How to Know He Has Commitment Issues

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When a man wants to commit but for some reason he cannot seem to make the move, it might not mean he is unserious. It might mean he has a chronic case of commitment issues. So before you start worrying your pretty head about how unserious you think he is and start interpreting his reluctance as the unwillingness to commit, try and study the situation first and see what the problem is exactly.

If he shows you how much he loves you but cannot seem to say the three words that matter then it might mean he has serious commitment problems. When a man loves you, you are likely to find out with the way he acts around you in public and in private. When the words always seem stuck in his throat however, it might mean he is scared of what is coming next- commitment.

If he talks about his best friends and family but for some reason will never take you to see them, it means he is scared of seeing you bond with them and vice versa. He knows what would be expected of him next is commitment and because it is scaring him so much at the moment, he would stall for as much as he can.

If he seems to do the first two things listed and he cannot seem to be able to ask you out, then it might mean he has a strong commitment issue. Now this does not mean he is not feeling the exact same way you are feeling, it only means he cannot take the big step the way you can.


People with commitment issues usually end up that way because of being scarred in a past relationship or because of how they grew up. It is not their fault and so don’t go about calling him a dousche bag- at least not yet.

Let him know where you are emotionally and where you want to go next in the relationship. Listen to whatever he says and let him know he can be hundred percent honest with you.  If he cannot afford to commit right now, do not force it. You will hate yourself if you do.  Give him time, things would always work themselves out.



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