Men Only: 5 Reasons Your Sex Game Is Weak [18+]

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This is for the grown and sexy, the many couples in relationships today, wondering what it is that’s absent and killing their ‘sexeprience’ as lovers.


In case you missed it, we did a post here on 10 Great Tips On How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually.


Now, for today we are touching on the 5 reasons a couple could be experiencing a decline in love-making, and though this list isn’t exhaustive, it sure would do in helping you and your Significant Other turn the switches on.


So, here we go –



Listen up, don’t ever make yourself think your bed skills are too good to be true and, in the process, lose your ability to drive your woman into ecstasy. Never you! Truth is, sex is first a thing of the mind before it is actually an experience in between the sheets.


As a man, ensure you make her mind wander as deep and far as possible. It is your natural responsibility; forget what everyone else is saying. Your woman is your prize, she is your jewel, and to ensure you are on point in your love-making, as much as you make her feel as a queen, devise moves that catch her unawares. Nothing feels or is actually better.


Drive back from work together and instead of getting out the car or something, jump her blouse and penetrate her in the most unexpected ways possible, right there in the car. Yes! Surprise is a plus, anytime. It’s called ‘the quickie’ in other words.


Better still, get back from a random drive around the neighborhood on a work-free day, get in and freshen up, grab a drink and lead her to the kitchen like you guys are going to quick-fix a little meal then tickle her ribs from behind… the shock and subsequent laughs will be too crazy for words. Next up, lift and place her on the kitchen table and drill her to heights; in soft, steady movements. Banging!



You can’t always preplan everything. I mean, there’s no harm in being a detailed, organized man and all. But in matters of sex and pleasing your Significant Other (SO), there are no hard and fast rules to getting stuff done. Experiment on the most incredible sex styles imaginable, try out stuff in the most random parts of the house: close to the pool/ jacuzzi at the house, in the shower/ bath tub, at a party together; a few drinks after, in some not-so-obvious corner, or at a parking lot in some not-so-well-lit corner (of course with windows and AC up). Friday evening: In your office, stay back, stave off traffic boredom, have her come through (technically she’s going against traffic coming to see you so this should work), fave drink and grilled turkey, and boom! No lights. No cameras. Yet action!


Speaking of spontaneous and in addition to our quickie point above, the elevator is also an amazeball spot for you to get shxt cracking. Yes indeed!


You need these experiences to fire up your sex life, create and cherish new memories, and consequently liven your sex game.



Foreplay must never be rushed. Ever! This is because it takes relatively no time to get a man erect but women take some time to get into same zone. And for sex to be pleasurable to both parties, the woman must be in tune as well. Don’t be selfish, make out time for her body too; she has cravings that you must attend to before sliding into her.



This doesn’t need much explanation to the grown folks out there, does it? Anyways, in simpler terms, find time and talk with your SO and have her open up in the deep aspects of the relationship as it concerns sex, emotional cravings, weekend getaways, romantic fantasies/ memories and whatnot, career plans, relationship goals and all other stuff you guys have going on together.


This form of bonding should never be overlooked as it is important in the affair given the importance of communication in any relationship today. The connections can strengthen, her heart can open up and certain aspects of the affair you never considered or understood are made clearer. You see, women like to talk about any and everything. They just want to be certain you are listening and that you can be trusted with their issues. EOD.



There’s no gain saying the importance of maintaining proper hygiene at all times. See, women are very intuitive and if you are hurriedly keeping everywhere sparkly clean because she’s coming to spend the night, she can tell. Also, if you’ve made a habit of being a cleanly-shaven, sweet-smelling, fresh-to-death bloke, she can also tell.


So keep shxt squeaky clean: From the bed sheets to the bathroom tiles, your boxers, your pubic region, your breath, your hair, and pretty much E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! You never know how much it can make her uncomfortable and render your sex game awkwardly impotent when she comes through and the ambience isn’t clean AF or inviting enough. So best believe, in spite of having the most banging skills, she also needs to be laid in the cleanest of states attainable.


Keep these points in mind and you are on your way to getting up the scoreboard with your sex game. Enjoy!






By Jide Lloyd


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