Oh Dear! The Kenyan’s Have Arrived With The Trailer For a 3D Animation ‘Kiririmbi’

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Kiririmbi Kenyan animation

The trailer for Kiririmbi (which means wildfire in Kikuyu) a 3D Kikuyu animation from Kenyan animator David Kiama is out in an attempt to promote the animated movie which is now available for purchase on DVD.

Kiririmbi it is an adult animatied comedy written by Anthony Shavel and produced by produced by Joe Muburi which explores themes such as men being battered by their wives, mpango wakando.

Kiririmbi is probably the first animation out of Africa that i’ve seen and while it looks funny on one level, it also shows the wide margin between animations out of Nigeria and those from Kenya as this only manages to bring back memories of the 1979 animation King Rollo (Trailer inserted below).

The animation is  The swahili version of the animation will be out in a few weeks.

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Mistah Cole

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