’t married his baby mama????? Did she complain to you?? You sound like a disgruntled side chick…..please remove the log from your eyes first. Adviser nowamAgbe

  7. Its really sad that the brothers tore Gbemi to shreds, but worse is the fact that the she allowed herself to be used by the devil to disgrace herself. I try to be impartial and from the way I see life, each and every one of us are social climbers…. that’s why we go to school, that’s why we want to make profitable friendships, that’s why we pray to God for better days.
    people around these folks should find ways to settle the issues (If any) on ground rather than take side to belittle Gbemi or the brothers.. Na you holy pass?

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