Dencia Reacts To Lupita’s Black Is Beauty Speech: “I Don’t Even Know Who She Is”

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After actress Lupita Nyong’o had condemned the use of skin-lightening products like Dencia’s Whitenicious, the singer has come out throw shade at her, saying she doesn’t even know who Lupita is.

Lupita had given a speech at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon in Los Angeles, and she talked about a letter from a fan who had almost purchased Dencia’s Whitenicious because of her skin color but was motivated not to by Lupita’s success.

Lupita said she was hurt by the letter and urged black people not to go for such as be confident with their natural color.

Dencia was of the opinion that Lupita had created the story about the letter, adding that she didn’t even know who she was.

Check her tweets out below.





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  1. my dear dencia, did you not receive an email titled, “REQUEST FOR WHITENICIOUS”??? i asked you where do u make and ship the product from and u said america. I told u im in istanbul and u said u can ship the product to istanbul? So my dear, Lupita did not make the story up. I realy do exist.
    And u can google contact lupita nyongo if u really want to know how i got access to her. I didnt even think she would read my letter talkless of having such an impact on her and being coated everywhere.

  2. Dencia is a self hating piece of trash. I’m sick of celebrities like her hawking this harmful stuff to vulnerable black women who have been made to feel less than because of their skin color. At least Lupita came to terms with the way she was created (absolutely beautiful), while Dencia has decided to bleach her skin white to attain main stream success by enforcing dangerous beauty standards handed down to us by guess who? WHITE PEOPLE. Who’s the damn slave now, Dencia?
    As an extremely fair skinned woman who is African American, I fail to understand this obsession with whiteness. We are walking around here light skinned not because we chose it, but because Massa was running around raping our ancestors. And now you’re telling me black women pay money to LOOK like the product of centuries old rape and slavery and torture? Sounds like foolery to me.
    Signed- A light skinned black woman who isn’t cosigning on your bullshit because you are hurting women of color

  3. Denica you look like an albino baboon trying to be a porn star., you are an attention whore who would sell your own mother for money. You are not fit to touch the bottom of Lovely Lupitas dainty feet. You are a sell out who is selling out your own people for riches. You are a disgrace and a curse to your mothers womb!!! All the people who will use your product and catch skin cancer and other diseases will haunt you from their graves unless you die first from your poisonous product. You clearly suffer from low self esteem, body dis-morphism and self hatred. You will be passed around and used by men as ignorant and tasteless as yourself, to them you are nothing but a human blow up doll, which they will use until they find a better toy. If you are fortunate enough to grow old, you will be one horrific sight to see as your melanin depleted skin will wrinkle and shrivel just like the white women you are trying to look like,, your very face will make children cry and adults shudder. I can’t wait till your 15 mins of fame are over. You are a terrible representation of African women and a disgusting role model for the uneducated. You are a shame to your ancestors and I hope they torment you at night for what you are doing to your own people, YOU GREEDY, EVIL GIRL!!! :/

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