Jesse Jagz – “Jagz Nation, Vol 1: Thy Nation Come” Naija’s Listening E.A.R (Essential Album Review)

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Genre : Rap / Reggae
Label : Jagz Nation
Year Of Release : 2013

Being an artiste in the industry since 2004, Jesse Jagz (a.k.a Jesse Garba Abaga ) alongside his brother – Jude Abaga, a.k.a. MI started Inner Hub Studios. In 2006 he embarked on a solo career and came out with a debut hit “Africa” that remained #1 on charts for months. He subsequently released other hit songs such as “Wetin Dey“, “Pump It Up” and “Nobody Test Me” in which he featured fellow artist Ice Prince and M.I, and many more.


Fast forward to 2013, we see a metamorphosed Jesse Jagz, sitting in a more comfortable zone as an artist(e). In one of his recent tweets he is quoted saying “My album is for those who are still searching.. Those who don’t have it together.. For those whose pain is a closer friend than joy ” People will listen to this album and think “Oh Jesse has made his BIG come back”  but then again did he ever leave ?




Barring expected collaborations from any of the current Choc Boys/Girls and with plenty of reggae influence on this new rap album “Jagz Nation, Vol 1: Thy Nation Come” [which is released under his self owned label imprint – Jagz Nation after leaving chocolate city a few months back], Jesse Jagz may just have attained his brother MI’s “Talk About It” status from 2008.

The album kicks off with a 96-second intro, with Jesse introducing Jagz Nation to the fans. Clearly focusing on his new found reggae tip, this subtle mid tempo-ed cut sees Jesse delivering verses and a hook laying praises to the God and the ancestors.


Burning Bush” a beautiful mid tempo-ed song with a soulful reggae flow to it, dedicated to the memory Hadiza Aboki who probably introduced him to the herbs. This tunes illustrates the will to finding the way of life, doing something to feel something, truth in things untold. Wonderful delivery with lyrics to keep you thinking and lets you feel exactly how you feel. For those who honestly don’t have it together maybe this can help you get it together. A song you’d want to be on a bed with a couple of J’s, feel good music right here.


Track 3 [Bed Of Roses] on the list here is one of our personal favorites. Riding on your typical old school instrumentals, Jesse Jagz goes on rapping just as we have known him to only with extra fire. He enthuses “there is no bitching around when I’m feeling forsaken” …”don’t beef me, that’s what Justin Bieber is for”. Perfect track to two-step to, with a glass of Henny in your hands. Coming off with a positive message about life and the hustle to get what you want, the delivery gets you into a head nodding rhythm atop this balanced ethereal instrumental. “Life isn’t a bed of roses , if you really grind you’ll know this” “Nothing in this life comes easily


Desire is the fourth track on his humdinger of an album. For some reason, we expected IcePrince Panshak Zamani to be on this track but of course, we know why that may have not been possible following Jesse‘s exit from Chocolate City. This track is another one of those with heavy reggae effects. Jesse Jagz sings on an impressive hip hop beat with heavy kicks and snares, thanks Jah for protecting him from the evil ones. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly. The lyrics are interesting and meaningful with some punchy phrases. Definitely another to-be-replayed joint on Thy Nation Come.


Where You At comes next and is one for the ladies, who might as well wanna groove to this, lol . It reminds us very much of soul songs of the early 90s. Jesse sings/raps about a girl in a jived up mode. “I could read your body like a book…Wesley“. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, the song is distinctive and original!


With lyrics turning out thought-provoking and punchy, track 6 comes up as Mamacita. Yet another mid tempo joint dedicated to the ladies and wordplay aficionados”. “If niggaz want beef, put a toothpick in their mouth“. Of great note is Jesse‘s amazing flow and play on words on this joint. He says “my music is the definition of what brilliance is“. Rap heads might want to pay attention to this.


Aha! Sex and Scotch is next, finding its spot at the track 8 position. This song just probably may have made this summer feel a lot better, its one of those songs you listen to and cant help but get ’em sexual “feels”.Sexuality turned up a notch” is a real understatement. When people say things like “that’s a track I’d like to make love to“, this is one of those kind of tracks. So hey ladies, dim the lights, break out the thongs and bottles of fine wine, get freaky to this!


