What a Man Wants From You Asides the P

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Whether we like to admit it or not, when a man is attracted to a woman and wants to date her, he wants to sleep with her as well. Note: he does not just want to sleep with her but he would not mind sleeping with her. It is a given.

But while we are very right with that which I just mentioned, it is also right to note that a man usually wants more than the physical things he sees. At least a smart man always wants more than what he sees.

And those things include:

-A listening ear: men like to be listened to and heard, they like when they talk to you and you don’t blame them or make them feel silly for whatever it is they have done wrong. A man who knows he has a listening ear would always want more from you.

-Hardworker: Know your craft, know it well and be successful at it and your man would always want more than what is between your legs. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is driven, ambitious and who works very hard.

-Domesticated woman: As much as I am a firm believer of a man knowing how to do chores as much as a woman, I also strongly believe that a woman needs to be domesticated and will get a man to want her more if she knows her way around cooking, cleaning and doing the chores in the house.

-Honest woman: Every man wants a woman who is honest and real. Nobody wants to deal with someone who lies or who is not straightforward and if your Vee can get you the man in the first place, you will lose him if you are not real. That simple.

-Reasonable and ready to make compromises: Yes be principled, but also learn how to make compromises. Learn to bend a little on your decisions and always take him into consideration. No man wants a woman who would not try to be reasonable every once in a while and if all you are offering is the P, then it would mean that you would be losing him to someone who has more than the P to offer, very soon.


Men might be very visual beings, but they also think and a man who knows what he wants, will want more than what is between your legs. So if down there is all you have to offer, then sorry, you will be losing him soon.




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