#Ladies Only: 6 Reasons Why You May Feel Pain In Your Vagina

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Ladies can always relate to a sort of pain they feel after a rough bout of sex. There are however other types of pain women feel in their vaginas that may be an indication of something more serious. The cause of the pain may not be too difficult to find out. There are varying and different amounts of pain women may feel in their vagina and these may have a wide range of causes. This article will highlight 6 of the most common causes of pain in the vagina and what the symptoms are. It will also tell you what to do if you experience such pains.


Herpes is a form of sexually transmitted infection that causes serious vagina pains. It is estimated that 1 out of 10 people will come down with a herpes infection in their lifetime. Herpes infection is characterised by visible blisters and intense pain in the vagina. If you have any of these symptoms, it is best you visit a hospital as soon as possible where you can be given medications to reduce the outbreak of the blisters and the pain.

Yeast Infections
In the real sense, yeast infections don’t give pain but pain comes up in the vagina as a result of dryness and itching which a lot of people will call pain. There is a high probability that every woman would experience a yeast infection in her life time. It is good that you get to see a doctor who would prescribe antifungal medications and creams that would eradicate the symptoms.

Vaginal Dryness
This is common in women that have reached menopause but can also be seen in younger women. It occurs in younger women mostly as a result of the use of birth control pills which reduces their estrogen levels. A lot of women have vagina dryness and as such, sex is usually painful and uncomfortable for them. The estrogen hormone acts like a moisturizer and if you’re on a birth control pill that inhibits or lowers it, the moisture and lubrication of your vagina would be affected. If you realise that you get unusually dry during sex, visit your doctor who can place you on water based lubricants, higher estrogen birth control pills or other topical creams.

His Penis
The female anatomical structure may get as much blame as the structure of your partners penis too. You might want to consider if it’s pain from your partners penetration you experience or that of your vagina. Men with larger penises can cause pain during intercourse way up in your vagina. This pain is somewhat hard to differentiate and you may have to consider less painful sexual positions which would be comfortable for the both of you.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis can be attributed to pain in your vagina during penetration or during your menstrual cycle. This occurs when the tissues lining the walls of your uterus begins to grow in other areas or when there is a swelling of any of the female reproductive organs. Women may also experience excessive bleeding during their menstrual flow. This would require an ultrasound pelvic scan and your doctor would probably place you on hormonal therapy and analgesics.

The discomfort of vulvodynia occurs mostly during the insertion of a Tampon or during sexual penetration. In certain women, the pains occur without sexual penetration or touching of the vagina area. This condition comes and goes which adds to the mystery behind it. It is mostly treated with topical creams.For some women, pings of pain are spontaneous and unrelated to sex or touching the area in any way.

Well, the fact remains that if the pains you experience are normal, you should be better in a few days except it is extraordinary. If you feel the pain is out of hand, see your doctor as soon as possible.



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