People say  “you have to know the rules, in order to break them”, Jesse does feel like he does know the rules and probably did break them. When you’re in the mood for those Kanye, JayZ days ? God On The Mic comes some what into those days, with a “lean with it” kind of rhythm. A classic hip hop joint, with Jesse getting a poetic vibe on this one. As impressive as the rap and beat was on this, the hook leaves a lot to be desired.  In my opinion, it could have been better delivered. That being said, it’s a track that would stick with enough plays.


Next up is International, which is probably one of the less than impressive tracks on “Thy Nation Come“. With a semi-catchy hook, this hopefully will stand out with continuous play.


Steady Going” is your typical super-chill song, basically stating that he does what he does and he’s comfortable doing what he’s doing. Great punchy, and clever lyrics. Steady Going surely has to be one of our favorite tracks on this album, that feel good track with a top level replay vibe attributed to it. Jesse Jagz goes in epic-style on this chiddy-bang like production, reminiscent of hov’s flow from early 2000s. He lays bars switching between praising himself in first/third person and painting the good life, while taking jabs at the competition. You’ll soon get around it!


Here is Jargo, one of the few collaborations on Thy Nation Come. He did have a song on his first studio album titled Jargo also, personally this feels a lot better, but hey….that may be just the newness of this version talking. Featuring 9ice, on a very traditionally flavored hip hop beat, this track comes through as one of the very different but solidly outstanding tracks on this album. Bearing in mind that 9ice has been very disappointing lately with his songs, it’s a pleasant surprise to find that this is one of the outstanding tracks on the album.


Quickly moving on to track 13 – Pedal To The Floor, which starts off with some churchy hymn rendition and then pans out as a heavy self-eulogizing rap joint which sees Jesse in that jivey mode yet again. As much as its hard to pick a single favorite out of this album, I must say this is our most played track yet, just so much truth in it.  Also of note is the fact that we might be quick to jump on it labeling it as the Jagz response we’ve been waiting for, concerning this exit from chocolate city what with lines such as “but MI-Ing, that’s my sibling, I’ve been on my grind and nigga just got shine, been brushing up my boots and nigga just got shine, devotion on my mind, I’ll figure it in time , I’m the one who didn’t change and they consider it a crime“.


Track 14 is a skit which ushers in the next track, another collaboration, this time with alternative soul singer – Lindsey titled Sativa. A straight up dub song with lyrics bordering on social criticisms, that would be very very appealing to the reggae heads and the non genre-rooted folks.

Track 16 features Brymo. Titled After Party, this is no surprise that it features Brymo seeing that he is also not a choc boy anymore. With a soulful hook by Brymo on this laid back instrumental. Jesse does his thing as expected making this an all round good track that would do well with time.


Next up is Redemption, an earlier released single which introduced us to Jesse Jagz definitive foray into the Reggae genre. Needless to say, this track is already raking in positive reviews from industry critics. It sits well at the number 17 position.


Bearing in mind that Thy Kingdom Come is not your average Nigerian-Commercial album, this collaboration with Starboy Wizkid – Bad Girl placed at track 18 stands out and might be the most “commercially successful” track of the lot. Impressive effort from Jesse and Wizzy what with the meaningful lyrics coming from them both. A catchy tune that would give you moves making you feel like you’re in another planet with a bunch of Jamaicans just doing what you know how to do. Talented, imaginative, professional, creative, accomplished, competent, skillful. Feel free to press play repeatedly on this one! [audio:]

  Jesse Jagz - Bad Girl ft Wizkid (4.1 MiB, 45,608 hits)


The album wraps up it’s awesomeness with Selassie, a reverence to the legendary Halie Selassie, the then regent of Ethiopia. Another very heavy joint is this, the beat is totally bonkers. Jesse Jagz did absolute justice to it with his beast like flow. This arguably may be one of the hardest hitting songs on Thy nation Come! Perfect end to an incredible album listen. [audio:]

  Jesse Jagz - Selassie [Snippet] (1.7 MiB, 3,656 hits)


Outstanding Tracks: Selassie, Burning Bush, Pedal To The Floor, Bad Girl ft Wizkid, Sex & Scotch, Jargo ft 9ice, Redemption, Steady Going

Disappointing Tracks: None.

