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What Can Run You Mad Faster Than Jazz~Find Out Here

What Can Run You Mad Faster Than Jazz~Find Out Here

Its coffee!

Yes people, as strange as it might sound to some of you, coffee has the ability to make you totally lose your mind.


The largest ingredient in coffee, is caffeine and when you get addicted to it, withdrawal later might cause symptoms that would make you lose your mind.

Now, the coffee addicts already know coffee’s got caffeine, however what they might not know is how dangerous the high and constant consumption of the drink might harm them.

We have science to back it up.

According to the latest American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,  drinking too much coffee or depriving yourself of it entirely can have physical and psychological effects.

Caffeine intoxication has been known by this association before now but only recently is caffeine disorder being upgraded in significance. That is to say, when when you continue to drink coffee because withdrawal might cause side effects.

This shouldn’t be tossed aside as another condition or just another article because most people don’t even attribute the symptoms of caffeine disorder, simply because they do not know.

The signs that caffeine disorder might show for you to know you are suffering from the side effects of caffeine withdrawal includes; headache, fatigue or drowsiness, irritability, depressed mood, difficulty concentrating and flulike symptoms. At least three to five of these symptoms must have occurred in less than 24hrs for it to be considered caffeine disorder.

According to Laura Juliano, an american professor who worked on these findings, these symptoms however must be severe enough to affect your personal or work life.

So if you have to find a cup of coffee by all means to kickstart your day or desperately find one because your day seems to be useless without it? Then something might be wrong.

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