Dozens Of Men Strip, Finger And Sexually Assault Women In Overcrowded Water Park (Photos)

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An orgy of sexual indecency ensued in a water park in Ha Noi, Veitnam called ‘Ho Tay’, after they announced a 2-hour free entrance to the park.


Information gathered shows that the free entrance started at 8am-10am, but people started flooding the water body at around 9am.

That was when things started to escalate terribly. The terrifying chaos and overcrowd were what prompted the closing down of the gate as many tried to climb over the fences to get in.


According to eyewitness, ”At the shallow river area, around 70 to 80 guys – even men who already had wives and kids – went together in groups.

Whenever they see a group of girls, they will start attacking them by splashing water and worst of all, they will push her head down, drowning her and at the same time, rip off her bikini and start molesting her. Some girls fainted and despite all the crying and screaming for help from friends, the group of animals won’t stop. They even pull girls standing near the river down and started doing all those nasty things. at least, 20 girls were being sexually assaulted.”


There was a girl with her bikini torn apart and all the guys surrounding her, cat calling.

It was learnt that many went home and updated their Facebook status about their “achievements” at the water park like how many boobs they had grabbed or how many girls they’d molested on that day.

However, reacting to the incident, the Vice Managing Director of the water park said, “There was no such thing as sexual assault at the water park, it’s just their bikini quality,” in regard to the girls who had their bikini ripped.



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