VOCAL DROPS Rating System
OPINION (Personal): 9/10
LYRICS: 9/10
RHYTHM: 8/10



However this album does in the Nigerian market, there is no mistaking the fact that Jesse Jagz has truly set the bar high up for the competition this year and maybe years to come. Personal opinion is that, not since MI’s Talk About It has a Nigerian rap album been this heavy, and that Jesse may have inadvertently immortalized himself in the rap scene.
Kudos to Jesse Jagz and everyone else who put in work on this album, especially Bolaji Williams aka Phazehop for recording this entire album, co-producing and also mixing/mastering this piece. To Kid Konnect, GuiltyBeatz, Shady and Samklef also…here are two thumbs up to y’all!
Its been fun putting together this write-up, but hey don’t take our word for it, cop this album on iTunes immediately!!


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  1. BIt’s very obvious that this review is a very biased one. To think the only real rap album to come outta Nigeria before Jesse Jagz’s “Thy Nation Come” is M.I’s “Talk About It” is a really dumb move. This is based on the fame which Jesse got before now. Well I guess music is based on fame & now what you got. After all Wizkid does so many “sare wagba” songs. Show Dem Camp came out with “The Dreamer Project” which I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard yet. Looking at the number o’ posts you got? Nigga!!! You just started. My point? If you think there’s “Talk About It” & “Thy Nation Come”? Then there’s The Dreamer Project. Now we have 3, you get? I know you don’t.

  2. @cerious, i agree with u, the dreamer project is perhaps the best rap album in nigeria since MI talk about it, personally i love thy nation come, but i wont call it a rap album, more like a reggae album, but the best thing about this album is that, is that it has that international appeal, the album reminded me of distant relatives by nas and damian marley.

  3. @timmy @tenet @ cerious! just listened to both albums now: (SHOW DEM CAMP- THE DREAMER PROJECT) AND JESSE’s THY NATION COME! The dreamer project is nice, very nice but doesnt have the flavour, delievery and lyrics that Jagz dot! even the best tracks in the dreamer projects that has 2face and MI CANT STAND BAD GIRL, AFTER PARTY, REDEMPTION, DESIRE, JARGO ETC! dreamer project is good, but thy nation come is better guys! and thats not just hype! listen well and compare

  4. Thy Nation Come is no doubt the most artistic and Thought-provoking album by a Nigerian in years. I mean listen to the beats, the lyrics, the messages. This isnt just the average “out the studio” album. This is art. This is Jags.

  5. to me i will say jesse jagz is a recarnation of bob marley and and ressurection of reggae hiphop.this songs are passing messages.i think this thy nation come album gonna be the best hiphop album of the year…….the beats are mythic.gyrational and legendary….only those that believe in hiphop know what am saying

  6. No amount of darkness can put Jargo’s flame off but instead its the vice versa. Thy saviour has 2 come 2 liberate in 1 spirit.

  7. mehhhhn….dis album is the best ever rap album in nigerian music history…it remynds me of disntan relatives..maybe jagz and damien marley shld do a collabo in d near future…gonna be insane!!

  8. Nice review. But the other guys, I have to say you have forgotten a major rap album that actually did raise the bar… Am talking about Mode 9’s ”E’ PLURIBUS UNUM”. What do you think?

  9. this guy is the best nigerian rapper. believe it or not. If you want to verify, then listen to these songs: 1. the case ft sdc 2. louis and demand we do. and for the vol 1, just bed of roses and pedal to the floor are enough to conquer any m.i or iceprince songs you iceprince fans will bring. If he was an american like nas or T.I then i dont know if he would have been competing with wayne,tyga,wiz khalifah………but one thing is that why doesnt he gets awards…..they rather give the awards ti all these language stars like wizkid,davido….this bullshit……jesse jay, ure the best….and i wanna marry ur daughter jade hahahahagaga

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