Scarlett Johansson Reveals Her Poor Childhood

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Things weren’t so rosy for Avengers star Scarlett Johansson when she was growing up.

Johansson, who earns $20 million playing Black Widow in the franchise, revealed her family once used to rely on the public for food.

She revealed this while campaigning for Feeding America, a body which seeks to end child hunger in the US.

“My family grew up relying on public assistance to help provide meals for our family,” the actress said in a statement.

“Child hunger in America is a real and often overlooked problem, but one that together, we can fix.”

“The are 16 million children struggling with hunger in America,’ the actress said in a PSA. ‘That’s one in five daughters, sons, neighbors and classmates who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, yet billions of pounds of good food go to waste every year. It’s time we do something about it.”



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