Gruesome Photos From The Uncovered Dungeon Of Death In Soka, Ibadan

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A “dungeon of death” was uncovered in Soka, Ibadan, where people were kidnapped and used for ritual purposes.

The location was reportedly leaked by an okada man who was a victim but managed to phone in to rescuers before his fate became like the 20 other decomposed bodies found at the site.

The shocking discovery, which attracted scores of onlookers, included 18 males and five females, looking skinned with chains on their legs.

One of the women was said to have delivered a baby early Saturday, but the infant was sold. The woman was brought out of the bush, having stains of blood on her.

When asked to explain how she got to the place, she uttered few words and fainted. About nine of them were lying on the ground, very weak and unable to speak.

There were skulls of human heads, bones and other parts found in the bush. It was a forest of death as there were also open graves where bodies were dumped.

Inside the bush, were bodies dumped in some open containers and some deep dry wells where their captives dropped them. In one of the buildings was an abandoned factory where the captives were slaughtered and sold in parts to clients.

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  1. May God safe us from these wicked people………
    What do we bring from heaven and what else are we gonna take back…..?….nothing but to believe in our God.
    Evil doers, pls stop now 4 you to inherit d kingdom of God.
    A word is enough for the wise………if it gets deeper in2 ur mind, it becomes one.

  2. i beleive d gov av solution to dis. D gov shld send swot team to all bushes and forest to trax any sign of motor foot. By doing dis, de can get more of dis people in such act.

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