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How to spot a cocky man

How to spot a cocky man

It is pretty much easy to spot one I tell you, but just in case some people have a little difficulty in spotting one, here are a few signs that would help.

-He never ceases to talk about himself. And his life and him and his life and when he isn’t talking about himself he is wondering aloud why some people have a problem with him because there’s certainly nothing wrong with him.

-Spends more time doing female things than the female gender. I don’t mean chores because I know most men like to believe in their shallow minds that is specifically for women(talk for another day).  I mean shampooing his hair everyday for hours, taking time out for pedicure and manicure, taking selfies of him semi nude and posting on Instagram and/or other social media platform and talking about himself everytime.

-He puts himself first. He is extremely selfish and doesn’t think of anybody else except himself. When you try to make him realise, he doesn’t see why he shouldn’t be like that, then he is too much into himself.

-Talks about his personal achievements. And material things he just acquired. Actually, this behaviour I used to attribute simply to ‘yahoo boys’ at a time but these days even the men who work and earn money through legal and good means are now guilty of this. Nothing’s more cocky than that.

-Sex is about him.  He doesn’t know why you can’t climax before he cums(even if he lasts all of three minutes). He doesn’t understand why you are all about your own satisfaction because he can’t ‘force’ himself to ‘hold on’ before you cum.

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  • I visit this blog everyday and i must say ‘Tomilola’ writes very beautiful articles.U go girl.more grace to ur elbow…..

  • you are so right girl, not all it takes 2 knw a cocky guy but all are so right…..and I hate them

  • and they are usual nit as good looking as they Carey themselves 2 be

  • true

  • I’ll pick the cocky guy over the timid one anyday anytime, have u met those

  • i thought cockiness was arrogance not self worship

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