If You Litter In Hong Kong, Your Face Will Be Plastered All Over The City

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Hong Kong has rolled out a very brilliant method for stopping litterbugs.

As part of the city’s new anti-littering campaign called “The Face Of Litter”, environmental organization, Hong Kong Cleanup has said that people who litter will see their faces plastered all over the city.

It gets even interesting: To get pictures of offenders, the organization analyzes DNA samples found on the litter — along with demographic information — to create digital renderings of each offender’s face.

Context clues, such as location, litter type and the like, are factored in when creating the renderings to create a more accurate representation of the offender.

If the litter is, for instance, a cigarette, it means the litterbug is likely a smoker.

Knowing this, the artist or scientist creating the portrait can alter certain aspects — such as skin texture or wrinkles — to better reflect that of a smoker.

Only one word for this — GENIUS!!!





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