15 Things Our Girlfriends Should Never Tell Us For The Good Of Our Relationship (1)

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Ladies, you want to find out things you should never tell your boyfriend for the good of your relationship? Read on…

In the course of a relationship, one gets to learn a lot of things about the other person and this usually moulds us to become better people. People say it’s best to be as truthful and honest as possible when in a relationship and this is in fact the best course of action. However, there are times when being honest and truthful would create more problems than solutions to the relationship. From a man’s perspective, there are things we would rather our girlfriends don’t tell us because such truths question a lot of things in the relationship including truthfulness and faithfulness.

More so, we already know certain things and our girlfriends affirming them will only create tension and sometimes anger between us. Here are things we know that we would rather our girlfriends don’t tell us, for us to have a smooth relationship.

That you think his ex girlfriend is a total bitch

Well, chances are your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend is a poor excuse for a human being. She may be a lady with an uncontrollable rage and anger issues or someone with bad breath or totally disgusting dress sense. He knows some of these things and making the obvious known to him is a terrible idea. A man is bound to see your negative comment about his ex as inaccurate no matter how true it is and he may also see your actions as those born out of jealousy and pettiness. So go ahead and talk as much rubbish as you want about the ex with your friends but never ever try to reveal the extent of your hatred for your man’s flame in his presence.

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That his best friend has a small penis

There’s absolutely no man who wants to hear or know from the woman he loves that his friend whom he respects has got a small penis. If as a lady you become privy to such information regarding the size of your boyfriend’s closest pals penis (whether you had previously hooked up with them or you know one of your friends who has), it is best you keep such information to yourself. Delivering such information to your boyfriend is awkward to say the least, added to the fact that he’d probably resent you for telling him. The best thing is to let your man hold on to the belief that all the people he loves and admires are well endowed.

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That you think any of your closest girlfriends are really hot

Being attracted to members of the same sex is becoming a common occurrence. But telling your boyfriend that you admire the look and appearance of one of your girlfriends is not what he wants to hear. More so, telling your boyfriend that you think your close friend would be awesome in bed will leave little left to his imagination. You might be indirectly inviting him to go for her or begging for a threesome. So, except you want your man thinking so much about how awesome your friend would be naked and perhaps going ahead to cheat on you with her, keep to yourself your thoughts about how hot she is.
That you hate your [insert body part]

Everyone has reservations about their physical appearance but when you continually harp about on about the fact that you’re discontented with a certain part of your body (be it you face, boobs, height), one of two things are accomplished: you draw his attention to that particular physical flaws of yours and you also poison your mind with the toxic thoughts of your flaws. If you want to discuss the fact that you have poor dentition or that you’re tomboyish, or that your nose is too large, or you’ve got facial hair, do so in a lighthearted and cheerful way. Try not to let it known that you “dislike” anything concerning your physical attributes but allow yourself a little bit of fun regarding such sparingly.

That so-and-so is really good at oral sex

Women do enjoy talking about sex, even though they hardly admit it. They could go on about how they like it and who they think is good at it. A female friend once told me that she built an unofficial list of men she’d been with whom she believes are good at it. Discussing oral sex with your boyfriend could somehow bring up your mental list of cunnilingus proficiency and as such, you could be tempted to talk about their skills. Please keep this to yourself.

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