Indian Police Forcefully Feed Criminal With 40 Bananas To Rescue Swallowed Gold Chain

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The police detectives in the Indian southwestern city of Mumbai have successfully deployed an unusual technique to recover a gold chain that a thief had swallowed while being pursued by pedestrians.

Photo unconnected to incident: Banana: 123RF

It was learnt that the police, after forcefully feeding the kleptomaniac for hours with more than 40 bananas, he excreted the gold chain.

According to the Indo-Asian News Agency, Gopi R. Ghaware snatched a gold chain from a woman on Wednesday at a fish market in the suburbs of that city.

The thief was given a hot chase by pedestrians and almost lynched, before he was recovered by the police agents, who searched unsuccessfully for the snatched chain.

Ghaware, who denied stealing the chain, had swallowed it in a bid to conceal his crime.

Faced with that situation, he was then taken to a hospital, where he was administered an X ray that showed the chain in his stomach.

Doctors suggested performing an operation, but police officers decided it would be too expensive and opted for a cheaper and more effective method.


In a bid to recover it, the police ordered a basket of bananas and forced Ghaware to eat them until he expelled it.

“He was fed more than 40 bananas throughout the day,” Shankar Dhanavade, a senior inspector with Mumbai police, said. “Eventually the chain was found. We made him wash and disinfect it,” the policeman said.

The 25-year-old man appeared in court on Friday and is in police custody, said Dhanavade.

It was also gathered that it’s not the first time Mumbai police had used this technique in order to recover a stolen item.

In April, last year, another thief was forced to eat 50 bananas to recover a gold chain, although they only got it three days later.



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