Google To Shut Down Linda Ikeji’s Blog Over Copyright Infringement?

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Could this be true? According to the rumours making the rounds on the Internet, Google is allegedly set to Shut Down Linda Ikeji’s Blog Over Copyright Infringement claims

Nigerian blog queen Linda Ikeji was accused of copyright infringements by social media analyst @MrAyeDee

@MrAyeDee informed the general public that Google has finally responded to his protest about Linda Ikeji using his content without compensating him or giving recognition to the original author along with other infringing works of other authors.

Below are Tweets from Mr. Aye Dee:
AYE-DEE-1.jpg 360nobs
aye-dee-2.jpg 360nobs


Linda’s personal blog has been estimated to make over N120million annually (ads and sponsored posts) and is also listed among Nigeria top 10 most visited sites on

African Music Law has an archive of alleged claims against Linda Ikeji which makes for an interesting read.

We hope this can be settled amicably as the Nigerian blog-o-sphere would suffer a huge dent if these rumours turn out to be true.



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  1. Can’t say I’m surprised- Linda has repeated copied article after article from Daily Mail. Why bother with Linda’s blog if you can get original stories from

  2. Lets take out Lindaikeji situation aside, On a serious note, and on IT , Ethics and security perspective. Plagiarism is a very big concern in the Nigeria institutions and her environment. How many of the Nigerian student can write a Thesis or dissertation on their own without plagiarism. many are not are not even aware of this delicate issue. Its high-time we created an awareness of this problem.Many professors and lecturers are even plagiarizing. i know student do copy and paste and even buy plagiarism materials online for 5000 naira as their own final year project. 80% of the Nigerian graduate that come to study abroad had problem with plagiarism. its time we let people be aware of the risk in plagiarism.

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